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Red Radish Bar & Restaurant


Marcus dined on Sun, 9th Jun 2019 (4)

Restaurant is surrounded by the noisy bar - which on the night we were there was very full of drunk locals yahooing and stumbling around - so it was was not even possible to have a conversation at the table it was so loud and disruptive. We were the only ones there so suspect the restaurant is just there because it is a hotel and the bar makes the money.

Heirloom Restaurant & Bar

East Perth

Marcus dined on Tue, 19th Mar 2019 (8)

Food is good value for the quality. Sides are good. Wine list (by the glass) a bit average however

Santini Grill

Perth CBD

Marcus dined on Sun, 17th Mar 2019 (9)

Outstanding food and some great rare WA wines

Mr McCracken


Marcus dined on Sat, 9th Mar 2019 (7)

Excellent food and drinks list that you would get at a fine dining restaurant, but without the fine dining atmosphere. Clearly very popular with Essendon locals. The open kitchen, boisterous family groups and (not so good) live acapella singing in the background meant that we didn’t want to hang around. Service was friendly and enthusiastic, but we had to send back the order of pre-dinner olives that came with our mains (not the worst thing that can happen, but a little annoying as the olives looked good).

Henry and the Fox

Melbourne CBD

Marcus dined on Thu, 7th Mar 2019 (7)

Good option for a cheaper city dinner. If you can get one of their deals it can be very good value given the location. Service was a bit of a challenge at times but the good was good.

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Marcus dined on Wed, 6th Mar 2019 (7)

Nice food. The duck confit with the addition of tarragon was excellent. The wine list by the glass has improved too and serves are generous.

Riverside Thai Restaurant


Marcus dined on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 (9)

Such good Thai food - high quality style! With TheFork promo the food is excellent value. Wine is also reasonable and the place is BYO

Whirly Bird


Marcus dined on Sun, 10th Feb 2019 (8)

Had a very enjoyable meal here- the chicken (which the restaurant specialises in) was excellent. The sides were also very very good. Will definitely go back.



Marcus dined on Sun, 27th Jan 2019 (7)

Generally, we had a pleasant meal - service struggled at times, but we did order during peak period. The food quality was quite however. The Paella was nice, although a little strong tomato for me, but ingredients were high quality. Wine list was good, and staff were friendly, although had to walk to the counter to order items twice (but respond was quick).

Roadhouse Bar and Grill


Marcus dined on Sat, 26th Jan 2019 (6)

Generally ok, but it was a very busy night with a private function, so a handful of tables were relegated to the bar area next to the active pool table. If you have the PGR card it is reasonable (maybe expect the really expensive steaks) but on the night quality was so so, service was good - when you got it ! Even at 50% black discount, the ambiance, food and service was not commensurate with the price. Suspect on a normal night it would be much better.

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Marcus dined on Thu, 17th Jan 2019 (8)

Nice food - the chef knows what they are doing. The area is. Is awash with good restaurants so it was good to see it was reasonably busy. Some of the side portions are huge


Sydney CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 22nd Dec 2018 (8)

Make sure you ask for it authentic - the food is outstanding quality and something rarely found in Sydney.

Capitol Bar & Grill


Marcus dined on Wed, 19th Dec 2018 (8)

Great steak - prices are at the higher end - ok for PGR members of the hotel but otherwise mark ups (especially on wine) are quite high. Service was very mixed - they seems to have new staff every time but the chefs do a great job

The Langley

East Perth

Marcus dined on Wed, 31st Oct 2018 (8)

Seafood was an absolute stand out. Fresh, perfectly cooked and plentiful. Wine list is ok, but only consideration in some options with more fresh vegetables- I understand it is Malaysian (and authentic!) but a simple side dish would work wonders.

Heirloom Restaurant & Bar

East Perth

Marcus dined on Tue, 30th Oct 2018 (7)

Much more paired down and smaller menu than the previous chef but the prices are also lower. Wine list by the glass could be improved a little to showcase WA wines but all in all a solid hotel restaurant - that is actually open every night (which in that part of Perth is rare)

Zebu Bar & Restaurant

Port Macquarie

Marcus dined on Sat, 29th Sep 2018 (7)

Food was very good but a string of service issues and slow service detracted from what should have been a great night.

Rumpus Room Asian Fusion Cafe


Marcus dined on Thu, 13th Sep 2018 (6)

Good value with Dimmi deal but some menu items were very overpriced (eggplant dish) whilst others great value making it difficult to understand. The wine list by the glass was interesting and very good. The waitress was rushed off her feet and we needed to ask for things constantly (forgetting items) whilst the manager/barman chatted with friends serving them drinks ( but no one else) who then smoked cigarettes right at the front door filling the restaurant with smoke, making it a disappointing evening.

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Marcus dined on Tue, 4th Sep 2018 (8)

nice food although service was patchy - really good to average but friendly nonetheless. Only suggestion- place water bottles on tables - almost impossible to get a refill- had to help myself a number of times - the staff are busy so why make it harder.

Platform 270

Melbourne CBD

Marcus dined on Tue, 28th Aug 2018 (7)

Interesting menu - would like some healthier options however with vegetables as the menu was very meat and potato dominant. House wines were not bad at all.

Beijing Legend


Marcus dined on Fri, 10th Aug 2018 (7)

Food was nice but a bit plain - they had also ran out of a few items but the menu is very extensive so worth asking for recommendations

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Marcus dined on Thu, 2nd Aug 2018 (8)

The food here is high quality for a hotel - service can be patchy - not bad by any means but can lack focus (it wine and water refills, clearing plates etc) - Jack is a standout for his knowledge of wine however! Will return.


Sydney CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 28th Jul 2018 (10)

This place just gets better - although ask for it authentic if you like spicy. Service was top notch and a good range of wines available. Given where it is (Martin Place on Saturday night- the place was pumping - so it has to be good!). Looking forward to our next return !


South Wharf

Marcus dined on Wed, 25th Jul 2018 (7)

Good friendly service - a little slow 1.5hrs for 2 courses

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Marcus dined on Tue, 10th Jul 2018 (8)

Food is excellent - and the place was quite busy so given the competition around it’s a good sign. Service was not a great however - not that the staff were poor but some groups got more attention and care than others and so 2 courses took 90mins. Positives are the wine list and servings generous. If you’re a member of Rydges PGR this place becomes very good value.


South Wharf

Marcus dined on Wed, 9th May 2018 (9)

Great service, food was very nice (chilli heat index maybe a little overstated but then again better than the opposite!) and reasonable priced wine by the glass. Would definitely return.


Surry Hills

Marcus dined on Sun, 29th Apr 2018 (7)

The restaurant is a well-established Sydney institution. Having said that, I left the restaurant impressed by the service but underwhelmed by the food. I imagine the Thai food produced by this restaurant would have been amazing in 1999 when it opened, but it now has a lot of competition with some fantastic neighbourhood Thai restaurants food with much more flavour and excitement (and usually much less expensive). The food is still very good, but not so good that I would rush to return. One other thing, I think ‘communal dining’ has had its day and would seem to be more about fashion than good sense. It does not make for an enjoyable evening when you are seated directly opposite other diners, including in our case a couple trying to keep their toddler amused. You also get a sore neck from having to constantly turn to speak to your companion. My local neighbourhood Thai restaurant has separate tables and charges half the price. I expect the same in an upmarket restaurant which has plenty of space.

Brio Pyrmont


Marcus dined on Sat, 7th Apr 2018 (8)

Brio is a great neighbourhood bistro for tasty food and good wine in a casual setting. Service is friendly and it is excellent value.

Brio Pyrmont


Marcus dined on Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 (8)

Great neighbour bistro/wine bar for a casual dinner or catch up with friends. Service slightly erratic but very friendly and helpful. Has a great wine list that is good value. Although the menu does not change very much, the food is very tasty and is good for sharing.

Recipe Restaurant

East Perth

Marcus dined on Wed, 28th Feb 2018 (4)

The prices for this restaurant are high end but the environment is more like a cafe. Whilst the food was ok it did not come out as described in one case - fish was not crispy skin - and the salad accompanying it had so much onion it couldn't be eaten. The quality of the meat was good and well cooked however. Main issue was the wine - very average variety and in one case terribly oxidized and they refused to replace it. Unlikely to return.

Long Kin


Marcus dined on Fri, 1st Dec 2017 (7)

Tasty food with lots of flavour. Dishes are well presented but some are not very authentic. However, this place differentiates itself from the usual local Thai restaurant, which is to be encouraged. Would recommend overall.


Sydney CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 14th Oct 2017 (7)

Great food - authentic Sri Lankan but toned down a bit - could do with more spice and heat - maybe give the option? Service was the main downfall - indifferent, slow and disorganised (there were plenty of staff on however) and one dish never arrived but naturally was on the bill - even a verbal apology would have been something when pointed out but nothing...



Marcus dined on Wed, 11th Oct 2017 (7)

It was an enjoyable meal experience - the fillet steak was excellent. Wine list pretty good for Mackay but one glass did go back as I suspect wine bottle was open too long.

NEST Restaurant and Bar


Marcus dined on Tue, 10th Oct 2017 (8)

Surprisingly good food and wine experience for the location and inside a hotel- more of a modern Asian (Thai) food but safer and less spicy but very well cooked and thumbs up from the locals I took

Brio Pyrmont


Marcus dined on Sat, 7th Oct 2017 (7)

Tasty food, small but adequate wine list, friendly but slightly forgetful service :) and very good value.

Bar Rochford


Marcus dined on Thu, 21st Sep 2017 (8)

This place has a warm and friendly vibe with an interesting drink selection. The service is excellent.


East Perth

Marcus dined on Sun, 21st Jul 2013 (7)

Well cooked and tasty food, although menu and wine list by the glass quite limited. Would be overpriced in any other city, but prices are typical for Perth.

The Aviary

Perth CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 6th Jul 2013 (7)

Interesting Asian-fusion restaurant with great service and a comprehensive wine list.

Shiro Izakaya

Perth CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 22nd Jun 2013 (7)

Good quality Japanese restaurant with some creative flair and in a pleasant setting. Service variable, but delivered with a smile. We would return.

Bazaar Restaurant

Surfers Paradise

Marcus dined on Sat, 16th Feb 2013 (7)

Very impressed. I was sceptical about the buffet concept, but this place truly offers restaurant-quality food and personalised waiting service. Seating area is somewhat noisy, but that is part of the atmosphere. Great wine list and I loved the idea of having 250ml and 500ml carafes of good quality wine (sometimes you want more than a glass but not a whole bottle). Not recommended for those on a diet!

Cornerstone Restaurant

Perth CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 2nd Feb 2013 (5)

Food and atmosphere just OK. A lot of the ingredients were not fresh and some were reheated in the microwave. Only went because we had an Entertainment Card (and even then the discount was not great). Would not rush back.


East Perth

Marcus dined on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 (7)

A very good neighborhood bistro.


Adelaide CBD

Marcus dined on Sat, 19th Nov 2011 (8)

This restaurant is located in Adelaide's foody central, with China Town, the Central Market and numerous restaurants close by. The decor is very modern and trendy and the service is attentive, but without being overly formal. We tried the five-course degustation. Every dish was full a flavour and focussed on fresh ingredients based on what is in season. Each plate was like a work of art, but the ingredients (such as edible flowers) weren't just for show; they added to the texture and flavour of each dish. Overall an enjoyable, tasty and interesting dining experience which demonstrates that Adelaide pulls a lot of weight in the Australian fine dining scene.



Marcus dined on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 (8)

I have been to Alira a few times now and have been impressed by the consistent quality of their food, great service and a relaxing, casual atmosphere. This is not a place for a formal dinner, but rather casual dining with family or friends with great food and wine.

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