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Tides Restaurant & Bar

Airlie Beach

Julie dined on Fri, 16th Jun 2017 (10)

Amazing food. We went there for lunch the day before and then dinner the next evening. The chef really is amazing. Food was cooked to perfection. Great wait staff too. Lovely setting too.

On Shore Cafe Brasserie

Dee Why

Julie dined on Sat, 21st Jan 2017 (9)

Food was delicious. It has improved greatly since we were there many years ago. Ingredients are much better quality now. Tables weren't too close together, which was good. We will be going there often.



Julie dined on Mon, 24th Oct 2016 (7)

The tuna sashimi tacos were delicious. The dusted baby squid was more than dusted and it was very chewy, but my husband still enjoyed it. I found the sesame crusted tuna fillet was a little overcooked for me, but the flavour was very good. It was supposed to come with a Japanese cress salad, but it was just a bit of cress on the plate, not even any dressing. There was no crust on the "pepper steak" with a pepper crust. It was just wet peppercorns spread on top of the steak. The pink peppercorns overpowered it. Not what was expected. Maybe that is why they put the quotation makes around the name of the dish on the menu. We were offered dessert menus when they took away our entrée. We told her we hadn't had our mains yet. She took away our entrée plates and immediately returned with our mains. There needs to be a break in-between courses!

Les Bistronomes


Julie dined on Sat, 22nd Oct 2016 (9)

The steak tartare was amazing. The rest of the food was very good. Service was great. Some waiters have excellent wine knowledge. My martini was perfect. We will be back.

Mr Singh Fine Indian Restaurant


Julie dined on Sat, 30th Apr 2016 (8)

Great food. Good size servings. We will definitely be going back. Friendly service. She asked how spicy we wanted our food and it was served exactly how we wanted. Drinks list is small, although they did have tap beer which is a bonus. Our table was too small, next time I would ask for a larger table.

Le Bouchon

Crows Nest

Julie dined on Wed, 27th Apr 2016 (1)

My snails were tender, but unfortunately were very gritty, as something was sprinkled on top of them. I have no idea what it was, but it felt like fine sand sprinkled on top. Unfortunately I had stirred it in before tasting it as I thought it was finely chopped garlic. The steak tartare was sweet. I have never had sweet steak tartare before and it didn't taste good at all. I don't know if they used sweet spiced gherkins or whether they accidentally used sugar, but it was awful. The entrée of the day was good, but the other main was disappointing. It didn't taste like authentic French food at all. There was a group of about eight men in that night who were swearing all evening. I only heard it towards the end of the night, and just as I heard it, the next table asked them to stop swearing. All but one did. The waiter told the men they didn't need to apologise!

Charcoal Lane


Julie dined on Sat, 9th Apr 2016 (8)

Food was very nice.


Neutral Bay

Julie dined on Sun, 13th Mar 2016 (6)

Food was nice. We asked for the Sangria to be unsweetened as the juice would make it sweet and it was quite nice without any added sweetening.

C Seafood & Oyster Bar


Julie dined on Mon, 25th Jan 2016 (1)

Service by our waiter was terrible, towards the end of the evening we flagged a female waitress down to check on our drinks (2 glasses of wine) that we ordered over 15 minutes ago. She was the only one that knew how to do her job. We wish we had her all evening. Our waiter told us there was no crustacean in the crustacean risotto, but it would be replaced with squid. I ordered that. What a mistake! There were no scallops in it. Scallops are not crustaceans so I was expecting them as it said in the menu. The squid that replaced the crustacean butter was battered. He didn't mention it would be battered. I wouldn't have ordered it if I had known. It didn't go with the risotto at all. Even though it said it is flavoured with chilli and coriander, the waiter said there is no chilli taste in it, so I asked that they put enough chilli in it so that I can taste it. They did, but it was just dried chilli shaken over the top. I couldn't taste the coriander at all. It was very salty. It was a complete letdown. My ceviche would have been very nice if it didn't come with the crisp which was ridiculously salty which spoilt the ceviche. It was quite a small dish too. With over 25 gins to choose from, only 2 gins were available in a martini. One would think that they would know how to make a dry martini, but no. Not only did I order an extremely dry martini, but my husband emphasised that I only wanted 2 drops of vermouth in it. It took them ages to make it and we could see it on the counter and could see from outside seating area that it was mainly vermouth as it was green. When he finally brought it to our table. We asked if it was extremely dry. He said yes. He argued with us that the drier the martini, the more vermouth goes in it. We said no, that is not true, it is less vermouth, plus my husband told him that he even specified only 2 drops of vermouth. What kind of bartender doesn't know the drier the martini, the less vermouth! If they didn't know, perhaps they should have tried Google! They did make me another one, but the wait was unacceptable, especially seeing I waited so long for the first one. After dinner I ordered an espresso martini as I saw a man at the next table had ordered one earlier, but he had gone for a walk. I was hoping to ask him how it was before I ordered but he hadn't returned in time. When he returned he asked me how mine was and I said it was very disappointing and that it just tasted like coffee shaken on ice, he said his was the same. We could not taste any alcohol in it! The man at the next table said he knew the owner and would be letting him know how things had declined lately. I would only go back if I read reviews that showed a lot of improvement. They were also out of many ingredients. They had no fish at all, no crustaceans and apparently no scallops. I hope the owner listens to his friend that sat at the table next to us.

Les Bistronomes


Julie dined on Sat, 23rd Jan 2016 (8)

The snails were so tender, probably the most tender I have ever had, the garlic sauce was nice, it just wasn't very strong in garlic. The veal tartare was amazing. My husband asked for a special request of his favourite French dish which they did and it was much appreciated, he also loved it. We will definitely go back when we go to Canberra again. The food and drink service were excellent, other than a bit slow on making my pre-dinner cocktail, but it was a great martini. The waiter was excellent with recommending wines. Our only gripe is the two sittings, we were looking forward to cheese plates and a couple of more drinks, but our table had been re-booked so we didn't have time.

Jah Bar Dee Why

Dee Why

Julie dined on Sat, 16th Jan 2016 (5)

Ceviche was bland. The Padron Peppers was supposed to be Russian roulette of hot spicy chillies, but they were all as mild as capsicums. The Croquetas were delicious but very small. The Sangria (if you could call it that) tasted like lolly water. We couldn't taste any red wine. I thought I could taste Grenadine. It was so sickly sweet, which is a real shame as we love Sangria and it is so simple to make. Drink service was very slow at the beginning. We had to wait about half an hour to get our first drink. When we finally ordered drinks (it took ages to get a waiter's attention to order them), they also asked for our food order. We said we would like to get our pre-dinner drinks first, but we were told that our table was re-booked so we needed to hurry up! We will give it another try as some of the food was very nice. We certainly won't be having the Sangria again, unless they change the recipe.

Le Chat Noir


Julie dined on Fri, 20th Nov 2015 (9)

Andrew made our evening absolutely wonderful. He was very attentive and made great wine recommendations. We will definitely be back.

Le Pub

Sydney CBD

Julie dined on Sat, 29th Aug 2015 (1)

Food was not good, service was bad. We will not go back. Snails with garlic, Pernod & herb butter had no taste of Pernod at all, in fact, they were flavourless, could barely even taste the garlic. The snail tongs were so weak, they could not even hold the snail shells. I am very experienced in using snail tongs, and these were impossible to use. They felt like tea bag squeezers. Also the snails were so small, the snail fork could not even reach them inside the snail shells. I had to shake the snail shells for them to appear. Steak Tartare was bland. Tartare de Thon was bland. Bisque de fruits de mer tasted like a mild tinned tomato soup, with flavourless seafood in it. When we could get the waitstaffs' attention, some of it was rude. The waitperson who took our order would not even ask the chef to do a main course size of their entrée. We asked her numerous times, she just kept avoiding our question. Eventually my husband made her answer and her answer was no, as they did not have it on their computerised register to price it, as well as she thought she has asked the chef once before, and he had said no. She suggested we just order 7-8 entrées of it. If it was the same price as 7-8 times the entrée size, then why couldn't they just ring it up as 7-8 times the entrée price. The wine they recommended did not taste of what they suggested. Overall, very disappointing.

Casay on the Beach

Coffs Harbour

Julie dined on Wed, 11th Mar 2015 (6)

It was so disappointing compared to the last time we went. They were out of stock of an alcohol, so we ordered a bottle of wine instead of having a pre dinner drink. The waitress dumped an ice bucket with the bottle and 3 glasses and a tiny amount of ice and water in it (there were only 2 of us) and walked away. We waited for her to come back and pour it, but she didn't. Also, when we ordered our food, she asked if we wanted our entrées and mains to all come out together, we said no. Our mains arrived the second my last mouthful of entrée was eaten. The waiter had to ask a waitress to come and clear the plates so he could put our food down. The other waitstaff were really good. The view is fantastic. The food was good, although not enough sauce on mine. The unfortunate thing was, there was an ashtray straight out in front of us on the edge of the outside area (we were just inside) where smokers gathered and the smoke blew straight onto us, which was disgusting. They should move the ashtray around the side or ban smoking altogether. We will try there again, but hope that one waitress has had some training by then, and we will ask for a break between our entrée and main and hopefully they will have banned smoking.

Le Kiosk


Julie dined on Thu, 27th Mar 2014 (9)

Flavours of the food was great.

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