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Pascale Bar & Grill

Melbourne CBD

Gin dined on Sun, 4th Aug 2019 (9)

Went there for the steaks and wasn't disappointed. I loved the tri tip from David Blackmore. The grilled octopus was surprisingly tasty as well. We had a very pleasant night without much disturbs but enough attention from the restaurant.

Campari House

Melbourne CBD

Gin dined on Thu, 4th Jul 2019 (8)

Campari House is well known in Melbourne, especially in the famous laneway - Hardware Lane. Even though I was always up in the bar or rooftop, I was surprised the dining in wasn't too bad. We ordered pasta marinara, I liked it. The pizza base wasn't too impressive but toppings were generous.

L'Hotel Gitan


Gin dined on Sun, 23rd Jun 2019 (8)

The Bay Bug Beignets were so good that I wanted more. I picked this restaurant because of the beef, we were there for the Cape Grim but wasn't what I expected. There is a huge gap between dishes but overall service was very good and attentive.

Doot Doot Doot

Merricks North

Gin dined on Sat, 4th May 2019 (7)

Love the vibe and we had a really good time.

Black Cow Bistro


Gin dined on Mon, 31st Dec 2018 (8)

We had the 7+ marbled wagyu, 550g for two people and a couple of sides. Dinner was good and the service was excellent.


Melbourne CBD

Gin dined on Fri, 25th May 2018 (8)

Ordered the platter and it was enough for three ladies, so quite substantial. I love the live band!

Red Spice QV

Melbourne CBD

Gin dined on Sun, 6th May 2018 (9)

The lunch special was a good way to taste all the best dishes from the restaurant. The service was good and quite attentive. And I have decided to host my wedding lunch there!


Surry Hills

Gin dined on Sun, 12th Jun 2016 (8)

Egg waffles was the highlight, the matcha one. The presentation of our meals were delightful but the burger buns weren't the best.