Karen Quance

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The Reveley


Karen dined on Sun, 20th Jan 2019 (9)

Stunning views, delicious food & attentive service.

Dux Cafe Restaurant


Karen dined on Sun, 2nd Sep 2018 (10)

I was really impressed with delicious food and especially the warm and attentive service. We will be back.

The Stables Bar

Perth CBD

Karen dined on Thu, 30th Aug 2018 (9)

Delicious food and a lovely atmosphere

Mamma's Bistro

East Perth

Karen dined on Thu, 26th Jul 2018 (7)

Great value meal. Friendly staff. The service was a bit slow for a group booking, so may have been understaffed on the day we went.

Public House


Karen dined on Tue, 26th Jun 2018 (8)

Delicious food & friendly service.

BWG Steakhouse & Bluewater Functions


Karen dined on Sat, 23rd Jun 2018 (9)

The $80 share plate was wonderful, with delicious lamb and 3 side dishes to select, as well as bread with EVOO and dukkah. It was more than the two of us could eat!

Rochelle Adonis


Karen dined on Sun, 11th Feb 2018 (10)

Absolutely delicious high tea. Gorgeous decor really added to the atmosphere. It was fantastic for a special occassion. They brought out the high tea food a few different treats at a time, so it felt like almost like a degustation meal, which was a lovely change.

Lalla Rookh


Karen dined on Mon, 1st May 2017 (9)

Absolutely delicious food, good size portions and fantastic service.



Karen dined on Sat, 1st Apr 2017 (9)

Absolutely delicious food and helpful staff.


North Fremantle

Karen dined on Sat, 25th Mar 2017 (10)

Absolutely delicious food and fantastic service.

Nasi Lemak Korner


Karen dined on Sat, 25th Feb 2017 (9)

Delicious food, decent size meals & fantastic service. BYO with a bottle shop nearby is a bonus! I think I will select something without 'spicy' in the description next time though ;)

Juniper & Bay


Karen dined on Tue, 6th Dec 2016 (10)

Absolutely delicious food. The service was wonderful. The chef even came out on a few occasions to explain the menu to a friend who couldn't eat certain foods.

Lalla Rookh


Karen dined on Wed, 15th Jun 2016 (10)

The staff were fantastic. I let them know that we were going to a show and they were very accommodating.

Lalla Rookh


Karen dined on Mon, 23rd May 2016 (9)

Our group of 5 had a wonderful lunch. I would recommend to friends.



Karen dined on Tue, 1st Mar 2016 (9)

This place really felt like a family restaurant and a neighbourhood gem. It was busy for a Tuesday night so I would recommend booking. The service was great, the wait staff really knew about the food they were serving.

Lalla Rookh


Karen dined on Mon, 18th Jan 2016 (9)

Fantastic food & service. Great menu for sharing food with a group, or if you prefer you can just order individual meals.



Karen dined on Sat, 16th Jan 2016 (9)

Fantastic service & delicious food! We went for the champagne high tea. There was a $49 special for the earlier sitting which made it great value for what was included. It was fancier and more fine dining style than most high teas that I've had, so it felt really special.

The Flour Factory

Perth CBD

Karen dined on Wed, 23rd Dec 2015 (8)

We had a large table during the last week before Christmas. We were initially disappointed to find out on arrival that they were only offering us a restricted menu as their kitchen was busy with a function upstairs. They could have notified us of this when we booked a month in advance or anytime prior to the day. The food that we did receive was fantastic. The drinks were also really good, with a large range on offer.

Lamont's Bishop's House

Perth CBD

Karen dined on Wed, 22nd Jul 2015 (10)

We had the $35 per person tapas special and it was amazing. So much food! Service was exceptionally good.

The George

Perth CBD

Karen dined on Mon, 20th Jul 2015 (9)

Great food & service. Generously sized desserts.

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