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Restaurant Orana

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Thu, 14th Feb 2019 (10)

I love everything except the setting of the tables. Feels a bit weird sitting in a singular direction facing other patrons and they are sitting facing us too. Seat placements needs a little adjusting.

Hut & Soul

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Sun, 21st Oct 2018 (10)

Awesome Food and awesome service

Fish Head


Peter dined on Fri, 19th Oct 2018 (10)

Food was great and delicious !

Windy Point Cafe


Peter dined on Sun, 22nd Apr 2018 (10)

Our food was great and the service was great too.

Ginza Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Sun, 17th Sep 2017 (7)

the service was great and staff knows the food they serve very well. top notch japanese fine dining ! love it !

Hut & Soul

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Fri, 7th Jul 2017 (10)

Service and Food was great ! I would come back again for sure.

La Provence

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Fri, 9th Jun 2017 (6)

I had the worst service experience right from the start. The waiter who attended to us took us to our seat, asked us if we would like to start with any drink or wine, to which I've asked if I can start with a glass of Moscato. I've never been at a french restaurant before so what the waiter said next was truly shocking. He bluntly said to me, in front of hearing distance to other patrons: "We don't serve Moscato here. This is a french restaurant." It was the most rudest and most embarrassing experience ever. I was so stunned and I did not know what to say. The only saving grace was after he left, he never attended to us again aside from taking our orders and the other waitress was so kind and friendly, which seem such a contrast to this particular waiter. The food was great, don't get me wrong, but we also had to wait like 30 mins for our main to come out and each course was quite slow in being served and there was not many ppl in the restaurant at that time. I felt full after eating entree from waiting for the main to come out, and when it did, i felt stuffed even though I know I haven't ate much at all. So all in all, it was a bad start and although the food was great, i would definitely not come back again. First impression is really important and this waiter had stuffed it up big time for me.

From Orient

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Wed, 11th Dec 2013 (6)

Atmosphere was fantastic ... Thumbs up !

The Marquis

Adelaide CBD

Peter dined on Sat, 21st Sep 2013 (9)

The atmosphere was great and the service was awesome. Food took a while to be served but it was worth the wait and money. Proportions was good despite being a fine dining restaurant; was full at the end of the meal.

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