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The French Brasserie

Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 (8)

Ambience was nice, the food was good, and service was excellent. What more would a small party want for a celebratory lunch? I will be back, bringing friends!

Wagyu One

Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Sat, 14th Jul 2018 (7)

The meal was very nice, just a tad pricey but I guess you do have to pay a bit more for nice cuts of meat. Service was a little slow but the service staff were very helpful and obliging. A relaxing atmosphere but definitely not the sort of place you want to go for your first date or pre-theatre as you don't want to be smelling like a japanese bbq all night .


Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Fri, 15th Dec 2017 (6)

I love most things about the restaurant but perhaps I had gone at the wrong time of the year, and the restaurant staff weren't very good at planning or anticipating. There were two of us and as far as I can see, there were probably about two or three tables of 2 and they sat us in a spot that was in the path of the bar and kitchen, and although we were there really early, before 6 pm and most tables were empty, most guests were already being sat near our vicinity. That means each time a server came from the kitchen or bar, they knocked into your chair, especially as just behind me was another family, so we were sitting almost back to back, reducing the walkway for the servers to probably about 30-40 cm. The way I was bumped all the time made me feel like they were doing it deliberately just so you would leave - I hoped it wasn't so. The servers were nice enough but just not very good at planning how to seat customers. Couldn't wait to get out although we would have liked to have ordered some dessert and listened to the live band a little. After all, we had the table till 8:15! The food was delicious but all we were interested to do was to eat it and get out because we were made to feel we were in the way all the time. Even as we left, we saw at least one other empty table for two away from the kitchen/bar path.

The Stonemill 347

Brunswick East

Mei dined on Sat, 3rd Dec 2016 (8)

It was a lovely experience. The hostess was very gracious and generous with her recommendations and knowledge/experience. There were items on the menu we have never had before but was interested in trying and she gamely thought us how to eat that. Altogether, a dining experience we thoroughly enjoyed.


Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Tue, 27th Sep 2016 (8)

Am a repeat satisfied customer. Not the first time here, won't be the last either. Excellent value for a set meal for those little special occasions.



Mei dined on Fri, 17th Jun 2016 (8)

Not the first time there so I know about the place. But I brought my family back there this time for my birthday dinner. They enjoyed it, particularly the belly dancer who came up to dance! Only negative is that the place is extremely noisy, could be the acoustics, so it might not be suitable for business, fine dining or even romance :) But otherwise, I love the food there. Service was good, very attentive but food was very slow in coming because they were so busy.



Mei dined on Sat, 4th Jun 2016 (6)

Not the first time I'm here but the standard has noticeably dropped since then. As a family, we love Thai food and so would have tried almost every other Thai restaurants in the city. I think they would be a lot better if they had cooked Thai food the way Thai food is cooked, not Thai food they think Thai food should be cooked for a western palate. Hardly a hint of fish sauce, heat or tang in anything, but certainly lots of sugar in everything, and that is not the genuine robust flavors of Thai food.



Mei dined on Thu, 17th Mar 2016 (9)

Service was excellent, but the food was even better. My daughter and I had a really good time, we had one of the banquets and the food keeps coming. Everything tasted fresh and was delicious and I must add, it is value for money. Will definitely be back - truly a neighbourhood gem!


Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Thu, 25th Feb 2016 (8)

Altogether a rather pleasant dining experience. Ordered the feed me option. Portions were more than adequate although it didn't look that at the beginning and we ended up feeling very full indeed. The dessert was quite divine. Busy night so service was as good as it can get on a night like this.

The Crafty Squire

Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Wed, 24th Feb 2016 (7)

I haven't been since they renovated so it is quite a pleasant surprise for me. The meals were very good value for money for the week-day lunches. However, my lunch today was a little disappointing as I had ordered a medium steak only to have it delivered to me over-done! It was dry and hard and I couldn't eat very much of it. The meals my friends ordered looked very good though, maybe it is a matter of the grass on the other side always looking greener.

Sukhothai Restaurant


Mei dined on Fri, 15th Jan 2016 (4)

Unfortunately, the restaurant didn't live up to the standard I would expect of a Thai restaurant. There was only one good dish from the seven dishes we ordered, the Prawn Marnow. The rest were just mediocre at best and mostly had only one flavour, overly sweet, with just a hint of Thai in it. I know Thai flavors, coming from that part of the world, and this was not the Thai flavours that a South-east Asian would expect. A little unfortunate as I was hoping to find a Thai restaurant that I count on in that part of Melbourne.


Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Tue, 30th Jun 2015 (7)

Not much to add, but it was a pleasant place for lunch, when we are looking to celebrate an occasion without having to pay very much more than a regular lunch.

The Crafty Squire

Melbourne CBD

Mei dined on Tue, 9th Jun 2015 (5)

It was okay for a round-the-corner pub meal. Nothing to exceptional except for some of their beers.

Element Restaurant & Events

Lower Plenty

Mei dined on Thu, 5th Dec 2013 (9)

The food was excellent and the waiting staff was informative and attentive despite the restaurant being quite full. Really happy to have discovered such an exquisite restaurant in my neighbourhood.

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