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Lucio Pizzeria Zetland


Conor dined on Wed, 14th Feb 2018 (10)

The pizza that I got (3 cheese, prosciutto, parmesan and rocket) was the best version of that pizza I’ve ever eaten, I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Sad it was a special but I shall definitely return to try some others!

Monkey King Thai Restaurant Newport


Conor dined on Sun, 15th Jan 2017 (8)

Foods really great, I've been multiple times and will keep coming back 😊 The staff aren't friendly though

De Vita - Tastes of Napoli


Conor dined on Wed, 12th Oct 2016 (8)

The pizzas here are my favourite ones on Earth, and I really like nice pizza

Bluewater Cafe


Conor dined on Fri, 30th Sep 2016 (8)

Good variety for larger groups

Bluewater Cafe


Conor dined on Sat, 6th Aug 2016 (8)

Really good milkshakes



Conor dined on Sat, 21st May 2016 (9)

The ice cream is amazing, get vanilla

Wockbar Dee Why

Dee Why

Conor dined on Mon, 7th Mar 2016 (8)

Good laksa, would buy again :)


Dee Why

Conor dined on Sun, 6th Mar 2016 (8)

Lovely place, food is good .)

Jah Bar Dee Why

Dee Why

Conor dined on Tue, 1st Mar 2016 (8)

Nice birthday dinner place, worth checking out :)

Dee Loft Thai

Dee Why

Conor dined on Thu, 25th Feb 2016 (8)

Good, well priced food

Criniti's Manly


Conor dined on Mon, 8th Feb 2016 (7)

Good food for much money

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