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Otto Sydney


simon dined on Sat, 12th Jan 2019 (6)

For a fine dining restaurant a bit less table with more space would have been appreciated. The waitress kept creeping past my chair brushing on me uncomfortably as it kept getting me by surprise as though some dishes are going fall on me. Attention to our matching wine and food would Have been good as well as it missed the mark twice

Kingsleys Woolloomooloo


simon dined on Mon, 31st Dec 2018 (7)

Well it was good and I will go again however our steak was rare as opposed to medium rare. Had to eat it and not make a fuss as we were in a hurry for the Opera

Tara Sushi Bar

Surry Hills

simon dined on Sat, 22nd Dec 2018 (9)

Great little place and food

169 Darlinghurst


simon dined on Fri, 4th May 2018 (6)

They have the makings of a great place starting with the rustic setup. Food was good for the most parts but could have been better if it was not missing certain ingredients like the House Caprese was missing the fresh basil (being the three items mentioned in the menu you would think it would not be missed)and the yummy Pappardella was hearty but the 24 mth Parmesan was not proportionately sprinklered. In saying that I did get more when asked which made that meal hearty yummy. We had a dimmi offer and it was worth it. Would I go there again? Maybe for the pappardella or for another deal as it was not memorable for me. Overall was a great night I do add and a hearty meal was hearty even though it was shared.

Flying Fish

Sydney CBD

simon dined on Fri, 20th Apr 2018 (10)

It was just so so good. I always ask for chilli with fresh chilli most times and they were awesome to fufil this request with a huge bowl of it.. made me a happy man. Food was a 6 course disgustation.. I was full at the right time. Our waitress who was probably South American was so thoughtful and friendly and super sweet.. we regret not being able to thank her on our way out

Hungry Duck


simon dined on Sat, 31st Mar 2018 (2)

It was our first and special road trip and birthday dinner as they knew abt it. I called and told them that we had two pups and they said there is an outdoor area where they can Be while we eat. out door area is a carport setup basically with picnic bench and table (tuckshop setup) and close to the toilet. We were there for the 830pm Setup and I wish we could have sat inside as we had poor lighting and mozzies . Food was coming inconsistently with two dishes coming out first, then our matching wine double up, food was extremely salty and when mentioned they said that rock salt was sprinklered on top and we were almost served a curry dish even when we specifically told them that one had a coconut allergy. We returned 1and a half dish back out of our 5 course meal and did not get a replacement dish or compensation . We paid and left like we were never there to them.. that was a crappy unmemorable time spent. They might have been famous before but complacency could have been a factor so perhaps it’s time to review the food and service asap. We will never go there again.



simon dined on Sat, 19th Aug 2017 (2)

The service was not all there. Portrayed as a fine dining atmosphere, I expect my beer to be poured in my glass and. It offered to me with the bottle. My 25$ prawn pizza was base, tomato, light cheese, zucchini and topped with some prawns . Not worth 25$ or by its location either. Sitting was a bit of a wait as well as it took a short while to be handed menu for two ppl in comparison with a family of 4 seated besides us after who received their menu right away by another server. In consistent. Authentic by language not by service or food. We left early with most of our pizzas as watching Tv on a sat night was better than a dinner date. Disappointing but potential improvement if my comments are taken seriously.

Flying Fish

Sydney CBD

simon dined on Wed, 12th Apr 2017 (9)

Was great but I wished they open upstairs in lieu of downstairs because there was not enough ppl coming during a weekday as they mentioned. It's hard to experience the beauty of the restaurant looking up from the ground level. My opinion anyway:)

Mad Pizza e Bar Darlinghurst


simon dined on Tue, 21st Mar 2017 (8)

Very accomodating and service with a smile.. Pizza was yummy as expected!!!! The veg supreme is awesome for a vegetarian as it's loaded with veg bacon and veg sausage and the like ..

Dal Bukhara

Rose Bay

simon dined on Wed, 8th Mar 2017 (9)

Service with a smile and food was delicious

Food Society


simon dined on Sat, 5th Nov 2016 (9)

Great food just before our Opera. We went early at 6pm so we had full attention.. we were warmly welcomed and food was a perfect quantity for two .. order three dishes to share and tried their new bottle of Brut Curvee which was a sparkling easy to drink champagne.. Thanks again for the warm welcome and hope to be back again. Cheers

Ripples Milsons Point

Milsons Point

simon dined on Fri, 12th Aug 2016 (8)

Well it's was a perfect place and food was great.. Classic Oysters at its perfection!! Too bad the season was not the best for the restaurant as although the enclosure was a clear wall to see through and get to see the opera house and city lights, the iconic prominent harbour bridge closeup was covered by the roof of the enclosure.. It would have been perfect if the roof was clear see through as well or else during summer, this place is as perfect as other restaurants.. A small comment though is that I asked for the bill and wanted it to be given to me and it was placed on the table close to my dinner guest and when I was paying for it, the lady placed the device on the table she my dinner guest could see how much the bill was. The whole idea was to have a little discretion and privacy to the person who asked for the bill or at least that is how we thought.. Like I said, it's a small personal thing but overall I would definitely go again on a summer season minutes the temporary enclosure :)

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon


simon dined on Thu, 14th Jul 2016 (7)

It was Bastille Day event and although we enjoyed our meal, we felt a little left out upstairs even though we made our booking the day it was announced and specifically asked for the best table (upstairs in the corner was not the best in my opinion). What was frustrating was that i was contacted by phone and by email three times to confirm the booking which was unnecessary as one time would have been sufficient close to date. The food was good but i had better on a normal day. The beef was way too rare with the blood still drizzling which was not appreciated. I always had mine medium rare and the last 5-6 times i have been there, it was otherwise perfect. It may have been Bastille Day but i was not chaotic so the meals, service and food could have been handled better. Everyone has a bad day and in my opinion, Claires Kitchen did. ATD ppl. I plan to have my companies Xmas party at your restaurant this year and want it to be perfect. In saying that i expect the best table if booked months in advance. We have made plans to be there 2 more times just this month for different occasions so i sincerely hope for it to be as perfect as it should have been. Happy Bastille Day and overall was still an enjoyable evening despite it not being memorable (we were celebrating something)

El Topo

Bondi Junction

simon dined on Sat, 18th Jun 2016 (9)

Love the food and setting .. May need proper guidance to know if the banquet option is better than choosing from the menu as it did not make sense to us on how the portions work for more than one ppl and why two mains can only be chosen for more than one (we had four). Basically menu is great but a little confusing to know if the banquet option is worth in comparison with choosing from menu.. Suggest having numbers or measure of weight on menu and options. Generally, an awesoem place and will return

4 Fourteen

Surry Hills

simon dined on Fri, 15th Apr 2016 (10)

Great place and food and staff were excellent.. Special mention to Marie our waitress.. Left restaurant feeling satisfied and worth the premium expense on our special day it was. They listened to me request and gave the best seat in the house .. Thanks again guys

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon


simon dined on Sat, 19th Mar 2016 (10)

What a perfect night !!!! Claire is everything you ever want in a restaurant.... Always consistent always a pleasure .. Thanks for having us and making it special

Crane Bar Sydney

Potts Point

simon dined on Wed, 20th Jan 2016 (9)

check their website and page fro more info on deals. Friendly good looking staff. Definitely will go again

Macleay Street Bistro

Potts Point

simon dined on Wed, 7th Oct 2015 (7)

Our fault thinking that the degustation was 65$ and with matching wine was 90$ when in fact it is 90 + 65 = 155$ each. Good food but i do think it is a little expensive


Elizabeth Bay

simon dined on Fri, 11th Sep 2015 (9)

Service was excellent and Food was generally great .. There were favs which I will be sure to order again.. The Aussie hot sake though cheap, was probably the best as compared to the slightly expensive one. The thin cut beef was yummy!! The staff were friendly and attentive!! Special mention to Naomi who read my reservation request which was appreciated .. definitely will go again if not sooner :)


Potts Point

simon dined on Fri, 31st Jul 2015 (10)

Perfect at all levels.. Definitely will go again

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

simon dined on Fri, 12th Jun 2015 (9)

Service was awesome. Food was excellent and great atmosphere!!!! Before 7pm its 40$ dinner special is a treat with appetiser, main and side

Macleay Street Bistro

Potts Point

simon dined on Sat, 6th Jun 2015 (9)

Small cosy place but excellent place for dinner

Joe's Kitchen


simon dined on Fri, 22nd May 2015 (9)

The ppl were caring and sweet and lovely!!!!

Flying Fish

Sydney CBD

simon dined on Wed, 20th Aug 2014 (8)

I was specific with the table I needed for the table to be special for a 40th birthday and was disappointed when I was asked to sit at a table surrounded by other tables but, I did let them know that I was disappointed and when I told them that under the circumstance I like to be able to choose where I feel comfortable since the the best table in my view was given to someone else ( I booked 3 weeks in advance by the way ) They hesitated but I was given the table and we had the best time ever!! Carolina was great to make us feel comfortable . Liz who was our server was perfect on every level. Thx for the lovely perfect night even though it started a little shakey. Cheers Si

Food Society


simon dined on Tue, 25th Jun 2013 (10)


Food Society


simon dined on Wed, 19th Jun 2013 (10)

I bought a voucher deal but I been there and paid full price as well.. I love everything about them

Food Society


simon dined on Fri, 25th Jan 2013 (10)

Keep it up

Food Society


simon dined on Thu, 24th Jan 2013 (10)

DArius and the other two boys were very polite and service with a smile. Great live acoustic music guiter as well!! perfect

Food Society


simon dined on Fri, 18th Jan 2013 (10)

They are all good waiters n great restaurant!! But there are really good waiters whom really take care of u n look n sound genuine.. Been there 3times in last month n some remember me and welcome me so cudos for that

Food Society


simon dined on Fri, 4th Jan 2013 (9)

Great place.. Different n unique

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