You be the judge of these Masterchef restaurants

Image: I'm Still Hungry Blog

Weeknight TV as we’ve known it for the last three months is changing. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Masterchef is almost over.

While some people may be jumping for joy, if you’re a Masterchef lover like us you’ll be mourning the loss of your regular weeknight TV sesh. But all's not lost. We’ve listed all the featured Masterchef restaurants that are instantly bookable on Dimmi. Now you can be the judge!

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8 jaw-droppingly good desserts

It’s confirmed. Aussies love a serious sugar hit. From milkshake madness to cronut sensations we’re constantly on the look out for mouthwatering treats.

Whether you're a lover of chocolate, salted caramel, refreshing sorbets or hot crumbles we've got you covered. Here are eight of the best jaw-droppingly good desserts that are sure to send you on a sugar high.

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