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C'est Bon French Restaurant


Greg dined on Sat, 15th Jun 2019 (9)

It's been 10 years since our last visit to C'est Bon. The fact that the standard has been maintained is a credit to the restaurant. Great food and service with interesting and well priced wine list. I hope it's not another 10 years before we return, the is a real asset to diners in Cairns.

The Waterline


Greg dined on Wed, 5th Jun 2019 (9)

Lovely lunch in a great location. Interesting menu with plenty of choice. Reasonable and well priced wine list. Good service from young and enthusiastic staff. We'd certainly return when we're back in the area.

The Dolphin Hotel

Surry Hills

Greg dined on Tue, 14th May 2019 (8)

2nd Visit! We'll be back, lovely food, great service in a pleasant dining space.

The Old Mill Cafe


Greg dined on Mon, 13th May 2019 (8)

Very pleasant food in quiet and tranquil surroundings. Some items on "Specials" menu were unavailable which seemed strange. We enjoyed out light lunch very much.

Racine Restaurant


Greg dined on Sat, 4th May 2019 (9)

Our 1st visit to Racine and we enjoyed it very much. Lovely food well matched with local wines. My only issue with this set menu restaurant is that there was no printed menu/matched wine list to allow us to familiarize ourselves with what we were eating and drinking. We'll be back.


Surry Hills

Greg dined on Sat, 20th Apr 2019 (9)

Lovely food, in a nice space. Great that it is both licenced and BYO. We'll be back.

El Camino Cantina

The Rocks

Greg dined on Wed, 17th Apr 2019 (2)

We waited at the front of the bar/restaurant so someone would greet us and take us to our booked table. Two staff members walked right by us, no acknowledgement, no greeting, no nothing. We waited another five minutes and gave up. We walked away. So my review is not of the food or drinks, we had neither. It is only of the service. Maybe it's a lottery.

The Glebe Hotel


Greg dined on Sat, 13th Apr 2019 (6)

Food was OK, service was great in the dining room but not enough bar staff. Good wine list, but too many TV's for me.

Et Al

Potts Point

Greg dined on Sat, 6th Apr 2019 (9)

Our first visit and we'll be back. Lovely food in a very pleasant space and good service.

Essenza Italian

Surry Hills

Greg dined on Wed, 3rd Apr 2019 (9)

Our 2nd visit here and we enjoyed it even more! Great that they're BYO Tues-Thurs & Sunday. Lovely food, the option to dine either inside or in the court yard. Discrete and friendly service. We'll be back.

Otto Sydney


Greg dined on Sun, 10th Mar 2019 (10)

Great, again. We'll be back.


Rose Bay

Greg dined on Thu, 28th Feb 2019 (9)

Our table was near the entrance to the kitchen which made it a little noisy. Other than that minor issue, the food, service and whole experience was very enjoyable.

Bondi Trattoria

Bondi Beach

Greg dined on Fri, 18th Jan 2019 (9)

Lovely food, well prepared and served. Great location and very warm and attentive service. BYO is $15 per bottle.

The Dolphin Hotel

Surry Hills

Greg dined on Mon, 31st Dec 2018 (9)

Great food, wine and service although this is not an inexpensive dining experience we enjoyed out New Years Eve dinner and would go back when the credit card recovers.

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Wed, 7th Nov 2018 (9)

Always good, our "go to" for quality Indian cooking.

The Glebe Hotel


Greg dined on Sat, 2nd Jun 2018 (7)

Good food, offhand service.

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Sat, 26th May 2018 (10)

We're regular diners and Malabar just gets better and better. Thanks

The Prophet Restaurant

Surry Hills

Greg dined on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 (8)

Always good honest Lebanese food and BYO too. What a gem.


Surry Hills

Greg dined on Fri, 2nd Mar 2018 (9)

Great night out with well cooked fresh Lebanese food and it's BYO. All the right ingredients, we'll be back.

Republic Dining

Sydney CBD

Greg dined on Fri, 16th Feb 2018 (9)

2nd visit in 3 months, kinda says it all. I'll be back.


Surry Hills

Greg dined on Fri, 5th Jan 2018 (9)

First timers at this BYO restaurant and we'll be back. Lovely food, good service and a garden oasis (out back) made out dinner on a Friday evening a great night out.

Biviano's Dural


Greg dined on Fri, 19th May 2017 (8)

This is the 2nd time at Bivianos and it was the best yet. Great food and service in a very pleasant location.

Buster Brown Cafe & French Bistro

Surry Hills

Greg dined on Fri, 14th Apr 2017 (8)

First timers and we'll be back. Good honest French cuisine, with friendly service and great value. A valuable and very welcome BYO in Crown St.

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Fri, 3rd Mar 2017 (10)

Great as usual, and one of the few BYO restaurants in the area which makes a return visit all the more likely.



Greg dined on Sun, 27th Nov 2016 (8)

We've eaten here both before when it was Vulcans and once before in its new guise as Vesta. This time we had a late lunch which was lovely. We also like the fact that it's BYO for a good part of the week. Well worth a visit, certainly we'll be back.

Lamaro's Hotel

South Melbourne

Greg dined on Fri, 18th Nov 2016 (4)

Good food but not good value. $9.00 for a baked potato seems a little rich and $34 for a relatively inexpensive cut of meat (hanger beef steak) is also pushing the limits no matter how well it was cooked. Good but pricey wine list with plenty of options. We were Friday evening diners and I think we were one of four tables so the atmosphere was bit of a fizzer. The service was a little perfunctory. The dining space is lovely but I don't think we'll be back.

Swanson Hotel


Greg dined on Sun, 16th Oct 2016 (10)

Lovely food, and friendly service. We'll be back.

Summer Salt Restaurant


Greg dined on Wed, 12th Oct 2016 (9)

Our first time here, but we'll be back. Lovely menu, beautiful food on a beach front location. Just great. Also nice was that the floor was carpeted, which means that any noise is well dampened. Summer Salt is also BYO (Corkage $8) for a good part of the time and this is a very welcome addition.

The Duck Inn


Greg dined on Fri, 7th Oct 2016 (8)

I've been here before and enjoyed the food both times, whilst the meals may seem a tad expensive they are well cooked and presented and large portions sized. The wine list is well thought out with a good variety of styles to suit most palettes. The front bar is great (no TV's) with a good selection of beers well served. We'll be back.


Surry Hills

Greg dined on Wed, 25th May 2016 (8)

First time here, don't know why. Food was lovely and service friendly and attentive. Fantastic that it's BYO as well. We'll be back.

Wharf Rd. Restaurant & Bar


Greg dined on Sun, 1st May 2016 (10)

Great food, service, & venue. We traveled from Sydney specifically to dine here and we weren't disappointed.

Martha's Restaurant


Greg dined on Fri, 29th Apr 2016 (9)

Great food & service and BYO too. A rare treat, we'll be back.



Greg dined on Sat, 30th Jan 2016 (9)

First timers to this neighborhood gem, but we'll be back. Beautiful rustic regional Italian food well presented and served in a relaxed environment. The fact that it's BYO (wine only) makes it affordable enough for more regular visits.

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Fri, 29th Jan 2016 (10)

Reliably good food and service. We always enjoy our night out here.

Chiosco by Ormeggio


Greg dined on Thu, 7th Jan 2016 (9)

Great venue, service & food. Particularly for summer lunch.

Jack & Knife

Sydney CBD

Greg dined on Sat, 2nd Jan 2016 (7)

Honest food, nice people good for a reasonably price night out.

Harry's Bondi

Bondi Beach

Greg dined on Sun, 20th Dec 2015 (10)

Great food, service and venue. We sat outside for Sunday lunch and should have taken some wine to enjoy with the great food.

Blackwattle Grill


Greg dined on Sat, 27th Jun 2015 (7)

We went for dinner before an evening flight rather than deal with the hordes at the International Airport. We were both pleasantly surprised by the offering and the meal generally was of a good standard. The wine list wasn't bad but a bit expensive. We enjoyed our dining experience and would do the same thing again if we had an evening flight.

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Fri, 26th Jun 2015 (9)

Great food and service. BYO restaurants of this quality are a rare thing in this part of the world.

nel restaurant


Greg dined on Sat, 23rd May 2015 (9)

We were a table of 7 and we were very well served with a nicely prepared and presented locally grown degustation menu. We chose to have the recommended wines which were both local and imported and well matched albeit a tad small servings. We really enjoyed our dining experience as first timers here and will be back as the menu changes monthly.,

Malabar @ Darlinghurst


Greg dined on Wed, 24th Dec 2014 (9)

Great once again. New premises are lovely.

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