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Shaahi Tandoori


Melanie dined on Fri, 28th Sep 2018 (9)

Great food and extensive menu

Shaahi Tandoori


Melanie dined on Sun, 23rd Sep 2018 (9)

A cozy restaurant with fantastic and friendly service. And good cheap food.

The Duck Inn


Melanie dined on Thu, 30th Aug 2018 (9)

Fantastic menu and beautiful little dining area. Would love to come back

KOI Dessert Bar


Melanie dined on Sun, 26th Aug 2018 (8)

We came for the high tea. Quality of desserts was fantastic and friendly staff.

Delhi 'O' Delhi


Melanie dined on Fri, 3rd Aug 2018 (9)

The staff were very friendly and the food was amazing. It is one of the more expensive Indian options in the area so I wouldn't go here often but for a special occasion it's great.

Misfits Bar & Dining


Melanie dined on Tue, 24th Jul 2018 (9)

Great cocktails and delicious food. A great place to catch up with friends over a drink and some great food.


Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Sat, 23rd Jun 2018 (8)

Really good food and friendly service.

Flying Fajita Sistas


Melanie dined on Sun, 29th Apr 2018 (6)

Normally the food here is quite good, but I ordered the chicken taco last night and when I bit into it the chicken was grey. They obviously used some poor quality chicken thigh meat which was very unappetising. Also the waitress was terrible. She didn't acknowledge us at all when we walked in the door. We were waiting at the register for about a minute. The whole time she was typing on the register and didn't look up at us once or even say hello. Also a lot of the chilli sauce bottles on the shelf were empty and has just been put back on the shelf and not been removed! Last night the food was average and the service not up to scratch! Very disappointing.

Charred Kitchen & Bar


Melanie dined on Sat, 31st Mar 2018 (9)

Good service and amazing food. Would come back here

Mama Rosy's


Melanie dined on Fri, 23rd Feb 2018 (9)

Fantastic staff and delicious food. A great and varied menu also. My only criticism is that the food for our table arrived at different times. One friend received her meal ten minutes before the rest of us did. This was a bit frustrating but the good service and quality of the food makes up for this.

Shaahi Tandoori


Melanie dined on Sun, 11th Feb 2018 (9)

Friendly staff and a great variety of dishes. Will definitely return!

El Topo

Bondi Junction

Melanie dined on Thu, 25th Jan 2018 (7)

Food was really good but portion sizes were incredibly small for the price. I left still feeling hungry

The Loft

Sydney CBD

Melanie dined on Sat, 20th Jan 2018 (10)

Great atmmosphere and the cocktail sessions were great value for money. Staff were friendly and attentive and food servings were generous.

Muum Maam

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Fri, 19th Jan 2018 (7)

Nice place for a casual lunch though not the best Thai I have eaten. I found my pad Thai was incredibly sweet. Serving sizes are generous though.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Wed, 10th Jan 2018 (9)

Great place to have a casual meal for cheap!



Melanie dined on Mon, 4th Dec 2017 (7)

Great service and delicious food.

Clareville Kiosk


Melanie dined on Sun, 3rd Dec 2017 (9)

Beautiful venue and amazing food.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Fri, 17th Nov 2017 (8)

Great buzzing place with good drink and food selection.

Blackbird Cafe

Darling Harbour

Melanie dined on Sat, 4th Nov 2017 (7)

Great place with a view of the harbour. Friendly staff and good, simple breakfast.

COOH Alexandria


Melanie dined on Sun, 16th Jul 2017 (9)

Really good service and a delicious brunch menu. Would love to come back!

Flying Fajita Sistas


Melanie dined on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 (8)

Good service and the food is always so delicious here!

Bar H

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Fri, 16th Jun 2017 (7)

Food was great. The staff were friendly but they were also quite pushy which put us off a bit. They were clearing our plates away before we had finished and after we'd finished our meal they kept trying to hint at us to leave by offering us more wine and when we said no they offered us the bill, when we hadn't quite finished chatting. This was quite annoying as we had booked and they were obviously quite busy and were trying to push us out as soon as we were done to have a free table. I don't think I will return here.

Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining


Melanie dined on Wed, 7th Jun 2017 (7)

A lovely, little hidden bar and restaurant. As it was a cold, rainy night the inside wasn't as warm as I thought it should be. Service was good and happy hour drinks are great value.

Flying Fajita Sistas


Melanie dined on Fri, 5th May 2017 (9)

Love this place the food is great and the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

El Camino Cantina

The Rocks

Melanie dined on Fri, 28th Apr 2017 (6)

Friday nights are very loud and noisy and the staff didn't have a spare table even though I had booked so had to wait a short while. The food and sangria is good though, but I wouldn't recommend coming on a Friday night unless you are with a big group. Music is too loud for socialising also.

Munich Brauhaus The Rocks

The Rocks

Melanie dined on Thu, 13th Apr 2017 (7)

Great service and good atmosphere. The food was very expensive for the serving size. My pork schnitzel was very basic and a little bland for $30. Was not worth it. It was a great vibe but I wouldn't come back here for the food.

Miss Peaches


Melanie dined on Sun, 2nd Apr 2017 (8)

Love Miss Peaches. Sadly the burger I had last night wasn't amazing - the chicken batter was very thick and oily. But the Sunday night live music added some great ambience.

Nawaz Flavour of India


Melanie dined on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 (7)

Great service and food is very nice. Good location.

COOH Alexandria


Melanie dined on Sat, 19th Nov 2016 (9)

Lovely place to eat

Mad Pizza e Bar Newtown


Melanie dined on Sun, 9th Oct 2016 (5)

Food was average. I paid an extra $2 for vegan cheese and there was hardly any on it. I don't think this restaurant is value for money. We went for lunch and they sat us inside where it was very dark and had loud dance music playing. They could have sat us in the sunny outdoor courtyard. Not a great ambience.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Wed, 5th Oct 2016 (8)

Great place with a good vibe. Cheap drinks and meals during the week!

Fratelli Fresh Walsh Bay

Sydney CBD

Melanie dined on Tue, 6th Sep 2016 (4)

Service took very long considering most people were eating here prior to a theatre show. Service was also terrible we were ignored when we first showed up and were waiting at the register to tell them we had a booking. Then we were ready to order and had to wait for about ten minutes before we were able to get someone's someone's attention to take our order. It was very busy, and there was a huge cue to pay at the register but one of the staff members was standing around the register doing nothing. I wouldn't come back because the service was poor and terribly inattentive.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Melanie dined on Wed, 29th Jun 2016 (8)

Great pub love the food options and happy hour deals.

House of Crabs


Melanie dined on Sun, 3rd Apr 2016 (8)

Food was great- great selection to choose from. Although we booked for a Sunday night and the place was mostly empty, we were squashed in and seated right next to another couple, so wasn't very intimate, even though there were plenty of other free tables.

Alfie & Hetty


Melanie dined on Sat, 19th Mar 2016 (10)

Amazing food and service. Can't wait to come back here for another special event. Very enjoyable meal!

The Spice Room

Sydney CBD

Melanie dined on Fri, 4th Dec 2015 (8)

Great food and service and lovely decor. Would come back!



Melanie dined on Tue, 3rd Nov 2015 (5)

Serving size of the tacos was incredibly small and not worth $5 each. Sangria was very sweet - tasted a bit like cordial. Though the atmosphere is nice, I wouldn't come back here to eat again. There is better Mexican food in the area that is worth the price.

Spanish Tapas


Melanie dined on Tue, 23rd Jun 2015 (8)

Great food and good service!

Playa Tulum


Melanie dined on Thu, 23rd Apr 2015 (5)

Service was good. Wasn't that please with the food. My pork burrito had quite a bit of fat and was a bit hard and chewy.



Melanie dined on Tue, 17th Mar 2015 (5)

Food was a bit pricey but the art show was a good touch.

Sydney Dance Lounge

Sydney CBD

Melanie dined on Wed, 4th Mar 2015 (8)

Great food and lovely decor and very good service.

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