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National Liability Claims Manager at Guild Insurance AU

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The Royal Hotel


Rhett dined on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 (8)

Great pub food in a nice atmosphere. I’ve been going here for ages and it’s a great local pub, with good food, a reasonable wine list and some excellent craft beers on tap.

The Hungry Eye

Summer Hill

Rhett dined on Tue, 10th Jul 2018 (9)

Great menu with great food. Incredible value for what you get. This was an authentic Nepalese experience.

The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room

Sydney CBD

Rhett dined on Fri, 6th Jul 2018 (9)

One of the best pub lunches in the city. Small but diverse menu, great selection of beer on tap and a nice buzzy atmosphere. Our server was very attentive though being American it could be in part the tipping culture she grew up in. Though I’ve been here before and the service was also excellent. Would definitely recommend.

Fratelli Fresh Walsh Bay

Sydney CBD

Rhett dined on Tue, 5th Jun 2018 (4)

Food was actually really good. The waiter was rubbish. Had to be followed up on our wine order after 15 mins only to tell us they were “out”. On the food front, brought us some food we didn’t order after people who arrived after us received theirs. It turns out he hadn’t put in our order. The best thing he did all night was leave. We then got someone who worked hard to make up for the other muppet. That’s the only reason I rated it a 2 for service. Shame. The food was good and well priced (with the 50% Dimmi discount).

The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room

Sydney CBD

Rhett dined on Wed, 3rd Jan 2018 (9)

Great city pub with a higher end pub menu. This place is well known for its oyster focus but dishes like the crab meat pasta, “orgy” of mushroom gnocchi and the duck fat fried fish and chips are well worth a look in. An initial hitch with the availability of some wine was quickly remedied by an offer of a free round of drinks for our party. Good food, good service and a great location. Would definitely recommend as a solid alternative to say nearby Establishment.

Sushi Tei

Sydney CBD

Rhett dined on Thu, 7th Dec 2017 (8)

Friday lunch rush experience. Food was good with a noisy busy buzz.

12 Micron


Rhett dined on Thu, 18th May 2017 (9)

Gorgeous menu with perfectly cooked meats and some nice little touches (like the burnt milk seasoning on the potato sides. Staff were friendly, attentive and knowledgeable, particularly around the extensive and excellent wine list. Fitout is modern and open with corridors of wine filled shelves creating different "sections". We spent a lot but we also gave the wine menu a bit of a nudge! The meal prices were actually quite reasonable for a fraction be dining restaurant. Will definitely be back.

Bistro Cocotte


Rhett dined on Fri, 17th Mar 2017 (8)

Great little spot. Really friendly staff and a great Lilly's menu

The French Brasserie

Melbourne CBD

Rhett dined on Sat, 16th Jul 2016 (5)

I made this booking for 8 people. We were in Melbourne from Sydney for the weekend. What could and should have been an excellent review was ruined by a 1 hour wait between the first and second courses of a 5 course degustation. While the manager went out of his way to ensure we received excellent service from there I can't help but wonder what would have happened had I not actually gone down to the kitchen to politely enquire. Prior to that our attempts to prompt the various waitresses were met only with polite nods, smiles and assurances that they would find out. Sadly by the time course two arrived our very empty bellies were so full of alcohol that we were perhaps too inebriated to fully appreciate the food, though it did seem quite good. The manager also allowed us to sample his personal reserve of some kind of apricot moonshine. While it was nice of him, it probably didn't help! So while things certainly improved I'm afraid this experience fell very short of expectations, particularly given the bill at the end of the night for 8 of us was $1,800. Sorry but I won't return (and I travel to Melbourne a couple of times a month) and nor would I be willing to risk recommending this establishment to anyone else.

Spice Temple

Sydney CBD

Rhett dined on Tue, 12th Apr 2016 (10)

This establishment is still amazing a decade in. If you're looking for one of the most accessible Neil Perry experiences this is it. But don't forget to book as it still buzzes with a full house, even on a Tuesday night. The food remains a draw card with everything being an incredible mash of flavours. Spice temple is such a perfect name. The wine list and the knowledge of our waitress was up to its usually high standard. I've been here probably a dozen times and it remains my go to choice for fine dining.

Q dining

Circular Quay

Rhett dined on Sat, 28th Nov 2015 (9)

Great atmosphere and service. Nice food with a good wine menu