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Flour Eggs Water on Crown street

Surry Hills

Sandra dined on Tue, 25th Jun 2019 (10)

Always great wen u hv pasta hand made and fresh as always service is great and knowledgeable a great experience

Restaurant 317


Sandra dined on Sat, 15th Jun 2019 (5)

wat can i say simetimes it’s s bit of a hit and miss today was a miss had the veal parmigiana eggplant raw and bitter i asked the veg to be well cooked and they still had a bite to them eggplant felt like it was just sliced and placed on the veal and topped with moz cheese and nap sauce if u r going to do this a better suggestion would be to salt the eggplant to remove the salt and start to soften it. then it would be easier to cook and not be so bitter service was slow i get that we go get bad days and prob was just one of them perhaps i might give u guys another go should do the lamb shank(s) tho in 2 sizes or at least provide an option to do it

Mille Uno


Sandra dined on Wed, 12th Jun 2019 (9)

food great service good a go to in Parramatta

Chophouse Parramatta


Sandra dined on Sat, 8th Jun 2019 (10)

had an overall great experience and would definitely go back

Sicilian Parramatta


Sandra dined on Fri, 31st May 2019 (5)

food nice water just placed on tables NOT poured remembering that customer is king but more importantly. failed to listen nd pass on a request

Pilu At Freshwater


Sandra dined on Tue, 28th May 2019 (10)

Absolutely amazing as always, always enjoy it, such a reminder of the coast line in Sardinia feels like home pane carasau my absolute favourite paper thin with lashings of olive oil, salt and rosemary with the ricotta, aba mele (citrus) truffle honey A few new faces great to see What does it for me tho is the intricate knowledge of both food and wine and service

Courtneys Brasserie


Sandra dined on Thu, 23rd May 2019 (6)

limited menu choices both on entrees and mains everything is protein based ( meat) no “fish” options or pasta options in mains but in stating this were given options as i has dietary requirements so perhaps more options generally I had the lamb rump with eggplant purée smashed potato and basil nice enjoyed but rolled out of there mega full

Mille Uno


Sandra dined on Mon, 22nd Apr 2019 (8)

great first experience will be back do u offer kids meals and a sizing option with the pastas? food nice service good

Mordeo Bistro & Bar

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 (6)

polenta chips my fav could add rosemary salt to it i had the ravioli they could hv been cooked more there were bits that were still raw the filling tho was great and the butter sauce nice drinks took a while to come out

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Thu, 14th Feb 2019 (9)

always nice and will be back

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Wed, 13th Feb 2019 (8)

steak cooked great so to actually sit down and eat rather than on the fly was a bonus



Sandra dined on Thu, 31st Jan 2019 (5)

ok. very basic standard menu service was quick i however ordered a pizza ( garlic) to come out before my pasta gnocchi but it came out afterwards probably a mishap as they were busy the gnocchi wasn’t light and fluffy may return

Cucina Locale Revolving Restaurant


Sandra dined on Thu, 10th Jan 2019 (10)

always lovely great team great service and the food always great i had to walk away totally stuffed felt guilty leaving a perfectly cooked pork belly will be back tho

The Bavarian Wetherill Park

Wetherill Park

Sandra dined on Mon, 17th Dec 2018 (5)

i basically was told inside table service outside order at the bar wat does it matter where u sit u r in the service industry whether they book or not had an uneven table ( should hv been rectified prior to opening as part of start up opening procedures) on the plus side didn’t hv staff taking food out of my mouth or wanting to whip away a plate that i was still eating off but boy was the cheese being laid on thick can staff not just be themselves it’s what makes the service and experience of a customer

The Deck Sydney

Milsons Point

Sandra dined on Tue, 11th Dec 2018 (5)

wasnt bad but had a clumsy waitress who was noisy clanging and dropping things. Would it not have been nicer to actually carry drinks on a tray out to customers food was nice tho especially when you source the right chef (AKA ex Balla ) you could tell there was an italian influence

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Sandra dined on Tue, 27th Nov 2018 (5)

i was honestly expecting more the 2 wines that i wanted were out of stock the menu was limited the strozapezzi was actually casareche but in saying this the food was nice

One Ford Street


Sandra dined on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 (10)

amazing as always

One Ford Street


Sandra dined on Fri, 16th Nov 2018 (10)

yum yum yum not much more u can say

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Tue, 6th Nov 2018 (10)

will be back great service and food

Pilu At Freshwater


Sandra dined on Tue, 16th Oct 2018 (10)

always brilliant as per usual can’t fault ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the views nd then that walk to Harboard Diggers amazeballz

La Tratt


Sandra dined on Wed, 3rd Oct 2018 (10)

absolutely amazing

Criniti's Wollongong


Sandra dined on Tue, 18th Sep 2018 (9)

service better here than in sydney something missing

de Vine

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Thu, 19th Jul 2018 (10)

wow does not disappoint food wine and service excellent slightly confused though with a ragu and a bolognaise the hand cut papadelle pasta with the ragu looked more like a bolognaise than a ragu and appeared to be dry needed more moisture nd possibly a lil less meat but yum ( i don’t ever knock back pasta - my life line) i will def be back

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Wed, 27th Jun 2018 (6)

as always good food and service

One Ford Street


Sandra dined on Sun, 27th May 2018 (10)

the staff fantastic food knowledge excellent belissimo totes amazeballz the pork and fennel ragu casarecce pasta yum caponata a classic nonna dish oh and the homemade lemoncello ✅✅ i will def be back grazie mille tuto e buona e belissimo 😘


Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Tue, 22nd May 2018 (10)

excellent service could not fault the food was great just a touch bland had the fiore di zucchini needed something to make it pop with flavour ie lemon within the ricotta filling for the flowers the ravioli was amazing cooked well my only criticism tho ie sauce was a touch bland A place I would be happy to return to

ABODE Bistro Bar

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Thu, 17th May 2018 (7)

service was fantastic ( both waitress and waiter ) on duty actually read i was a dimmi customer and on a redemption this far the. redemption amount was already deducted prior to me getting the bill compared to others where u have to correct them ie there’s communication and organisation. and in sync ( that’s how it should b) Although the menu was very limited it has its benefits enjoyable lunch

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Thu, 10th May 2018 (8)

wow service has def changed for the better i had the veal ragu ( ravioli) nice enjoyable

Mama & Papas Cucina Italiana


Sandra dined on Mon, 7th May 2018 (6)

visit was purely due to bad reviews received so i thought i would test the waters well i walked in was greeted reservation for 1. sat me on a booth and got me menues for 4 pax i states only one. person had to laugh but i get where they were coming from i was kinda hovered over or wat i felt like was being gawked at waiting for an order as staff do no issue there placed my order of bruschetta and a margarita pizza out it came promptly then followed by the pizza u def get wat u pay for ie pizza had bocchini and mozzarella ( overload) but wen u think about it some places really skimp on it this place doesn’t 👍 there was no asking the customer how was things early on in the piece but rather at the end after they hv eaten all or most of things hence no option if there was an issue to be able to rectify early rather than later as later for obvious reasons are linked to bad reviews i ordered dessert and i had the panacotta with noodles and rose water interesting. the rose water was nice and yes sweet but it came out with a massive dusting of icing sugar( not needed but rather more colour ie a strawberry etc a “ pop” of colour would hv been nicer all in all i had a good experience so to me something is not adding up but maybe i came on a good day i am being brutal on my review as u guys r getting consistently slammed for service and wait times and also responses to reviews more so on a bad review than good review respective of a good or bad review we must first of all acknowledge it but secondly turn a negative into a positive use that to drive. and strive for continual improvement i get that these customers may feed negativity talking bad towards u and the staff but we must move past and show them that yes while on this occasion u had a bad exp but i’m damn sure that on ur next visit that i will show u wat we r about so wat is it that u guys r about show that to ur customers give a reason for repeat visitation ie service smile standards delivery etc etc not a reason for them to continually and repeatedly abuse u for lack of service, responses to reviews , food etc good luck i may be back

Salt Meats Cheese- Circular Quay

Circular Quay

Sandra dined on Tue, 1st May 2018 (7)

greeted warmly had mistaken me for a part of 4 no going thru the menu rather just put it on the table ordered the carbonara on the pasta specials i get that they generally serve pasta al dente ( to the tooth). but seriously it needed to be cooked more i don’t even do it to that point ( still raw as another 5 mins would hv been ample) could be the difference between indigestion and not they had a busy full on service too i don’t think they look at the bookings lust and or dimmi/ open table as they would hv seen it and or any notes attached to it such as discounts vouchers etc all in all a good experience the pizza was nice tho lol on the this side but nice def satisfied a craving

Bambini Trust Restaurant & Wine Room

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Mon, 30th Apr 2018 (8)

food service and knowledge were fantastic i had the pumpkin and goats cheese massive ravioli for mains( perhaps should hv gotten the entree size) the lemon tart for dessert left here feeling sickly full but really enjoyed it will be back

Milano Grill and Bar


Sandra dined on Tue, 27th Mar 2018 (6)

with the name change from restaurant to bar and grill sounds more inviting

Fratelli Fresh Entertainment Quarter

Moore Park

Sandra dined on Tue, 23rd Jan 2018 (7)

very nice a place i would go back to especially wen u r craving pasta my only issue was that the pasta could hv been cooked a touch more

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Tue, 28th Nov 2017 (7)

Remembered me by name which is great food nice i will be back service good

Mancini's Belfield


Sandra dined on Mon, 18th Sep 2017 (5)

was ok food was reasonable service was lacking and really and honestly felt like it was a chore

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Thu, 14th Sep 2017 (6)

was late but were accomodating, food was much better enjoyed the pasta

Pony Dining The Rocks

The Rocks

Sandra dined on Mon, 4th Sep 2017 (7)

interesting but lovely with the tortilini nd having the ricotta not in the pumpkin mix service was great and food nice. will b back just need to hv an option of some sort of gravy or a jus for those that are unable to hv the sauce that comes with it as i am a NO CHILLI 🌶 PERSON

Mode Kitchen & Bar

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Mon, 28th Aug 2017 (9)

food service and staff fantastic Had the Tasmanian Truffle Risotto wasn't overly truffle just there in the background Had the $45 deal as i was not able to drink due to a condition ( medical related) they gladly substituted not 1 but 2 coffees in place of the glass of wine on offer

Cafe Opera

Sydney CBD

Sandra dined on Fri, 18th Aug 2017 (6)

Warmly welcomed food fantastic and service very attentive A very enjoyable experience Desserts nailed loved them but couldn't eat too many will b back

Cucina Locale Revolving Restaurant


Sandra dined on Sun, 13th Aug 2017 (10)

😯 wow! Went with a friend for my belated 45th birthday Had the High Tea ($49) package Jasmine 😘 Erick 😘 and team ❤️ur work . Food fantastic, sandwiches never tasted so good oh and that lil teaser the chocolate tart , we want more. Cucina Locale Revolving Restaurant is definitely moving forward and upwards Will be back

Made in Italy


Sandra dined on Fri, 11th Aug 2017 (4)

service attentive, food very bland and lacking flavour missing salt herbs etc got the lasagna or rather should i say cheesanga where was the meet in the bolognaise in the lasagna just on the top. serving food on cold plates/ frypans etc will ALWAYS result in the food getting colder more quickly ending in customer. complaints ie hot food served hot. Had not even finished my entree ( zucchini flower and arrancini) and my main had come out staff not know how many arancini balls come for that price and wen asked was just fobbed off had to ask another staff but wen requested that my main be kept warm until i was ready was certainly not an issue all on all. it was ok soooo, ill b back

Casa Ristorante Italiano

Darling Harbour

Sandra dined on Wed, 22nd Mar 2017 (5)

service was great I hate wasting good food nd asked if i could hv a smaller portion of the pasta carbonara (kiddy size portion only because i knew i wasn't going to eat it all hence going to waste) this was able to be accommodated for so i was greatfull Food although bland was nice my only issue was is the dish states a creamy white wine sauce where was it?? I basically was left with 2 tablespoons of oil A carbonara is creamy this wasn't 😠

Taste Gallery


Sandra dined on Mon, 20th Feb 2017 (5)

well not sure if it was actually open as the door stated closed. The staff member had no idea I even had a booking as she wasn't told although service was still present wasn't exactly great. There was loud talking rather shouting coming from the kitchen between staff - customers need not have to hear this Food was nice braised pork not a place i would go back to Pitty as some of the reviews looked promising just leaves me to wonder

Blackbird Cafe

Darling Harbour

Sandra dined on Wed, 28th Dec 2016 (5)

Service was slow, staff very abrupt ie do u want anything else? As opposed to would u like to see the dessert menu. Can I get u something else, Can I get u another drink or a coffee etc. I know it most probably suxs to be working in the industry at this time of year wen it is crazy busy etc but that's the nature of the industry

Lavico Italian Ristorante


Sandra dined on Fri, 16th Dec 2016 (5)

Service was slow nd wait staff were young with limited experience. I asked for a spritzser which is a wine topped with soda generally served in a high ball/tall, I got a splash of soda nd the wine served in a wine glass knowledge is clearly not their strongest point considering they not even know way a spritzser is😏 Pork entree was a tad dry nd the pizza was bland the sauce base of the pizza could hv had a tad more flavour. The restaurant manager was quite nice The service was generally good Will return nd give it another go

De Vita - Tastes of Napoli


Sandra dined on Tue, 8th Nov 2016 (6)

Relaxed easy going place pizzas were skimpy on ingredients and bases very thin no flavour in the sugo on the base of the pizza base very soggy

Cucina Locale Revolving Restaurant


Sandra dined on Fri, 4th Nov 2016 (10)

OMG! fantastic food and service has come a long way had the scallops they were nice but the twice cooked pork belly with the puy lentils and confit carrots won me Its a shame that not many know about this local hidden gem as it is definitely worth a visit this truely is a restaurant that will definately go places. They do functions and events A place i will go back to

Blue Fish

Darling Harbour

Sandra dined on Mon, 31st Oct 2016 (5)

Flat soft drink - should hv been checked b4 the start of service. If it's a ginger and soy broth why was there RAW garlic on the plate as garnish of course it's going to be hot and spicy besides the chilli. Why is RAW GARLIC. Even on the plate. Does nothing for the dish. $8 for toasted garlic bread ? Steep if u ask me Service though was attentive ?? If I would return

The Deck Sydney

Milsons Point

Sandra dined on Thu, 27th Oct 2016 (8)

Lovely had it been nicer weather I would have sat outside but food and service were great a few more choices in the mains ie pasta would hv been nice

Courtneys Brasserie


Sandra dined on Wed, 26th Oct 2016 (8)

Been on my bucket list for a while and I took advantage of the Let's do Lunch as part of good food month. Wasn't disappointed actually quite impressed Food and service was actually very good A place I'd go back to keen to try the other menu items

Signorelli Gastronomia


Sandra dined on Sat, 22nd Oct 2016 (6)

We booked in for good food month - Sugar Rush dessert treat but left disapointed. We had a choice of one of the 5 desserts on offer plus 2 glasses of the yullumba dessert wines. As I was not able to drink due to medical reasons they were happy to change one of those to a coffee(cheering) The dessert we had was the Violet Crush. We got the citrus but not the orange wasn't what we were expecting. (the one we wanted to try was the lemon Bliss but they were out of) However, all aside the wait staff were fantastic and stealing the thunder with the humour (great to see). As we left disapointed they gave me a courtesy call to see if they can smooth things over not very many places do that I was impressed. Offered for us to come in another day to make it up. Ive been before and know this place quite well. Food is always great, probably just a bad day - we have them but perhaps Ill just stick to the real stuff as desserts were not my thing. Love their wine, cheese room and their store As they say I'll be back great job guys

Sails on Lavender Bay

Mcmahons Point

Sandra dined on Wed, 19th Oct 2016 (10)

Wow! Location Location Location! The views are breath taking calming and relaxing. Had the let's do lunch Special and wasn't disappointed - Cone Bay Barramundi cooked to perfection. Service was fantastic as were the staff and a credit to this restaurant . Will definitely be back . Promise to leave room for dessert next time around

Milano Grill and Bar


Sandra dined on Wed, 12th Oct 2016 (7)

Been a while so i thought I would drop by always good to see familiar faces changes are noticeable although only minor but are good and definitely opens and brightens the place up. I believe there are more to come. Drinks, the ritual bread with oil and vinegar and then was the tough choice of what to have. I had the garlic prawns in a nap sauce and as always my fave. I also had a coffee . Enjoyed only wish I could have fit in dessert as well

Criniti's Parramatta


Sandra dined on Tue, 11th Oct 2016 (7)

OMG! So much to choose from and not a whole lot of belly space to put in into so I guess I def will have to come back my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I ordered the olive tapanarde brushetta and the liguini calabrese - portion sizes were gianormous so thats added value too. When I ask and called for the bill the manager was quite shocked at how much I had actually eaten (very little) ie 1 slice of brushetta and about 3/4 forks of this pasta dish not even enough to make a dent on the plate then suggested that next time we shall order a kids meal for you (ok me thinks might be the better option) I stated that I didnt think I was able to order from the kids menu as this is generally only reserved for kids. I glad that this was able to be accommodated for but could have done with this prior to my decision to order what I did (ie explained that the portion sizes of the main meals are quite large) So all in all a great experience and a happy one with a note to ones self not to order a main meal instead order only a kids meal Also nice to see a familiar face from a restaurant that is now closed. great work



Sandra dined on Thu, 6th Oct 2016 (6)

Warmly greeted and sat down on a table laden with bread galore and accompliments olive tapenarde cut up sundried tomatoes and a chilli oil and butter. Pretty hard not to pick at the bread basket offered beverages and a menu with the special.(Lets do Lunch) I await my meal by filling up on the basket of bread (that was over the top with the amount of bread that was in there for 1 person def could have done with less ie 1 slice of each person would have been sufficient) then the main came out a Lasagna with spinach and the duck ragu. I got the spinach and the duck ragu (plentiful) but the disapointment was the top layer quite hard to cut (def alforno - cooked in the oven/fire) and bland ( I added heaps of salt) but nice just the same. I probably would have put a better presenting and more colourful dish on that special as it seemed quite flat - didn't sing Was offered dessert but not able to eat any more was offered a dessert wine (on the house), not able to have so he offered me a coffee(on the house) but proceeded to charge me for it($5.50) luckily the coffee was good otherwise I have said something. I enjoyed it

Bishop Sessa

Surry Hills

Sandra dined on Tue, 4th Oct 2016 (7)

Warmly greeted and sat down offered beverages and menus explained well as well as with the food. I think I saw Erez Gordon and perhaps may he may have even served me my main. I had the lets do Lunch Special $38 and def was not disapointed actually was quite intrigued by the dish as it had a duck fudge. Interesting but it worked as it cut through the richness of the duck and the bitterness of the coffee in the puree. complimented by great service well done will be back for more from these quirky poetic guys

The Emporium Parramatta


Sandra dined on Wed, 28th Sep 2016 (5)

It was ok. The service wasn't the same. I had much better service the first time., as today felt like it was a chore, no smiles but ..... the coffee was much better

Via Alta


Sandra dined on Tue, 27th Sep 2016 (5)

Warmly welcomed friendly service. I ordered the main and dessert. Slightly disappointed as the main came out on a massively large plate there was a decent size portion but food got cold very quickly note HOT PLATE= HOT FOOD but ........ the bomboloni with Nutella sealed it for me they were yum Good job guys enjoyed the food

Pilu At Freshwater


Sandra dined on Wed, 21st Sep 2016 (10)

Dined here today on a special as part of restaurant week. Lunch Service. Actually it was a pre graduation lunch for both my sister and I as we have both finished degrees. Is there any thing else to state other than simply sublime from the onset. As I had dietary requirements this certainly was not an issue and as such food items were able to be substituted and/or omitted more the dining experience much more enjoyable. As always the team are fantastic and very knowledgeable and this is great shows passion and dedication to their job ie each menu item or dish that is delivered is intricately explained and in doing so transports you back to sardinia. Thank you once again will be back

Gemelle Ristorante Italiano


Sandra dined on Thu, 31st Mar 2016 (7)

Last visit was back in may first time back since the renovations and must say that it looks more open and inviting than before. The decor is great and pretty much inline with all the other restaurants. Its not something that you would expect in suburbia (Liverpool-) A pleseant surprise. Menu has had a make over, presented differently. I love the visuals (using a tablet/ ipad), specials etc were on this too. Service was prompt and attentive. i had the arancini, bruschetta, zucchini flowers and the pizza. The pizza was a tad oily, other than that I really enjoyed my visit and will be back

Ripples at Chowder Bay


Sandra dined on Thu, 24th Mar 2016 (8)

Warmly greeted and welcomed. By Reno? ( didn't get his name) food service and veiws were fantastic. There was an issue with the entree that was promptly rectified and alternative offered. Fully enjoyed my experience will be back

The Emporium Parramatta


Sandra dined on Tue, 22nd Mar 2016 (9)

I arrived early, warmly greeted and was sat down (given a choice of tables) asked for beverages only had a coffee at this stage but not long after that had ordered my meals. I had prior knowledge of the meals on offer as I had downloaded the menu from their website giving me a heads up and an opportunity to plan my meal in advance only to get there and the menu had been cut down and changed oh well but luckily enough 2 of the dishes i was eyeing were on the menu slow roasted lamb belly and the heirloom tomatoes with the mozarella foam and basil jelly.The food was out promptly. The lamb was fatty but that's lamb for you but in stating this was so tender and with the hummous that was silky and smooth cut through this with the smokinesss was a lovely surprise. As for the heirloom tomato with the mozzarella foam and the basil jelly, lacked seasoning (i perhaps should have asked for salt or pepper) I didn't get where the foam fitted into the dish and or the jelly. All in all was a great experience and one that I would go back to. The service was fantastic.

Pilu At Freshwater


Sandra dined on Thu, 17th Mar 2016 (10)

OMG! OMG! OMG! where do I start the views, meet greet and seat, watered and lapped.staff were very polite, friendly and extremely knowledgeable with the food which is fantastic to see. As each dish arrived .including the canape this was fully explained the story behind and painted this visual picture that was emulated on the plate presented. This is also seen in the Giovanni Pilu Cook Book (available from the store) As a foodie I was literally in heaven. The highlight would have to be all of it, that pecorino brodo (consumme) To Giovanni, (lovely to meet and chat with you). Your team both front of house and back of house are a credit to you and this fantastic restaurant. Just wanting to say compliments to the chefs and the floor staff the food, service was impecable. honest and true to traditional sardinian cooking that leaves you coming back for more. Seasoned well. Love how the tables are pretty much clean and clear ie set with only a water glass and napkin. Simplicity at its best this allows for the food to speak loudly and clearly.

Glebe Point Diner


Sandra dined on Sun, 11th Oct 2015 (6)

went on the lets do lunch special. Good Food Month Sat us on the smallest table there was Food great , service great Shame about not having skim milk for coffee but...... the coffee was nice just the same. Were happy with the food and service generally.

Gemelle Ristorante Italiano


Sandra dined on Fri, 15th May 2015 (9)

Met at door greeted warmly and very welcoming, walked to table, handed menus and also the IPAD visuals too - connections great idea. Ordered beverages; prompt arrival, ordered meals prompt arrival; offered desserts tea, coffee. Was not able to fault service as was the meals very generous portions. Very attentive. Compliments to the chef, Edi and his team a job well done

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