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Long Chim Sydney

Sydney CBD

Christian dined on Sat, 18th Aug 2018 (9)

Great food, everything is so tasty!

Salmon & Bear


Christian dined on Sun, 14th May 2017 (7)

Every food that we ordered was lovely; the poke, the burger and the grizzly plate was all yum. However I feel that seating arrangement can be greatly improved. I made a reservation for 7 people on Mother's Day five days in advance and had confirmation from Jane twice via email and phone, which I was happy about. We turned up on time on the day and there wasn't any sort of prepared table for us. The first table that we got ended up to be quite small for 7 people so we asked to be moved to the next slightly larger table. While staff was courteous and happy to accommodate our request, I feel that those request can only be accommodated because the place wasn't full yet. It would be much better if we were shown to a prepared table that is also reasonable for the amount of diner. I almost tripped myself as well because of the legs of a child's high chair that was quite in the middle of the walkway. Luckily the seat and the child didn't tip over, but made me wonder why the family was seated in the middle of the restaurant when they have a pram, and a high seat for their child, and there are empty tables on sides where the high chair wouldn't be on the walkway and would not be a trip hazard. Hope that it can be improved as we do love the food :)

The Hill Eatery


Christian dined on Sun, 20th Oct 2013 (8)

Sunday afternoon music was awesome and very relaxing. Food was good and staff was very friendly. Feedback from friends was that it was a bit hard to find the place as Google placed them on southern side of the beach instead of the north, and since the weather was nice, finding parking was also a nightmare.

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