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Cafe Michael 2

Adelaide CBD

Kraig dined on Tue, 2nd Jul 2019 (3)

Very disappointing. CM2 has usually been a “go to” place over the past many years, but last nights efforts were lack-lustre. Staff went from over-the-top in-your-face (asking if we were ready to order within a few minutes of being seated), to being ignored for another 15 minutes despite there being many empty tables. Entree plates, once brought out and consumed, were left uncollected on the table for another 15 minutes despite 3 serving staff waking back and forth empty-handed many times. Mains were served a full 50 minutes after we first sat down, and were non-descript: heavily sauced, no particular flavours, and not at all inspiring to look at or consume. Indeed, they were reminiscent of the mainstream bain-maries found in food halls, keeping pre-cooked meals warm for hours. If it weren’t for the visible presence of the cook (I cannot use the term chef), I would have thought that’s where the food was brought. If last nights visit was my first, I would not be back. As a previously repeat customer, this experience has closed the doors on my CM2 visitations for good.

Spaghetti Western Saloon

Adelaide CBD

Kraig dined on Tue, 9th Apr 2019 (9)

Fabulous, atmosphere, staff, beverages and finally the food.

Lost in a Forest


Kraig dined on Sun, 16th Dec 2018 (8)

Great all round, yet again 😊😊

Lost in a Forest


Kraig dined on Sun, 31st Jul 2016 (10)

Fabulous pizza and boutique wine list in a delightful location, highly recommended, we will definitely be back.

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