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Little Jean

Double Bay

Cathy dined on Sat, 21st Jul 2018 (8)

We had a lovely family evening - good service and pretty good food.



Cathy dined on Fri, 13th Jul 2018 (8)

It was a cold night and the host moved us early to be warmer and we had blankets and heaters but it was a cold night. So ticks for service. Food was lovely though served too fast - we had not finished dips before more came... we tried to slow it but it didn’t work. Very tasty and contemporary Turkish food. Nice quality and flavours - we even tried Turkish wine! 😳 Hummus and tarama were standouts.

Aubergine Restaurant


Cathy dined on Sat, 7th Jul 2018 (8)

Amazing experience. Food was lovely though i did find it hard to select what i wanted to eat - nothing jumped out as fabulous for me.

The Song Kitchen

Surry Hills

Cathy dined on Fri, 25th May 2018 (9)

Had a great night - good pasta selection - attentive service and a good cause!

The Winery

Surry Hills

Cathy dined on Sat, 12th May 2018 (8)

The Winery attracts a lot of big groups and parties - it has become a bit cluttered and loud but still provides a fun night

Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon


Cathy dined on Wed, 21st Feb 2018 (8)

A lovely night - enters were delicious - scallops and cheese soufflé - the duck pie was large but magnificent - the salmon was nice but a bit bland. Wines and desserts both lovely

Flour Eggs Water on Crown street

Surry Hills

Cathy dined on Tue, 20th Feb 2018 (8)

The service was very good. We had a nice meal. Food was tasty but my fish was a little heavy with olive oil in the caponata. Focaccia was complimentary and very nice. Portions were generous and the quality of the produce was exceptional.

The Barn Bistro

Mclaren Vale

Cathy dined on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 (9)

Great way to select your own wines from the cellar. It was a cool January night but the fire and heating were on so it was lovely and warm. Food was very nice - including the chocolate/affogato dessert!

Wild Ginger Dining + Bar

The Rocks

Cathy dined on Sat, 26th Aug 2017 (7)

The meal was pretty good - quite spicy. Our entree dumpling looked beautiful but was not that flavoursome. We had one dish that had too many sprigs of peppercorns.

Criniti's Woolloomooloo


Cathy dined on Tue, 27th Dec 2016 (8)

Extensive menu and drinks list - almost too many options really. Overall pretty good lunch and was open over xmas new year which helped.

Lucky Suzie


Cathy dined on Sat, 10th Dec 2016 (8)

The food is interesting and tasty. The service can be great but is somewhat patchy

The Tilbury Hotel


Cathy dined on Sun, 2nd Oct 2016 (8)

For Sunday late lunch the service was good - we had some very small starters - which were tasty and then the Sunday roast - very generous serve - more to share with others... Dessert selection was quite limited but nice

La Mint


Cathy dined on Sat, 9th Jul 2016 (8)

La Mint is a great local favourite for me.



Cathy dined on Fri, 22nd Apr 2016 (9)

Really lovely food and very fresh. The service is not super fast as they make it as they go so don't be in a rush but is worth it.

Esca Bimbadgen


Cathy dined on Fri, 4th Mar 2016 (8)

We were a large group (14) so our menu was limited to a few choices each - however, they were probably not the best choices - fish was considered over cooked, salmon entree lovely - bit of a mixed bag.

Baccomatto Osteria

Surry Hills

Cathy dined on Fri, 12th Feb 2016 (8)

Wonderful service and great food. Strong Italian wine list.



Cathy dined on Fri, 13th Nov 2015 (7)

Nice selection of tasty foods

Q dining

Circular Quay

Cathy dined on Fri, 6th Nov 2015 (8)

Lovely meal and very relaxed and appropriate service

Cafe Del Mar

Darling Harbour

Cathy dined on Fri, 29th May 2015 (8)

Nice night with views of Vivid


Rushcutters Bay

Cathy dined on Thu, 16th Apr 2015 (7)

My second dining expertience - great service and wine - food was but not great this time

LuMi Bar & Dining


Cathy dined on Fri, 2nd Jan 2015 (8)

We had a lovely meal and wine but the menu is a bit challenging and different. While a bit quirky, would definitely go back.

Riley St Garage


Cathy dined on Sat, 29th Nov 2014 (8)

Another lovely night of good food and wine

La Mint


Cathy dined on Fri, 14th Nov 2014 (9)

La Mint has great food and is very consistent. You can BYO wine which makes it very affordable and a good regular go to place in my neighbourhood while still being a bit special.

The Owl House


Cathy dined on Wed, 10th Sep 2014 (8)

Nice night with relaxed and good service

4 Fourteen

Surry Hills

Cathy dined on Fri, 9th May 2014 (8)

Always enjoyable and sharing means you can try a good cross section of the menu

Macleay Street Bistro

Potts Point

Cathy dined on Sun, 11th Aug 2013 (7)

Lovely night - it is a tiny. little gem

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