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Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden


Jenny dined on Sun, 23rd Jun 2019 (6)

I have been here several times since the refurbishment, and this was definitely the worse experience! My pizza arrived in 1 hour & 15 minutes even though I ordered long before the lunch rush. The was a 15 minute wait between the first and second lot of meals from our table, and by the time mine arrived everyone had already finished. I had to walk up and ask 4 times, only to be told there was a 40min wait for pizzas. That’s fine, but customers should made aware of this when ordering in case they (or their kids) can’t wait that long given it was on a Sunday where kids eat free. I eventually asked to speak with the Manager and she offered me a refund. My pizza arrived 10 minutes after I spoke to her (even though she said it would only be another 5 minutes). The pizza was nice but not enough for a 75 minute wait and 5 walks up to the counter waiting to speak to someone. Also would have been nice to have some food offered to me while I waited, but instead I was eating chips from my friend’s plate. I live 5 minutes away and only recently became a member of the CSSC so this was a real disappointment because the venue does look nice and suitable for families. Not sure I’ll be back though, I’ll probably go to Hellenic Club instead and just pay for a kids meal.

Morning Glory


Jenny dined on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 (10)

Great food as usual. Booking is super easy online. We come here often

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