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Yoku Ono


Mark dined on Sat, 2nd Mar 2019 (6)

The food was ordinary. The srvice was okay from some and substandard from others. Overall it was not an overly inspiring forgettable dining experience.

Mount Erica Hotel


Mark dined on Thu, 29th Nov 2018 (8)

Good food and good service. Recommended dining spot.

Angus & Bon


Mark dined on Thu, 15th Nov 2018 (9)

Great restaurant, excellent food & fantastic service. The restaurant fit-out and ambience is fabulous. Highly recommended to even the most discerning diner!

Yoku Ono


Mark dined on Sat, 6th Oct 2018 (8)

Great food. Good service. Serving sizes were on the small side for the price.

Balcony Bar & Oyster Co.

Byron Bay

Mark dined on Thu, 6th Sep 2018 (8)

Great restaurant in the heart of Byron Bay. Great food and excellent service.

Doot Doot Doot

Merricks North

Mark dined on Fri, 10th Aug 2018 (7)

The food and service was mostly excellent with the exception of desert (Mandarin and black sesame), which wasn't great. The matched wines selection should allow for some patron input as the mix provided was a little strange at times. The wine details and choice explanation were a little over done. A few choice words would have been less invasive. Overall it was a very pleasant dining experience.

Misono Japanese Steakhouse

Surfers Paradise

Mark dined on Thu, 5th Jul 2018 (8)

Good food, Great teppanyaki chef and pretty good service. A fun night out with a group or family.

The Vincent

Albert Park

Mark dined on Sat, 26th May 2018 (3)

Loud music blaring in the restaurant area. The restaurant was virtually empty on a Saturday night at 8pm. The only other occupied table had a mother with two noisy children. The food was average, especially for the price and the service was sub par. Steer clear of this one for a Saturday night dinner.

Mount Erica Hotel


Mark dined on Thu, 12th Apr 2018 (8)

Good food and good service. Recommended.

The Railway Club Hotel

Port Melbourne

Mark dined on Wed, 4th Apr 2018 (9)

Excellent food and fantastic service in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Etsu Izakaya

Mermaid Beach

Mark dined on Sun, 11th Mar 2018 (9)

Excellent service. Great food. You won't be disappointed.

Kinoko Sushi Bar Restaurant

Byron Bay

Mark dined on Wed, 23rd Aug 2017 (8)

Nice little restaurant. Service was very good. Food was very good. Give it a go - you will not be disappointed.

Etsu Izakaya

Mermaid Beach

Mark dined on Thu, 22nd Jun 2017 (9)

Excellent food, friendly service and great vibe. Highly recommended!

Ribs and Rumps Gold Coast Marina Mirage

Main Beach

Mark dined on Sat, 31st Dec 2016 (7)

Tables were unnecessarily close together. serving size appeared to be a little smaller than they should have been. The food was very good and the service was also.

Squires Loft Albert Park

Melbourne CBD

Mark dined on Fri, 6th May 2016 (6)

Unfortunately not all of the main meals came out together (as should be the case - especially when there are only 4 people dining together) and one of the meals was lukewarm and the meat was overcooked (order medium and was more like medium to well done). Disappointing for the hefty price and won't be rushing back there.

Mecca Bah Gold Coast


Mark dined on Wed, 27th Apr 2016 (8)

The food was very good, but the service could have been better. Our server was courteous & polite but unfortunately inexperienced and messed a couple of basic things up (probably a trainee with insufficient supervision).

Gemelli Italian - Broadbeach


Mark dined on Thu, 24th Mar 2016 (8)

Some of the tables are placed in odd positions within the restaurant. Sometimes squeezing extra tables into thoroughfare areas is just not worth the potential extra revenue. A better outcome can usually be achieved by remodelling the layout (not usually an expensive task).

La Lucciola

South Yarra

Mark dined on Thu, 17th Mar 2016 (8)

Excellent pasta and good friendly service