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Hestia's Cafe Restaurant


Deanie dined on Sat, 25th Nov 2017 (10)

We go to hestias because we have a Spanish born person in the family. He loves the food and music. Only improvement would be to have a Spanish speaker on your staff. Gracias

Mister Walker

South Perth

Deanie dined on Fri, 27th Oct 2017 (9)

Great place for a ladies lunch with special friends. Seafood very yummy and generous serves. Everyone in our group commented on the tastiness. One commented that the ocker waiter seemed not as smooth with his explanation of the menu. Thanks for having us. You checked my reservation several times before hand so I was confident there would be a table for us when I arrived.

Dux Cafe Restaurant


Deanie dined on Wed, 20th Sep 2017 (8)

Thanks for having us and sorry for some last minute cancellations

The Windsor Hotel

South Perth

Deanie dined on Sat, 16th Sep 2017 (4)

Arrived at six for cosy dinner for seven. Food arrived 720pm. Long wait. Atmosphere too noisy to talk. Diners packed in. This was my favourite restaurant and so many good experiences there. Never again



Deanie dined on Sat, 9th Sep 2017 (9)

We have a Spanish member of our family so that influenced our decision despite so many choices in the swan valley. All at our table remarked on the food. Twenty somethings are always honest about food and they enjoyed it Thank you

Hestia's Cafe Restaurant


Deanie dined on Tue, 25th Jul 2017 (10)

Hola My son-in-law is Spanish and I wanted to give him a taste of home. Delighted to find a Spanish-speaking waitress. Food so tasty, just melts in your mouth. Chorizo, potato, lamb, veggies. Desserts not overly sweet and wine just beautiful. Less than $30 per person for three delectable courses. We will be back on a regular basis. Gracias, Deanie

The Windsor Hotel

South Perth

Deanie dined on Sat, 11th Feb 2017 (9)

Service great. Convenient location for a group of eight friends from all over Perth getting together. A little noisy and s little dark. Oops forgot one meal. Free parking. Went to gelato shop for dessert to escape the noise. Partner wanted a pint but only got a schooner. Thanks very much