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Kumo Izakaya

Brunswick East

linh dined on Thu, 7th Feb 2019 (3)

We had 50% off food here and the quality and service was quite poor. If we had to pay for full price we probably wouldn't be back and was not worth the price at all unfortunately.

Zero 95 Wood Fire Pizza Bar

Doncaster East

linh dined on Mon, 21st Jan 2019 (8)

Pizzas were fluffy and light and definitely a must have here. Make sure you make a booking because it gets very busy even on a weeknight


Melbourne CBD

linh dined on Sat, 19th Jan 2019 (9)

We booked Vamos on a promotion with 50% off dining on food and we were so impressed. The chef selection includes 6 dishes and you will definitely get full and the food was top notch. There was live music and the atmosphere is very romantic and the cocktails were delish. We will definitely be back.

Hecho En Mexico


linh dined on Sun, 11th Nov 2018 (6)

Good food but the service was shocking. It was not only slow but they had forgotten to put our order through twice.

Natural History Public Bar

Melbourne CBD

linh dined on Wed, 8th Aug 2018 (9)

love the place and the food. Got the steak and it was cooked perfectly. The mac and cheese is a definitely must have and even the pork belly was so succulent and juicy. Definitely will be back!

St LuJa

St Kilda

linh dined on Sat, 28th Jul 2018 (6)

We had the 50% off food and we're glad that's what we paid for. The food was pretty average but the drinks were amazing. I'll be back for the drinks and it's a great place to have drinks with friends into the night and nibble on chicken wings but I wouldn't be coming back here just for the food

Mister Greens

Forest Hill

linh dined on Sat, 28th Jul 2018 (1)

The service was quite poor with the exception of one staff who was bright and friendly. We had to get our own menus and my husband ordered the chicken parma which came out and was still raw. We returned it to the kitchen and the staff gave a very lacklustre apology and another one was made up for him. No one tended to us and we felt like we were an inconvenience there. I got the penne ragu and it was was average and considering the average meal, I found the prices to be quite expensive. I wouldn't be going back.

Pizza e Birra

St Kilda

linh dined on Thu, 31st May 2018 (10)

We did the all you can eat pizza for $20 on Thursday and the pizzas were top notch. The ingredients were fresh, the portions are huge and you can only have 2 pizzas on the table at a time. The staff were excellent and really look after you and are super friendly. At regular price of $27 for a porcini pizza is a bit expensive but if you do the all you can eat pizza and only manage to have just the one pizza, it's definitely worth it. I will definitely be back.

San Telmo

Melbourne CBD

linh dined on Wed, 30th May 2018 (10)

Amazing food, the steaks were cooked to perfection. also had the crudo kingfish and that was just absolutely fresh. Steak tartare was the bomb. Cannot fault anything regarding the food . The staff could have been a bit more attentive, they were lovely but we had to keep waving them down which was a shame. Overall, enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back.

L'Hotel Gitan


linh dined on Sat, 19th May 2018 (7)

Great service but disappointed in the beef tartare which was meant to be a sharing plate but was teeny tiny. The mains were amazing, especially the steaks which was cooked perfectly and the grouper needed a touch more seasoning. Staff paid great attention and were so friendly and made us feel welcomed.

The Hof Downtown


linh dined on Fri, 9th Feb 2018 (6)

The staff which served us was quite rude to me but provided great service to the rest of the group which i found very odd. We were about 10 minutes late or so and had apologised but there were lots of tables which were free. The staff did not bother to help look at the menu when i ordered and when I couldn't read the word out, he said then we are going to have a problem. It was quite unprofessional and for that kind of service, I wouldn't be returning anytime soon.



linh dined on Mon, 22nd Jan 2018 (4)

we dined here with 50% off food via Dimmi booking and was quite surprised with the bill. we would have spent a fortune eating here and yet we weren't satisfied with the amount, keeping in mind we had 4 people who I don't think eat a lot generally. we weren't even acknowledged when we arrive and the service was slow and the staff were not attentive. The food itself was average for the price and some dishes were quite salty. I'm glad we had the discount because I wouldn't be happy to pay for the service and the food full price.

Curry Vault

Melbourne CBD

linh dined on Fri, 11th Aug 2017 (8)

There's a huge variety of curry selection and mild was not spicy at all. we also tried spicy and that wasn't too bad so it's quite manageable. The staff were super friendly and accommodating and we were able to use 2 entertainment book vouchers since there were 8 of us. The meat platter was a touch dry and the curries were pretty good. the outstanding thing were the desserts. We tried all of it and every single one was amazing and that's very rare to find. If you do come here, be sure to save some room for desserts or else you'll definitely regret it.

Marmara Restaurant


linh dined on Tue, 25th Jul 2017 (8)

We got the 50% off dining and it was excellent. Great value for money and we got the connoisseur banquet and the food just kept coming out and our bellies felt that they were going to burst. The lamb was amazing and the other dishes werent too bad either. Very attentive, friendly and excellent staff. Great atmosphere and they really do look after you. If you do come here, wear your eating pants and get all the dishes with lamb in it.

Eleonore's Restaurant


linh dined on Sun, 11th Jun 2017 (5)

lovely staff, very victorian decorated but the food was a disappointment. entrees (crab and the scallops dishes) were quite bland in flavour but the mains (the chicken dish and the Gnocchi) were pretty good. I think it's quite pricey for the quality of the food which is a bit disappointing considering that they were also in the entertainment book as well and we got a discount on our meal.

Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina

Melbourne CBD

linh dined on Wed, 3rd May 2017 (8)

The service was amazing, the calamari was top notch and everything else we had was pretty decent. we got the 50% off food booking through dimmi and it was definitely a bargain. would visit again for after work drinks or even a casual catch up.

Courtneys Brasserie


linh dined on Tue, 13th Sep 2016 (9)

great food, great service and lovely ambience. would definitely come back for a catch up. only disappointing part was the desserts but everything else was exceptional.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne


linh dined on Sat, 11th Jun 2016 (6)

Lovely service and beautiful restaurant. Great for the sashimi and doughnuts. Wasnt a huge fan of the mussel stew though.



linh dined on Thu, 2nd Jun 2016 (5)

The staff were lovely and the whole place is very romantic. The food itself was average.

Dr. Jekyll

St Kilda

linh dined on Sun, 13th Mar 2016 (10)

amazing food and lovely staff.

Station Hotel


linh dined on Fri, 4th Dec 2015 (7)

great service and food. good local spot

Big Mouth

St Kilda

linh dined on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 (3)

Great service

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