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Fratelli Fresh Bridge Street

Sydney CBD

Phillip dined on Fri, 30th Aug 2019 (9)

had a team lunch and took advantage of 50% by having a later lunch at 2pm - the 2 meal set menu was well worth it - the antipasti starters were delicious and the mains were great. highly recommend FF for delicious italian food.

Misfits Bar & Dining


Phillip dined on Sun, 9th Jun 2019 (9)

Lovely relaxed place for dinner. Food as delicious. Service lovely! Liked the casual area and very nicely decorated. Pop star coasters were fab. ( I might have taken 1/2 home with me) lols

Pino's Vino e Cucina


Phillip dined on Sun, 19th May 2019 (8)

Came here with 7 friends for my birthday. This is one of my fave italian restaurants in Sydney - its in the middle of alexandria (on a side street) and has a lovely ambience inside. The food is always delicious and fresh. The only negative aspect about my dinner was the waiter asking us if we wanted antipasto while we were deciding on mains. I agreed but was very surprised with the amount of food that came out. they brought out 2 serves of octopus, 2 serves of burrata and a charcuterie board. It was a little over the top. Just to note we also had olives and bread as well prior to the antipasto. It would have been nice to be asked before all this food was delivered. That was the only flaw to a lovely night. I will of course return to Pino's but will not be allowing the waiter to decide what food to order again.



Phillip dined on Thu, 16th May 2019 (9)

had a delicious dinner at Casoni - highly recommend if you are in the Oxford street area looking for delicious italian food

Fratelli Fresh Walsh Bay

Walsh Bay

Phillip dined on Wed, 27th Mar 2019 (9)

lovely dinner at Fratelli. great food for the price.

The Botanica Vaucluse


Phillip dined on Sun, 16th Dec 2018 (9)

Had a great time at Botanica. Gorgeous food and service. Lovely decor. Please note it’s big on young girls who lunch which is not a bad thing!



Phillip dined on Sat, 6th Oct 2018 (10)

great dinner at automata - had the 5 course degustation - the food was subtle but delicious - the fish and pork were the stand outs for me...really lovely environment - very casual but stylish....will definitely go back

Long Chim Sydney

Sydney CBD

Phillip dined on Fri, 13th Jul 2018 (9)

2nd time to Ling Chim - more delicious food and great service. Ordered massamun curry and crab with clear noodles - both were delicious and Amazing.

Stanton & Co


Phillip dined on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 (9)

First time to Stanton and co - had a delicious meal with great service. Love the interiors and atmosphere at the restaurant and look forward to going back.

Flour Eggs Water on Crown street

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Sat, 23rd Jun 2018 (9)

this is my 3rd time to flour eggs and water and the service was not as it has been on previous time...the waiter was so busy he rushed through specials and not sure if they were understaffed..the food was great as always

Salt Meats Cheese- Circular Quay

Circular Quay

Phillip dined on Sat, 21st Apr 2018 (10)

we were a group of 11 and we went for the pizza set menu for $40 each - the food was delicious, service was good, the pizzas were delish...highly recommend if you are looking for a great italian place in circular quay

Flour Eggs Water on Crown street

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Fri, 29th Sep 2017 (10)

had a great dinner at Flour Eggs Water...service was great, food delicious, great spritz and wine....this was my second time and will definitely go back...I love the window seats

Bistro St Jacques


Phillip dined on Sat, 26th Aug 2017 (10)

had a great time at the Pitt Street diner and ended up having the degustation menu - starter, main, cheese and dessert all for $65. The food was delicious and the waitress was very friendly and good fun. Highly recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a great place to eat in Redfern.

Flour Eggs Water on Crown street

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Fri, 10th Mar 2017 (8)

Highly recommend Besser - had a delicious meal. We sat at one of window seats so we could people watch the beautiful people of Surry hills. I had the meatballs as a main which was delicious! Besser has a great atmosphere - cool interiors! The only disappointment was the aperol spritz which was slightly on the weak side. C'mon guys u can do better I'm sure!



Phillip dined on Sat, 25th Feb 2017 (9)

Mekong is a great restaurant in Kensington st Chippendale. food was delicious and tasty, great service and highly recommend it. i think the dishes need some more chilli but thats just me..

Caffe E Cucina

South Yarra

Phillip dined on Thu, 29th Dec 2016 (9)

Caffe u Cucina is an institution in Melbourne and I am glad to have had the pleasure of going to this fine restaurant. We had a nice table upstairs at the back on the 1st level and the service was great. the food was delicious as we had the cured meats and their famous calamari to start and i had the fish of the day as my main. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone wanting authentic italian food in Melbourne.

The Duck Inn


Phillip dined on Sun, 27th Nov 2016 (9)

great place for lunch - i have been here many times and it is exactly the same. great food and service in a really lovely pub

Caffe Roma

Potts Point

Phillip dined on Fri, 11th Nov 2016 (8)

Caffe roma is a great place in Kings Cross - highly recommend this place for anyone wanting a great Italian dinner

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Bondi Beach

Phillip dined on Tue, 25th Oct 2016 (8)

the ramen ragazzi dinner was good...some dishes were bigger hits than others but overall I really enjoyed the dinner....we were sat at the same table as last time near the bathroom - what are the chances...we asked if we could be moved and they obliged our request which was very nice of them....the service is always top notch at icebergs and our waiter was attentive to all our needs..

Muum Maam

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Mon, 24th Oct 2016 (9)

highly recommend this place for a delicious thai meal which is a cut above the standard thai restaurants...I had the duck salad which was so delicious....service is always great here....


Rushcutters Bay

Phillip dined on Wed, 20th Jul 2016 (9)

3rd time to Popolo and enjoyed the calabrese dinner. will be back for more!!!!

Junk Lounge

The Rocks

Phillip dined on Fri, 24th Jun 2016 (8)

this is a really cool place with great asian inspired food. we had 4 small dishes with 2 glasses of wine each. great views of the harbour as long as no boats are docked in the quay. will definitely be coming back.

Almond Bar


Phillip dined on Thu, 7th Apr 2016 (10)

almond bar was great - the food and service were divine. highly recommend this place for anyone weanting great middle eastern cuisine.


Rushcutters Bay

Phillip dined on Sat, 12th Mar 2016 (9)

Popolo is a great southern italian restaurant. The food was delicious and i highly recommend this place to anyone. The owner was very friendly and also told me there is a town in Basilicata that shared my surname. who knew?? i hope to be back to try the pasta/pizza next time.


Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Fri, 26th Feb 2016 (6)

its a really lovely restuarant and we had great service but didn't appreciate being told to go across the road for a drink becuase our table was not ready

The Owl House


Phillip dined on Tue, 29th Dec 2015 (10)

a lovely place for dinner - highly recommend this restaurant

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Bondi Beach

Phillip dined on Sat, 12th Dec 2015 (7)

the food at Icebergs is amazing and this is my 2nd trip - it was unfortunate our table was situated next to the toilet door where alot of the waiting staff seem to this did not make for a relaxing dinner also the waiting staff pouring tap water into our sparkling water was also slightly annoying if you are trying to create an amazing experience then i would re-configure the tables so all patrons have the same amazing experience



Phillip dined on Thu, 26th Nov 2015 (6)

great place for a meal - main meals were good serves but they kept going on about share plates which was a little annoying - will definitely go back though



Phillip dined on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 (9)

Really cool place for middle eastern food with a twist

Alfie & Hetty


Phillip dined on Sun, 17th May 2015 (10)

reall love this place - 2nd time and the food is so delicious, really lovely service, great atmosphere - had a table for 8 upstairs in separate section with a small view of sydney skyline....fab place - highly recommended

The Malaya

Darling Harbour

Phillip dined on Sun, 23rd Nov 2014 (6)

The food is great but the prices are too high for what you get. we paid $14 for 4 small pieces of Roti (entree) and one of the mains was approx 15 small pieces of deep fried cauliflower for $26... its a nice place but just a bit over priced....

Baccomatto Osteria

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Thu, 16th Oct 2014 (8)

This place is great, the waitress was very friendly, the food was great too but we did wait a LONG time for our mains. That was the only drawback but otherwise a nice place for dinner.

The Carrington - Chica Linda

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Sat, 17th May 2014 (5)

Chica Linda does great lation american inspired food. What it does not do well is service and atmosphere. it took forever for someone to take our order and the food arrived before the cocktails we ordered. It is a really loud restaurant and even though some might like this for the attmosphere - please turn the music down guys. this really affects the dining experience. we scoffed down our food and got the hell out of there as soon as we could to escape the noise.

Alfie & Hetty


Phillip dined on Wed, 16th Apr 2014 (9)

Alfie and Hetty is a great restaurant in Glebe. The food was delicious, there is a lovely ambience inside and it is not too expensive. I will definitely be returning.

Watts On Crown

Surry Hills

Phillip dined on Fri, 20th Sep 2013 (10)

had a great dinner with a small group of friends, delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, defs going back

Glebe Point Diner


Phillip dined on Sat, 8th Jun 2013 (9)

We had a great night at the Glebe point diner! Really lovely dinner!

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