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Whirly Bird


Michael dined on Wed, 17th Jul 2019 (8)

Great space to be around. Drinks very reasonably priced for Sydney.

Caffe Venti

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Mon, 8th Jul 2019 (6)

Standard cafe and equipped for on the go and sit down patrons. Friendly service with big variety. Ordered Reuben sandwich which was nice in the same way a home made sandwich was nice but was missing the layers.

3 Wise Monkeys


Michael dined on Sun, 7th Jul 2019 (7)

Nice staff. Steak and ribs- steak was delicious-only received a broken up morsel for the 150g stated on menu. Otherwise everything else on plate was tops. The loaded fries were a huge let down. Was good but it just wasn’t “loaded”. A few chips of bacon and 2-3 bits of chicken. Basically cheese fries. If I paid the full $18 for them, I would’ve demanded a refund.

Harajuku Gyoza - Beer Stadium (Darling Harbour)

Darling Harbour

Michael dined on Fri, 5th Jul 2019 (9)

Place was packed out for a lunch with people having to wait just to get in. Great atmosphere. Overall enjoyable. While the Beef bowl was delicious, it was rice and some beef strips and pickle. Not great value for money when compared to the curry rice dish. Gyoza is their specialty and certainly did that well.

The Lucky Cat Dumplings and Bar


Michael dined on Mon, 1st Jul 2019 (8)

Food was excellent in general, only minor critiques on food which are unrelated to taste and quality. IE. Soup dumpling skin was a bit thick but still very nice to eat so they pulled off a difficult task. A tad on the expensive side-here on a deal and that took the sting out of it but pricing is about right for its market. Good enough to come and again and pay full price but its not an everyday thing.

3 Wise Monkeys


Michael dined on Sun, 30th Jun 2019 (8)

Ribs: great chips but portion was a bit small for a fulll meal. Slaw was a bit creamy and ribs weren't falling of the bone but coupled with sauce, it was still a decent pub meal. Soft drink was flat so probably treat it like a pub and by beers only. Not bad at all but fell below expectations after last visit here.

Shaahi Tandoori


Michael dined on Sun, 16th Jun 2019 (8)

Yummy honest food. Bryani was nice and moist. Friendly service

Colors of India


Michael dined on Sat, 8th Jun 2019 (8)

Good everything. Only the tandoori prawns were a bit limp. The curry and naan were excellent. Definitely coming back

Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Fri, 7th Jun 2019 (3)

Very average burger. No chips with lunch “special”

Beer DeLuxe Sydney

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Sun, 2nd Jun 2019 (6)

A place for an extensive beer list. Had an all in burger. It was ok but didn’t look or taste spectacular. Dried pattie and no temperature in the bun. The only solid disappointment was Chips were a few scattered scraps. (Pictured)

Chat Thai Circular Quay

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Sun, 26th May 2019 (7)

Tasty as expected but looked nothing like the picture.


Surry Hills

Michael dined on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 (8)

Excellent banquet. Pork was a bit dry but still tasty. Surly Brazilian waitress. Don't know why I bothered tipping.

Ribs and Rumps Sydney Olympic Park

Homebush Bay

Michael dined on Sun, 7th Apr 2019 (9)

One of the best burgers I've eaten. Every bite was delicious. Bun held together really well and the meat pattie was the star, thick, juicy and tender. Chips were also good but too small a serving. I would not do the side of ribs again. That was tiny for $15.

3 Wise Monkeys


Michael dined on Mon, 18th Mar 2019 (10)

Cheery staff, relaxing yo be here. Had ribs and burger. Burger was a good hipster one so good. The ribs were massive. Never had ribs with so much meat vs bone ratio and yes- falling off the bone.


Surry Hills

Michael dined on Mon, 11th Mar 2019 (9)

Banquet was a great idea. Perfect amount of food and was able to try everything

bills in surry hills

Surry Hills

Michael dined on Sun, 3rd Mar 2019 (8)

Basic foods with high quality ingredients no complaints.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Michael dined on Sun, 24th Feb 2019 (6)

Good beers, one of the worst pub burgers I've ever had. Chips served like a leftover bunch. Burger pattie hard and obviously precooked hours before. The rest of the burger wasn't much either. Massive contrast to the tasty well served schnitzel from last visit.

Catalina Restaurant


Michael dined on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 (10)

Too good to be a hotel restaurant.

Bistro Mekong


Michael dined on Fri, 8th Feb 2019 (5)

Not overly impressive. Wasn’t bad or anything except the prawns in the pad Thai were wasted as they were tasteless obviously being blanched separately then added to the noodles which were dry for my preference.


North Willoughby

Michael dined on Wed, 6th Feb 2019 (10)

Bulgogi sandwich. Best beef I’ve had since a visit to Argentina. Nice little place overall and is better than most cafe establishments in Chatswood.

Ze Pickle Sydney

Surry Hills

Michael dined on Sun, 3rd Feb 2019 (6)

Not a bad burger (the one with pasta) but a bit ambitious with their pricing if that was the full version. $19 plus $4 for bacon and corn chips. They obviously prefer beer here. Paid $5 for a very flat coke with 5 cubes of ice.

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Sat, 2nd Feb 2019 (10)

Big breakfast. Succotash the standout. Bread was surprisingly bad for a cool dish and place.

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Thu, 31st Jan 2019 (10)

Always great everything. After a crap day, eating here made up for it all. Tried them under old brand and is still great. Chicken wings were outstanding. Redline lager one of the best beers I’ve ever tried. (I’m no connoisseur though) Only let down was pizza was featured on the website but not available at location.

The Greens

North Sydney

Michael dined on Tue, 29th Jan 2019 (2)

A fun open area.



Michael dined on Mon, 14th Jan 2019 (6)

Staff need to learn how to pour drinks given the presence of such a large bar. I ordered cider with ice- no ice then she proceeded to pour a aerated drink into a glass like she was emptying old water into a toilet- I can forgive the no ice but she ignored me as I protested at her pouring. Not a promising start. Avoid the betel leaf dish. Other Food tasted really good but presentation was below average. What really annoyed me was being being charged double for rice. Ie. Instead of charge per person, they charged per bowl which resulted in $16 minus 50% for plain rice for 2?? If they’re so keen to claw their money back, perhaps, don’t participate in the promotion.

Harajuku Gyoza - Potts Point

Potts Point

Michael dined on Sun, 13th Jan 2019 (8)

High quality made gyozas. A bit too light on the frying. The salad in the curry was flat so may as well not be on the serving but the dish iitself was very good. Enjoyed being here and will be back.

465 The Avenue


Michael dined on Mon, 7th Jan 2019 (5)

Burger was a bit basic. Tasted good but at $19. Probably not enough. Soft drink was flat , so was the replacement drink so I gave up. Service was efficient and polite.

The Stunned Mullet

Port Macquarie

Michael dined on Thu, 13th Dec 2018 (9)

Certainly deserves its high ratings. Had prawns, wagyu and creme caramel. Despite prawns appearing to be an over dressed pub dish, they were not only cooked perfectly, they had a real depth of flavour, so impressed. The wagyu dish was just excellent but nothing new. Dessert was nicely made but flavour was a bit weak in flavour and the ice team melted way too quickly. It's not an everyday place but certainly worth it

Sean's Kitchen

Adelaide CBD

Michael dined on Wed, 28th Nov 2018 (8)

Pretty good

465 The Avenue


Michael dined on Fri, 23rd Nov 2018 (7)

Nice place to be. Food looked better than it tasted. Quiet enough during day for business meetings but too bad there’s no PowerPoints.


Surry Hills

Michael dined on Sun, 18th Nov 2018 (6)

Not as good as last time

Contact Bar & Kitchen


Michael dined on Fri, 16th Nov 2018 (1)

Surprised to find easy parking on Friday night. After eating here I can see why.

Chao Ba - Chatswood


Michael dined on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 (10)

When food looks as good as the picture and taste great. That’s a good sign.


Surry Hills

Michael dined on Thu, 25th Oct 2018 (10)

Nothing new but everything done exceptionally well except for the green curry beef- flavour free. Here on a deal but standards and service still high. Didn’t have to remind them to add discount either! In saying that they charged us extra for rice. Ie it’s listed as a per person charge but charged for the 2nd serving which they also had to be reminded to bring. Portions generous. No complaints if I had to pay full price which was to outrageous either.

Sake Restaurant & Bar The Rocks

The Rocks

Michael dined on Wed, 17th Oct 2018 (6)

No surprises, high quality food. Just no wow. Most jap restaurants are as good this place offers pizzazz

1821 Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Tue, 16th Oct 2018 (5)

Wasn’t very welcoming but we were a cheerful bunch so took our seats anyway. I’m using alpha as a reference point, this rates poorly on the food side of things. Apart from the bread from our dips. I can’t say anything was a standout. Nothing was bad, food taste just lacked the wow I remember from Greek food at alpha

Seoul Project

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Sun, 7th Oct 2018 (7)

Pretty good overall. The rice on a hotplate was delicious during the cold evening. Beer was not cold enough and fried chicken was really nice but not special.

Ho Jiak Haymarket


Michael dined on Mon, 1st Oct 2018 (3)

Good quality standard foods like char quay and Hainan rice- ie nothing special or out of the ordinary. Accepted waitress suggestion on curried fried chicken as an entree off their specials menu. Most entrees were under $20 and this thing was $38 for less than half a chicken which she failed to note to us when suggesting. Their house made drinks were too ambitiously priced so had to order a watermelon juice which turned out to be a sickly tasting winter melon (whatever that is). Not a great experience so doubt I’ll be back.

The Watershed Hotel

Darling Harbour

Michael dined on Fri, 7th Sep 2018 (5)

Lunch special. Looked good but chips overcooked. Burger bun like it was just out of a plastic bag. Wasn't stale but not toasted or anything. Chicken deathly overcooked. Didn't order chicken...

The Ohbar Thai cuisine 1982

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Sun, 19th Aug 2018 (7)

Thai radio was too loud. Food excellent but no lunch specials so I’ll come here for dinner only.

The Bavarian Chatswood


Michael dined on Wed, 14th Mar 2018 (8)

This platter feeds 3!, freshly cooked. Absolutely delicious and perfect for a feast.

Chat Thai Circular Quay

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 (6)

Some dishes looked pretty but mine looked like plain pad see ew from the local Thai takeaway. There was nothing special about the taste or marginal quality improvement from local takeaways. Prices are reasonable for the location but it's not that much different.

Luyu & Yum Yum


Michael dined on Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 (3)

Not even at half price

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Mon, 19th Feb 2018 (9)

Cheeseburger- excellent like their other burgers. Had chips this time and they too were outstanding. Duck tacos- meh- nice and cute cigars but sauce drizzled across the middle for appearance rather than taste as there wants much of it. The filling was mostly potato and I could only find duck in one of three of my order. Not the best use of duck either. Could’ve been any protein in that and have very little impact.

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Michael dined on Sun, 11th Feb 2018 (8)

Cool pub, massive beer variety. Just had the faithful parmy and it didn't disappoint. Post mix coke was flat so guess they don't sell much soft drinks.



Michael dined on Tue, 30th Jan 2018 (7)

Every dish was fresh, clean and delicious. Proteins all perfectly cooked. Only suggestion is that wait staff can be more assertive. We arrived very hungry so we ordered everything that sounded good. The result was a lot of dishes with similar taste. If the waitress alerted us to that, we could’ve ordered differently and experienced more flavours.

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 (10)

Been here a few times now. Here are the kids meals, they make them so appealing, our fussy bratty kids gobbled up theirs meals happily. The ribs were excellent too. But I forgot to take a pic

Sir Allen Taylor & Co


Michael dined on Tue, 23rd Jan 2018 (9)

Great place that has replaced the silly Cuban coffee shop. Despite facing Oxford Street, the traffic wasn’t noticeable. So really nice to watch the world go by. The burger was pretty good. Planning a return to try bfast

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Mon, 22nd Jan 2018 (9)

Not as good as visit one but still good, fried chicken was as good as the rip off Belles from across the room minus the sauce. Massive serving. The jambalaya was a miss. Looked and tasted like a home made risotto, wasn't terrible but even at half, it was a thumbs down.

Redline Kitchen and Taphouse

Forest Lodge

Michael dined on Wed, 17th Jan 2018 (10)

Can't wait to eat here again. People are crazy to not take advantage of this January special. Sensational chicken burger. Sensational onion rings and excellent hush puppies. They were different to what we're used to eating. The way the food was so real and well constructed for eating, I felt like I was in one of the shows from food channel. I'm planning a couple of more visits to take advantage of this special. My only concern is, can they keep up this quality?

La Pesa Trattoria


Michael dined on Fri, 1st Dec 2017 (8)

A bit skeptical at first S I'm not familiar with French food. Bad start with crappy baguette. But the tartare and mushroom crepe were incredible. The pear for dessert was also a let down.

Daisy's Milkbar


Michael dined on Mon, 4th Sep 2017 (4)

Had bfast for lunch. Very much like any other bfast which is good on this occasion. My shake was nice but warm which I didn't like. Can't get excited enough either way to write more. The only thing I could feel strong about is that I'm bored of bfast being served with one slice of toast, in this case, it was sandwich thin.

Brew Bros

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Thu, 31st Aug 2017 (9)

A very pleasant place to sit and have a sandwich or cafe meal

Little Jean

Double Bay

Michael dined on Thu, 10th Aug 2017 (9)

Just spent a pleasant afternoon here. Those who've thought about sitting in a cafe and people watching, this lively restaurant at lunch easily provides, great place for a casual date. I had the burger and a homemade lemonade. Nice drink, not a sweet one. The burger was different to usual cafe ones. Held together very well. It was dominated by pickle flavour (in a good way) its a lot more filling than it looks. For burger snobs, I wasn't a fan of the bun. The edges had the consistency of stale bread that was toasted. Fries were shoestring. Overall very impressed. Nice staff too. Hopefully this place becomes a permanent double bay establishment.

Parida Bondi


Michael dined on Sun, 30th Jul 2017 (7)

“Nice service and cool place which compensated for good but not outstanding food.” 30 Jul 2017 Mike S (268 reviews) Sydney, Australia Chorizo croquettes: burnt shell, hollow on fillling. Cheesy meatballs: pick of the day Popcorn chicken: excellent Paella: yawn, tiny serve, no red saffron colouring or pan so it was just seafood rice. Can't say I'd ever order this again. Sirloin: my friend didn't rave- he raves about everything. No drinks available? Except water and alcohol. Only had brownies as dessert so didn't order Service was excellent- lovely waitress.


Potts Point

Michael dined on Mon, 10th Jul 2017 (10)

Great everything. Fresh cooked right in front of you. The pork was so tender it was like warm butter.

Essenza Italian

Surry Hills

Michael dined on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 (7)

Had the pappardelle ragu special. Soooo good. Looked better than the lasagne and spaghetti meatballs. If it were a regular dish, I'd come back. Good overall.

Via della Spiga

North Sydney

Michael dined on Tue, 13th Jun 2017 (10)

Served like Italian food. Decent, rich and generous. Have you ever heard of anyone complaining about too much prawns in the marinara? Me! Too generous but that's a good thing. Bruschetta was soooooooo good. If I was t stuffed from my pasta, I would've ordered another. All entrees great. Haloumi, arancini and cauliflower. All delicious. Friendly service. So impressed for something like this in north Sydney. Will be back.

Mad Pizza e Bar Darlinghurst


Michael dined on Mon, 15th May 2017 (6)

Crust was average in the context of places that specialise in pizza- its best feature was it wasn't wet in the middle. Toppings were thin even for a non American style pizza. Soft drink tasted old like when you leave half a bottle in the fridge and go away for a month. Pretty offended by that actually. The serving girl was nice. That's about it...



Michael dined on Tue, 7th Mar 2017 (9)

Well deserved acclaim.

La Boca Bar & Grill

Adelaide CBD

Michael dined on Thu, 23rd Feb 2017 (5)

I really don't know what to say... the service was good, the place seemed popular with the locals. I just didn't really enjoy any of my food except the half sausage with pickle. The meat platter was just difficult to eat. The prawns tasted like the frozen ones they use at hogs breath. The flavour saved it but the prawn flesh had wasted away from the frozen storage..meat from the grill was chewy and difficult to eat..

Sukhumvit Soi 38


Michael dined on Wed, 22nd Feb 2017 (7)

The food was definitely authentic Thai and tasted good. The presentation and serving size were small in the wrong sort of way. After doing the similar "golden boy" . I think this place has a misplaced high ranking. The food was good but at these prices, they'd be out of business in a big city. I had pad lee mao, the pork was very well done.

Burger Theory at Flinders Tavern

Bedford Park

Michael dined on Wed, 22nd Feb 2017 (6)

Marginally better than fancy burger, these burgers still failed to deliver any wow. The creations of their monthly specials look and taste like experiments at home with burger ingredients.

Golden Boy


Michael dined on Tue, 21st Feb 2017 (7)

Really great atmosphere. alot of room and staff were friendly and helpful. 11/10 actually. As I was in a rush, I ordered a pad thai-looked great, tasted great, bit on the exey side. The massamun curry- so oily, I'm back in my hotel and showered and still feeling greasy. tasted delish though. The coconut juice came out of a plastic bottle and tasted like that too. Don't do it, get a coke instead.

Rare Midtown (Goldie Pl)

Melbourne CBD

Michael dined on Wed, 15th Feb 2017 (8)

This is the best steak I've ever had in Australia. No need for for condiments. From the moment I bit into the arancini starter, I knew this was going be a cut above places like Kingsley in Sydney. The chips that come as a side looked incredible but I stupidly did the salad. As a non steak eater I walked out happy.

Ducks Nuts Bar & Grill


Michael dined on Fri, 3rd Feb 2017 (7)

Had 2 bfast here based on rave reviews from others and a pretty slick menu. Not overly impressed overall. Watermelon juice tasted closer to water than to melon. Bfast dishes were tiny which was ok for this occasion but disappointing if you thought $18 would get you a more substantial dish. The eggs on both were correctly done but thats about it, everything else on the plate was decorative.. The cool thing is they have cigarette vending machine which is illegal in other states.

Lazy Susan's


Michael dined on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 (8)

Surprised by the nice restaurant, the name says eatery. Had the tofu: not the best looking but tasted ok. Eggplant was the star of the night. Perfection. Sweet/sour pork was well cooked but a bit light on the volume, colour and taste of the sauce. Extensive bar and tried a Japanese whisky- I see what the fuss is now.

The West Village


Michael dined on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 (8)

Self titled gastro pub so fancy pub food. Looks great plates. Wasn't bad in anyway but nothing memorable either. Calamari- yawn, was ok. Tempura cauliflower: a bit undercooked, no tempura? Poutine: chips with gravy, not much meat. Steak: good thumbs up Schnitzel: dry. German potatoes are meant to be Rosti like. I got potatoe salad. Nothing offensive, I'll eat again. Great pub, great atmosphere.

Fratelli Fresh Potts Point

Potts Point

Michael dined on Fri, 27th Jan 2017 (8)

Excellent Italian food - largely because Leichhardt has set the bar so low. A little inconsistent tonight. Squid was mixed with old squid, like you get old chips mixed with fresh batch at fast food places. . Meatballs were dry, and bland. Pizza a bit wet in the middle and deformed.. Normal and small things but 3 in one night is not acceptable. On previous visits to other fratellis, I had non of these issues.

Riley St Garage


Michael dined on Wed, 25th Jan 2017 (10)

Incredible everything. Wait staff was helpful. I was new to this sort of food. Carpaccio was sensational. Just a cool place to be. Nice atmosphere. Just a great night. Never expected this sort of food to knock me over like this.

Playa Tulum


Michael dined on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 (6)

Not as bad as other reviews but I see where they're coming from.

Rockpool at Alfred Place

Melbourne CBD

Michael dined on Sun, 23rd Oct 2016 (10)

Firstly at $22 for the 13 inch pizza was a bargain compared to independents and places like crust or pizza capers. It was just great everything. Super thin crust, generous toppings but still looked like a fancy Italian pizza. The chilli flakes and chili oil were perfect. The pasta was a little fresh ( I like heavy indulgent sauces) but it was also perfection.

Joe's Bar at East Hotel


Michael dined on Tue, 4th Oct 2016 (6)

Friendly greeting- tick Beer- perfect temp- tick Stuffed olives- quality was well made but I couldn't taste the meat, and it really wasn't anything special. It was small despite being told it was a share plate. Gnocchi- the sauce was excellent the dumpling were OK, not bad but nothing special. Blood orange cake: again, great quality but nothing special on the palate. The servings were well priced but only because the serving sizes were more like tapas platters. I can eat here again but certainly wouldn't go out of my way.

The Stables Bar

Perth CBD

Michael dined on Mon, 19th Sep 2016 (10)

See TripAdvisor review. If not, double thumbs up. Great wait staff and drinks selection. Try to go in a group of 4 or more and get "the feed" menu. Go with empty stomach.

Sea Bay Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Michael dined on Tue, 26th Jul 2016 (6)

Forgot half our order. Really didn't live up to reviews and previous takeaway trials. Unlikely

Sicilian Parramatta


Michael dined on Sun, 22nd May 2016 (6)

Nice enough service. Here on 50% deal. Nothing special about mains of sirloin and marinara. The pizzas bases were exceptional but I'm not sure they justify the $25 above price tags as toppings looked and tasted like I added them at home.



Michael dined on Wed, 13th Apr 2016 (9)

This place was pumping. Too many people for me to sneak in a pic of my meals.



Michael dined on Mon, 15th Feb 2016 (9)

I made my comments on TripAdvisor but in short, this place was good enough to ruin the experience of Morks the next day. For my business trips, I like to goto lantern rooms but XO has replaced it. The service was a bit too fine dining for me as I was there to eat and not dine but food was excellent.

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