1. To qualify

               1.1.        To earn TheFork AU Reward Points, you must join the TheFork AU Rewards Program at www.thefork.com.au

               1.2.        Upon joining you will be assigned an Account accessible only by way of your unique Email Address & Password. You must use that Account when making or sharing a booking otherwise you will not earn any points in respect of that booking.

               1.3.        Each Member may only have one Membership Account. Membership of the TheFork AU Rewards Program is not transferable.


  1. Earning points

               2.1.        TheFork AU may in its discretion and at any time change the number of points which may be earned or the number of Reward Points required to earn a $20 reward redemption.

               2.2.        To view the current allocation of Reward Points please log into your Account.

               2.3.        Points may be earned in any one or more of the following ways:

                           2.3.1.        Making a booking at a participating restaurant via the TheFork AU website or mobile App; and/or

                           2.3.2.        Reviewing your experience after you have dined.

               2.4.        To earn the points:

                           2.4.1.        You must be the person who makes a booking; and

                           2.4.2.        You must complete the review which will be emailed to you shortly after your dining date.


  1. Booking Reward Points

               3.1. Booking Reward Points will be earned each time you make a booking at a TheFork AU participating restaurant via the TheFork AU website or mobile App. 

               3.2.        Reward Points will only be awarded for bookings made online via TheFork AU at one of its participating restaurants.

               3.3.        If the booking is cancelled, or you fail to honour the booking, then no Reward Points will be awarded in respect of that Booking.

               3.4.        You may not receive Rewards Points if you book online and then use any sort of voucher e.g. Scoopon, Cudo, etc.

               3.5.        You do not need to be a part of the dining party to earn Reward Points.


 4. Redeeming Your Reward Points:

               4.1.        Reward Points may only be redeemed for TheFork AU $20 rewards issued by TheFork AU.

               4.2.        TheFork AU $20 rewards may only be used at a selection of Redemption Restaurants which is available by clicking on "Where to redeem" within your Account.

               4.3.        This list of Redemption Restaurants is subject to change from time to time without notice.

               4.4.        The whole or part of the Reward Points may not be redeemed for cash nor may points be transferred or purchased.

               4.5.        A minimum number of Reward Points is required before redeeming your TheFork AU $20 rewards.

               4.6.        You may redeem your Reward Points by clicking the ''Redeem Now" button which will appear on your account once you have earned sufficient Reward Points.

               4.7.        Once you have redeemed your TheFork AU $20 reward, you will be emailed a booking confirmation that will include notification of this.

               4.8.        You may not earn points on any booking in respect of which you use a TheFork AU $20 rewards redemption or any sort of discount voucher.

               4.9.        A booking must be attended and your meal paid for in order to receive Reward Points. If you fail to attend your booking, or pay for items ordered at the restaurant then your points will be forfeited and your review will be removed from our website.


5. Using your Reward Points

               5.1.        The restaurant booking you are redeeming your $20 reward for must be booked in advance, from your Rewards account and a confirmation email received that mentions TheFork AU Rewards. TheFork AU $20 rewards redemption will not be honoured by Restaurants without following this procedure.

               5.2.        Your Reward Points may only be used to claim your $20 reward.

               5.3.        Once you earn sufficient Reward Points you are entitled to a discount of $20 from the food charges contained in your bill.  If your bill is less than $20, you will not be entitled to any refund. If your bill is more than $20, you will be required to pay the difference.

               5.4.        The $20 rewards redemption entitles you to $20 off food only & cannot be used for hot / cold beverages or alcoholic drinks.

               5.5.        You may only use your $20 rewards redemption:

                           5.5.1.        Subject to restaurant availability;

                           5.5.2.        For Lunch or Dinner Sunday through Thursday, but not at all on Fridays or Saturdays or on all public holidays - Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or the Christmas Period from 13th December - 14th January. 

                           5.5.3.        The $20 rewards redemption cannot be used in association with any other deal, promotion or special.

                           5.5.4.        Only one $20 rewards redemption can be used per booking / party.

                           5.5.5.        TheFork AU $20 reward is not redeemable for cash & cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

                           5.5.6.        Minimum of 2 people must dine to use the $20 reward. One $20 reward redemption per booking only.


 6. Expiry

               6.1.        Reward Points not redeemed within 18 months will automatically expire.

               6.2.        Any points which you have at date of termination of your membership of the TheFork AU Rewards Program will be forfeited.

               6.3.        If you cancel a redemption booking points will not instantly be allocated back to your account, you will need to contact us if you wish to have unused points credited.


7. Termination of Account

               7.1.        Membership will terminate automatically upon your death and Reward Points earned but not redeemed at the time of death, will be automatically forfeited.

               7.2.        TheFork AU may terminate your membership of the TheFork AU Rewards Program and revoke all Reward Points accrued.

               7.3.        If you are found to have no-showed on more than 3 occasions in any 12 month period.

               7.4.        On suspicion of fraud. 

               7.5.        At any time and without notice if TheFork AU, has a reasonable belief that there is an associated risk either to TheFork AU or any participating restaurant in your remaining as a Member.


8. Customer Service

Any problem experienced with your Rewards Program or use of a TheFork AU $20 rewards redemption should be addressed to support@thefork.com.au


9. Privacy Policy

The TheFork AU Privacy Policy can be viewed at  TheFork AU Privacy

Last Updated: 07 January 2019