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Le Bon Ton


Rosaline dined on Sat, 4th Aug 2018 (8)

Service was sort of good - cleared dishes so quickly that one didn't have time to say there was still food on them for eating. It was like they wanted you to eat and leave. We were in the later sitting

The Keystone

Wantirna South

Rosaline dined on Tue, 24th Apr 2018 (6)

Just above average meal, service ok not particularly outstanding but good place to come to in neighbourhood



Rosaline dined on Sat, 10th Jun 2017 (9)

Great table, service was attentive but not intrusive, menu choice was good and food was very nice

The Keystone

Wantirna South

Rosaline dined on Mon, 13th Feb 2017 (8)

good menu selection, service was good

Butcher's Bench

Glen Waverley

Rosaline dined on Sun, 31st Jul 2016 (8)

Service excellent. Most dishes were great, a few were on the miss side. Need to be more generous with sauces

Man Mo WTC

World Trade Centre

Rosaline dined on Sat, 14th Nov 2015 (9)

Great follow up after booking and leading up to dinner as special menu was selected

Windows Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Rosaline dined on Sat, 31st Oct 2015 (9)

Chef at buffet bsr was fantastic, he was serving, recommending, chatting , even went out of his way to bring a crab fork when he saw my daughter struggling with crab & s fruit platter for my sis in law who was diabetic & couldn't have dessert