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Mount White

Justin dined on Sat, 13th Apr 2019 (10)

Beautiful location and setting amongst the local Bush. Lovely breakfast options for all culinary types. Food tastes great. Staff are friendly and available. Coffee tastes great. The sweets are amazing.

Bodhi Restaurant & Bar

Sydney CBD

Justin dined on Fri, 7th Dec 2018 (10)

Bodhi always has exceptional food and service!! Highly recommend eating here!!


Mount White

Justin dined on Sat, 1st Dec 2018 (9)

Absolutely loved the views and the decor!! Food, service and facilities were exceptional!! Highly recommend going for breakfast.

Criniti's Parramatta


Justin dined on Sat, 29th Apr 2017 (6)

Overpriced for pizza and pasta. In fact all food there is overpriced. Food tasted good but it is far too expensive. Service was average at best. Table settings are too tight with people constantly bumping into your chair and wait staff unable to get through to serve some people.

The Botanist Kirribilli


Justin dined on Sun, 29th Nov 2015 (10)

First time and we loved everything about it! Great tasting food. Great service. Great selection of food for all dietary tastes and great beverage selections.

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