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Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 6th Aug 2018 (6)

A little joint in the city for a meal.

Manta Restaurant & Bar


Roy dined on Tue, 31st Jul 2018 (8)

This restaurant never disappoint us. Great foods and a place fof a long lunches.

Olio Kensington Street


Roy dined on Mon, 16th Jul 2018 (6)

Foods and service seems to decline compared to first time visit few months ago.

The Deck Sydney

Milsons Point

Roy dined on Tue, 10th Jul 2018 (7)

Great place for lunch if you are visiting Luna Park!!

Manta Restaurant & Bar


Roy dined on Tue, 26th Jun 2018 (8)

This is as an aussie restaurant to go for a good seafood located in one of the best sydney's wharf. They have an extensive menu and we love their service. Hope to be back again soon.

Sydney Korean BBQ

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 28th May 2018 (7)

Good place for small gathering over bbq.

Ze Pickle Sydney

Surry Hills

Roy dined on Mon, 7th May 2018 (3)

Was looking forward to try their foods for first time but left dissappointed. Service is slow and food takes so long to come out eventhough the place is more than half empty. My friend order a burger and is oke although not as good as it looks on online pictures. The most horrible one is my naked burger Lettuce Zed which was served with cold soggy onion straws, lack of jalapeño mayo and plated uninterestingly. I was thinking some ramdom students cooking in the kitchen. I would expect a much better burger and presentation for $20 burger on its own.


Surry Hills

Roy dined on Mon, 23rd Apr 2018 (9)

Great Thai cuisine.. love the long communal table.

Milano Torino


Roy dined on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 (8)

Its beyond my expection. The service from the waiter is much better that the waitresses :)

Hicksons Izakaya

Dawes Point

Roy dined on Mon, 16th Apr 2018 (7)

Great little spot for lazt lunches. Order few drinks and bites on a heautifil sunny day

Maybe Frank

Surry Hills

Roy dined on Tue, 11th Oct 2016 (6)

The pizza is very thin and nice chewy on the edge. However the toppings make the pizza become very soggy.

Old City Kitchen & Bar


Roy dined on Mon, 3rd Oct 2016 (7)

Great place to catch up with friends. Food is delicious and we'll priced. Will come back again.

Ripples at Chowder Bay


Roy dined on Mon, 11th Jul 2016 (7)

Overall is still good but service was not as good as the last time we were there. The lamb meatball and spaghettini tasted really good. However we were not happy with the popular yumba prawns and seafood stew. The prawn used to be really good and that's the reason why we came back for (we order 1 serve each of us). This time it was overcooked and they put lots of red sauces over it. Why would you kill beautiful prains with those sauces? The stew was not hot (temperature) with again overcooked seafood. We won't be back for a while I think.

Manta Restaurant & Bar


Roy dined on Tue, 5th Jul 2016 (8)

First visit using dimmi specials. We were very happy with the foods and the service was outstanding. Well done. We would love to come back soon.

Essenza Italian

Surry Hills

Roy dined on Tue, 29th Mar 2016 (6)

Tried this restaurant using Restauran Week go halves. Foods is acceptable but nothing special.

Riley St Garage


Roy dined on Mon, 21st Mar 2016 (8)

always love to come back from time to time. good food great place. this time, it's on 50% off of the tasting menu, thanks to Dimmi's Restaurant Week.

Beccafico Bar and Trattoria


Roy dined on Tue, 2nd Feb 2016 (7)

Love your food. Floor staff need to be more engaging with customers and more smiles on there faces would be much nicer. Thank you for 50% off Dimmi Specials

House of Crabs


Roy dined on Mon, 1st Feb 2016 (6)

We go to this place to have an experience. Eating with plastic gloves, bib, kitchen towel and boiled crab out of plastic bag and getting messy. Price is expensive, luckily we use $50 dimmi rewards. Boil crab is nothing special. Just like what you buy from the fish market yourself but with more than double in price. The bbq chook looks good and moist but not very tasty. Won't be coming back.

Pazar Food Collective

Hurlstone Park

Roy dined on Mon, 25th Jan 2016 (6)

Good place for group dinner. Share plate is never be cheap. Food is good except the over-fried zucchini and herbsee dish.

Cafe Del Mar

Darling Harbour

Roy dined on Mon, 4th Jan 2016 (6)

We have been here few times. Lack of service when we were there that nite because the restaurant was rather busy. Food is good but dessert is a big disappointment. I would still come back but will never order sweets anymore.

The Eathouse Diner


Roy dined on Mon, 16th Nov 2015 (6)

Good place for drink cocktails after work.


Surry Hills

Roy dined on Tue, 10th Nov 2015 (6)

It's just like a pub for a drink or 2 after work and hv simple american style meals (burger, nachos, fried chook, ribs) b4 going home. Nothing fancy.

1896 Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 10th Nov 2015 (5)

Service is good, given only 1 floor staff working through lunch. Foods considered expensive (2 pics of scallops for $17) and tastes average. The lunch offers for $30 for 2 courses and $35 for 3 courses are good values.

The Greens

North Sydney

Roy dined on Mon, 9th Nov 2015 (6)

Love the outdoors spaces. Great on summer's nites with friends and family. Foods needs to be simpler. Chef loves to put too much herbs and elements into the dishes and sometimes those elements are overpowering. Don't think will come back for the foods but would love to hang around there for good drinks.

Pilu At Freshwater


Roy dined on Tue, 15th Sep 2015 (8)

Amazing place for foods, service and view over the water

Australian Youth Hotel


Roy dined on Mon, 14th Sep 2015 (7)

We are always happy with their foods and services.

Ripples at Chowder Bay


Roy dined on Mon, 13th Jul 2015 (8)

A great place for long lunches with guest, friends or loved ones. Food superb and fantastic view over the water.

The Governors Kitchen

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 6th Jul 2015 (7)

We came to try this resto using dimmi flash specials. The foods and ambiance are great. Service could be improved. We will be back.

Iron Chef


Roy dined on Mon, 15th Jun 2015 (7)

good food. have different special offer for dinner weeknights

Mordeo Bistro & Bar

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 9th Jun 2015 (6)

A good food for business lunches

Criniti's Manly


Roy dined on Mon, 18th May 2015 (7)

Great place for pizza

Mad Pizza e Bar Central

Surry Hills

Roy dined on Tue, 12th May 2015 (6)

Stick to pizza.. the pasta and cocktail are very average.

Sails on Lavender Bay

Mcmahons Point

Roy dined on Tue, 12th May 2015 (8)

foods always great, million dollar harbour view.

Cafe Del Mar

Darling Harbour

Roy dined on Tue, 5th May 2015 (7)

great foods but was quite on Tuesday evening.

Cafe Del Mar

Darling Harbour

Roy dined on Tue, 28th Apr 2015 (5)

We came back for dinner because we were happy with our first visit last week. However, there seems to be inconsistentcy with the food. We wanted Escargot but was not available as well as Pork Neck on mains. The seafood bisque I ordered was very tick and too much tomato, almost like seafood on tomato soup instead. Burgundy was very average and the Paris mashed potatoes is not creamy enough. We will never go back again.

Le Pub

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 27th Apr 2015 (6)

Foods is not as good as the first time we were here.

Le Pub

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 14th Apr 2015 (8)

Le Pub does not serve ordinary pub fare but delish French cuisine. Lovely decors and great service. We'll be back soon.

The Canopy

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 30th Mar 2015 (6)

Food's not bad but service and ambient are just so so.. good place to have a drink or two in the afternoon

The Lane Sydney

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 17th Feb 2015 (6)

a place to hv lunch or a drink after work

Riley St Garage


Roy dined on Tue, 3rd Feb 2015 (7)

great place for drink and foods are superb..

The Hill Eatery


Roy dined on Mon, 2nd Feb 2015 (4)

Went for lunch on 50% off from Dimmi. lunch menu Is limited and foods taste just average. The meat for the burger is sooo small for $18 price tag.

The Owl House


Roy dined on Tue, 13th Jan 2015 (7)

A small bar in darlinghurst. Drinks are not cheap but they have great $35 deal for 2 course dinner with a glass of house wine on Tues to Thurs nite.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 30th Sep 2014 (7)

If you wanna eat good steak in the city go to this place. I had grass fed fillet steak which was cooked to perfection. The way i like it. it was just melt in your mouth and the australian prawns use for the surf on the turf was yummy. My partner had DA Rib Eye on the bone which was equally great. Next time, i would not bother to fill up with entree, maybe just a starter to share like the grill Chorizo which was good. The service was excellent. The waitress explained all different meat and cut from the menu and ask our preference for her to up with good suggestion. Btw, thank for the 50% deal from Dimmi. We will definitely come back.

Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 29th Sep 2014 (5)

We dined on a 50% deals thanks to Dimmi. Waiters are rather slow and not very attentive despite not many patrons. We have to call them to order drinks, to get extra water, etc. We order 2 entrées plus 2 mains. Both starter of grilled octopus and stuffed calamari are okay. The main of lamb shoulder was really good. However, the other main of prawns saganaki was rather a dissapointment. The prawns were of large size however were not fresh. The color of those prawn heads were all black which otherwise my favourite part to eat. We made complain about it which then the manager sent us compliment of 3 pieces of greek sweets to our table.


Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 23rd Sep 2014 (7)

Good alternative in the city if you need a place for meeting over lunch. The interior is rather old but it house in an old building with high decorated ceiling. Food is good . Service is excellent.

Australian Youth Hotel


Roy dined on Tue, 16th Sep 2014 (8)

Always love to eat at this place. The bar area was very busy today because of Tuesday 2 for 1 meal deals. Foods are great a always.. but the waiter tonite was rather harsh and rude. Will still go back again soon.

Chinta Ria

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 15th Sep 2014 (7)

Good foods..

Australian Youth Hotel


Roy dined on Mon, 8th Sep 2014 (9)

It was great to be back in this restaurant. Foods are superb as always. Great wine selections by glass at a reasonable price (mostly under $10 a glass). Will be back again soon.

The Owl House


Roy dined on Tue, 19th Aug 2014 (8)

Tiny intimate place with a big taste. Foods absolutely tasty and well presented. Will definitely return again.

Chefs Gallery Jamison

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Mon, 4th Aug 2014 (6)

Second time eating at 50% off to try different dish on the menu. Started with mixed dim aum which ok. It would be nice if they steam it much longer because it was not hot and some part of the dim sim wrapper was not cooked thoroughly. The last time I was here I really liked the chicken san chow bao. So I had another one. It's still yummy. The duck was not that great. Looks good on the picture only. Beans and minced pork was cooked too long. Salt and pepper tofu and calamary were just ok. I won't come back if I have to pay full price for the dish.

Chefs Gallery Jamison

Sydney CBD

Roy dined on Tue, 29th Jul 2014 (6)

We went to this place because of the beautiful pictures shown in the menu and in its website. However, the foods did not taste as good as we imagined. We ordered 5 dishes, beef tataki, egg tofu, chook san Chao bow, and 2 different noodle soup. Only san chai bow that we found good. Beef tataki is a complete dissapointment. The rest is average. Noodle is so over-cooked.

4 Fourteen

Surry Hills

Roy dined on Tue, 24th Jun 2014 (7)

Great place for lunch..foods are superb!

Pink Salt

Double Bay

Roy dined on Tue, 3rd Jun 2014 (6)

The restaurant was empty when we lunched. We are the only customers. The floor staff was good and made sure that everything's ok during the whole time. He said a new chef is just coming on board and working on a new menu. We hope he will be cooking a more delicious foods soon.

Ripples at Sydney Wharf


Roy dined on Tue, 13th May 2014 (8)

Good food and great service. A perfect place to have brunch or lunch on a fine day.

La Mint


Roy dined on Mon, 12th May 2014 (7)

Food is delicious especially the twice-cooked pork belly. We ate at the restaurant on a special 50% off the food price. So it is a very good value on otherwise rather an expensive place to eat.

Australian Youth Hotel


Roy dined on Tue, 29th Apr 2014 (9)

A nice place serving excellent foods with great customer service. We will definitely be back

Public Dining Room


Roy dined on Mon, 3rd Mar 2014 (6)

The best attribute for this restaurant is the view, especially if you get table by the glass window facing the beach/water. The price is more on the high-end. We ordered Calamari and ZucchiniFlower as entrees at around $24 each. Entree tasted just average but I was happy with the main meals which are seafood pasta and Duck except the Cassava in the Duck dish didn't taste fresh. Luckyly we have 50% off the meals, otherwise I won't spent $70 per person for 2 course meal at this place.

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon


Roy dined on Tue, 18th Feb 2014 (8)

Great restaurant for special occasion. We ordered Escargot but they did not provide us with the little fork instead giving us small disposable wooden forks normally used for eating fruits. It was not even sharp to fork out the snail out of the little shell. Or else, everything was great.



Roy dined on Tue, 2nd Apr 2013 (7)

A nice place with a good view to have drinks and chill out.

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