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Goldfish Hunter Valley


Alvin dined on Thu, 27th Dec 2018 (8)

Pate was a pleasant surprise, very generous portion. Pasta was very well cooked. Salmon was not overcooked as well. Did not have their beer, but they had a very impressive selection.

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Wed, 26th Dec 2018 (10)

Pasta was cooked to perfection. Marinara is highly recommended. Will definitely be back.

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Thu, 20th Dec 2018 (10)

As usual, the salt and pepper calamari did not disappoint. Aglio olio was very nice, it would have been nicer with chilli included. Always recommended!

Esca Bimbadgen


Alvin dined on Sun, 30th Sep 2018 (10)

Nice restaurant. I like the open planned kitchen, being able to see what goes on behind the scenes. We had the 5-course tasting menu, with matching wines. The food was very nicely prepared, flavours that we did not think worked together, did turn out very nicely together. Unfortunately, the fish of the day was not on the tasting menu, it sounded really delicious. It would be better if the amount of wine given was more generous.

Burwood Inn


Alvin dined on Sun, 26th Aug 2018 (10)

Brought a couple of friends here for dinner. They absolutely loved it! It was an early Sunday evening, so the restaurant was quite quiet, and having a 7 week old baby in tow with them wasn’t a problem at all! Steak was brilliant as usual. Duck was cooked beautiful, highly recommended. Pork belly was very nice, with a generous serving as well. Will definitely be back!

Chianti Restaurant Adelaide

Adelaide CBD

Alvin dined on Sat, 18th Aug 2018 (10)

Excellent food, and quite generous I might add. Rabbit liver pate on the specials menu was excellent. Pasta was cooked al dente perfectly, which is just how we liked it. Definitely do not miss out on the tiramisu. We were pleasantly surprised by the method they deliver the tiramisu. Highly recommended.

Cho Cho San

Potts Point

Alvin dined on Sat, 14th Jul 2018 (10)

Excellent food and service. Degustation was great. Really fresh produce. Will definitely be back.

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Thu, 19th Apr 2018 (9)

Have been back several times. Salt and pepper calamari is always a must-have! I couldn’t really tell the difference between their aranchinis. Pasta is very well cooked. Attentive staff. Will definitely recommend.

Buon Ricordo Restaurant


Alvin dined on Sat, 7th Apr 2018 (10)

We haven't been here for about 8 years. The fried truffle egg fettuccine is still as good as always. Definitely a must-have! The whole baby snapper (deboned) was done to perfection. Attentive wait staff. Highly recommended!

The French Brasserie

Melbourne CBD

Alvin dined on Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 (10)

Very good degustation spread. Well chosen wine as well. Staff is attentive, very likable. Very helpful with explanation of the dishes. Will be back to try the duck.

Butcher and the Farmer

Forest Lodge

Alvin dined on Fri, 2nd Mar 2018 (9)

Very good lamb spit roast. Pork cutlet was brilliantly cooked, very tender. Attentive wait staff. Highly recommended. Excellent neighbourhood gem.

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Sun, 21st Jan 2018 (9)

Again, excellent salt and pepper calamari. Very nice pasta as well. Spoilt for choice!

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Wed, 27th Dec 2017 (10)

Good food. They are always busy, staff were very busy, but tried to be as attentive as they could.



Alvin dined on Sat, 25th Feb 2017 (10)

Great food! Attentive staff. Will definitely return!

Criniti's Kotara


Alvin dined on Fri, 30th Dec 2016 (9)

Pasta was very well cooked. Sweet potato chips is always a crowd pleaser. There're still a lot of pizzas and pasta to try from here.


Newcastle West

Alvin dined on Sun, 4th Dec 2016 (10)

Subo did not disappoint as expected. This was the 1st Summer Menu 2016. Summer Sweet Corn: Very nice and creamy. Balmain bug was cooked just right. The chilli oil was a very nice touch, complimenting the all the other elements. Steamed Ike Shime Barramundi: Again, perfectly cooked barramundi. Goes perfectly with the sauce. The puffed barley gave it additional texture. Favourite dish of the night. Duck Breast from Young: Smoked duck breast with cherries and pureed eggplant. Slightly on the salty side to our liking, but still a very pleasant dish. We also like the side dish of boiled cauliflower with croutons and cheese sauce. Good way to clean the palate I think. Salted plums and Buttermilk: The salted plums crystals complimented the buttermilk sorbet very well. Also a good way to clean the palate prior to the final dessert. Elderflower Ice-cream: The elderflower ice-cream was wonderful, together with the freeze-dried lychee and honeydew jelly. A great way to finish the meal off. Once again, well done to the team at Subo!

Ba Vigo Restaurant


Alvin dined on Fri, 13th May 2016 (9)

Attentive but not over-zealous wait staff. Nice and fresh food. Good range of tapas. Good wine selection. But interestingly, there was no paella on the menu.

Sprout Dining


Alvin dined on Sat, 26th Dec 2015 (9)

Entree: The Twice Baked Cheese Souffle was light and fluffy. Tasted wonderful. The Seared Scallops was cooked perfectly, and it went really well with the blue cheese. Mains: Roast Lamb Rump and Confit Shoulder was good, lamb was very well cooked. Pan Seared Barramundi was also very well cooked, tender flesh with crispy skin. Dessert: We had the Sticky Fig, Date and Almond Parfait, which was just right after a meal like above. Parfait was dense but tasty, pistachio ice cream was wonderful. Overall, a very good experience. Will definitely recommend and return as well.

Emerson's Cafe and Restaurant


Alvin dined on Sun, 19th Apr 2015 (10)

I believe that the move to their current location was an excellent and clever choice. It is much closer to the Hunter Expressway, making it easier to come over for a dinner and head back to Newcastle again. They have updated their menu, but their food is as good as I could remember the last time we visited. Pasta was cooked to perfection. Chips was crispy! Service is attentive, but not overwhelming. We'll definitely visit again in the future!

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