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Teniwa dined on Sun, 10th Feb 2019 (5)

Food were okay, cheese soufflé was fluffy and mains were average. Our table service throughout the meal was fine. Lad did a good job. However the experience was subpar and here is why: We booked a table for two and arrived relatively early, only 5-6 tables were with customers. We were shown to a table right in the middle of service area and asked if we could sit at the side booth inside.The staff asked the manager and we were told tables were all booked and the only available table were the one next to the original table, in the half in and half out area. The restaurant slowly filling up, a couple of ladies walked in asking for table for 2. The same manager asked if they had a booking to which one of them answered no. The two ladies were seated on the area we REQUESTED. Towards the end of the meal, a couple were seated next to us, but 10 minutes later MOVED to the OTHER booth seating. No I did not hear these wrong because I was extremely annoyed at the fact that we were LIED TO. The manager walked passed us a couple of times, where once I caught him “checking out” a woman walking passed the restaurant to IVY, the same manager was trying to get the attention of another waiter but noticed I was looking at him and didn’t do what he wanted to do. Would I come back? No. There are plenty of French restaurant around that definitely offer higher professionalism than this place. Food were average not worth treatment.


Darling Harbour

Teniwa dined on Mon, 4th Feb 2019 (7)

Food were average but service was good

Flying Fajita Sistas


Teniwa dined on Wed, 30th Jan 2019 (9)

Chimichanga was great. Fajitas steak was better than kangaroo meat, I think can remove the kangaroo meat from the menu.. enchiladas jackfruit was also lack flavour.. Churros were a bit too runny in the middle, the rest of desserts were good, especially the fried banana



Teniwa dined on Wed, 23rd Jan 2019 (9)

Food were okay but great place for drinks

Hulu At King Street Wharf


Teniwa dined on Fri, 14th Dec 2018 (9)

It’s a nice place to have lunch with work people, food were decent

Gold Class Daruma

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Mon, 26th Nov 2018 (10)

Recommended and will come back

Flour Eggs Water at the Tramsheds

Forest Lodge

Teniwa dined on Fri, 2nd Nov 2018 (8)

We ordered two specials and three off menu. School prawns were slightly too big to be school prawns snacks and small amount. Pork Cotoletta was slightly too salty but otherwise great.


Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Mon, 3rd Sep 2018 (7)

Bento boxes are always decent, service on that day are a bit slow however.

Kid Kyoto

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Thu, 9th Aug 2018 (5)

We ordered: 1. Beef tataki: the beef was chopped a little too roughly making it rather chewy to eat. Flavour was okay but need a little bit either some some sort of vinegar oil or teriyaki sauce or a little bit more furikake for saltiness. 2. Chicken tsukune: the chicken was too bland, need a little salt and tsukune sauce with a touch of sesame oil. 3. Crispy snapper: I don’t think snapper is good fish to be used for frying and the yuzu broth was too strong and again need a little salt 4. Shiithead chicken: chicken was moist, lightly fried on the outside. 5. Bone marrow “fried rice”: was probably the best dish we had here. It tastes like a proper kimchi fried rice with a balanced flavour. We were seated across the kitchen and came home with clothing smell of smoked, kitchen ventilation is obviously not working greatly.

Fratelli Fresh Westfield Sydney

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Wed, 1st Aug 2018 (8)

I booked during the 50% off $49 set menu. Food was generally nice and staff was very helpful when asked if we could add prawns into plain chilli and oil pasta on the menu.

Libertine Restaurant and Cocktail Bar


Teniwa dined on Sat, 14th Jul 2018 (8)

Highlight is the wagyu beef cheek dumplings - perfect example of fusion. Still a dumpling but the sauce reminds you of beef bourguignon! Fried rice is a bit of a let down - for $18 the rice could’ve had more prawns and please use overnight rice or drier rice. Fried rice was clumpy and soft.

The Deck Sydney

Milsons Point

Teniwa dined on Fri, 13th Jul 2018 (7)

We ordered to share 1/2 doz oysters, fried quail and matcha desserts. Oysters - fresh and the pickles + salmon roe was a nice combination of toppings Quail - light, balanced sauce and moist Match opera - good quality of matcha opera with a little touch of berries compote on the sides I had steak for the menu, cooked on medium but decent piece. We came here due to the Dimmi 50% off restaurant month, original bills was $70pp which I think is slightly on the more expensive side but for $40pp it was great

Bowery Lane

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Thu, 31st May 2018 (8)

Quick service, great coffees, and big serving for breakfast/brunch. Small menu but enough to cater different cravings

Le Trader


Teniwa dined on Sun, 13th May 2018 (7)

Generally good food overall - Crepe Suzette was a nice way to end the meal!

Memento Lounge & Bistro

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Wed, 14th Feb 2018 (7)

Thank you for accomodating a lunch 14 people. Table setting was a little awkward but we didn’t really mind (though triangle table is not the best kind of table) Food was delicious. We ordered: Crispy skinned salmon and pea purée (6/10) New York steak (6/10) Memento Burger (7/10) Prawn linguine (7/10) Thai Beef Salad (7/10) Pork belly (7/10)

Alexanders Gosford


Teniwa dined on Sat, 10th Feb 2018 (9)

For entrees we ordered: Calamari salad which was very refreshing and delicious. Calamari was not over cooked (not chewy) and the flavour was subtle yet complimenting each other. Korean chicken skewers on rice which was great too, the chicken skewers were charcoaled enough, teriyaki like on rice. I’d be happy to eat just this as main! For main we ordered: Steak with peppercorns sauce, steak was tender and perfectly cook. Sauce was creamy yet punchy. Steak with mushroom and bacon, again steak was tender and sauce was delicious. Pork chop with teriyaki sauce was always good - generous sauce - best to ask for extra rice! Pork chop with peppercorn sauce, again with generous sauce and tender meat! Will come back again as this was our second time and foods seems to be consistent!

Wild Sage Barangaroo


Teniwa dined on Fri, 15th Dec 2017 (6)

Service was extremely slow that one of my guest had to go in to order about 3x. Food came out slow but perhaps not as slow as the day drinks. Staff seem to be not coping with Christmas crowds and bigger tables. We ordered to share: Cuttlefish was soft and not chewy, recommended. Tuna Tataki was not bad, not a big fan of mango on top of the tuna. But everyone else seems to like it. Bread and beetroot dip was good if only slightly more generous on the bread. Scallops went too quickly (3 scallops per plate) so must be good. Sangria was a nice twist and maybe nicer with other type of fruit or different kind.

Lone Star Rib House Top Ryde


Teniwa dined on Mon, 9th Oct 2017 (5)

We ordered garlic bread, hot ass wings, combos of steak and ribs with sides chips + salads. Steak was not seasoned (salt pepper), chips were slightly cold and pepper sauce was lack of seasoning as well. Hot ass wings were good. Drinks were also quick and Long Island iced tea was good. Service was excellent. Complimentary bucket of nuts was fun!



Teniwa dined on Sat, 2nd Sep 2017 (7)

Either due to Father's Day crowd, the restaurant seems to be short by one or two waiters. Chips came after one of my guest finished his steak. The drinks took about 3 reminders to come. Food however was very good.


Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Sat, 29th Jul 2017 (7)

It took sometime to be seated but all and all it was good dinner experience. Ordered: Chicken liver parfait: smooth, creamy and delicious pate very good with brioche and prunes are not overly strong but enough to cut the iron taste of liver. Escargot with hazelnut fleurons are okay, would like it to be on buttery side and escargots are rather chewy. Bouillabaisse was new to us, cod and grilled prawn in the soup was good and sweet, mussels and lobster were on the flavourless side. Steak au poivre was one of the highlight of the meal. Well cooked steak, decent size and flavoursome. It does come with fries side. Avoid mistake of ordering another potato sides! 2014 Château Lassale Sauvignon Sémillon was a good wine to compliment the food.

Kobe Jones Sydney

Darling Harbour

Teniwa dined on Thu, 27th Jul 2017 (5)

The 50% off food bill made the dining at Kobe Jones worth the bucks. No.1 still the best out of what we ordered, soft shell crab is very generous in size but batter is lacking in flavour (ie seasoning). Desserts were good!

Hunter & Barrel - Cockle Bay

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Fri, 9th Jun 2017 (6)

Foods were a bit hit and miss but average is good. Steaks were decent, nicely cook, meat was a slightly on the tougher side. However lunch $25pp deal with Brokenwood red wine is the winner, making the lunch deal is a bargain. Although some drinks meant to be included got charged, and some salads meant to be on main, got charged but never arrived. Decor and the venue itself fabulous. Service however is slightly on being disorganised for a big party. We were not informed foods would arrive together and waiting time was about 1 hour. Service manager should have a separate place to stand, not too close to customers, to avoid customers hearing silly comments about internal issues and every grunts. I was also not advised little tub of chilli sauce is $3. Overall would come back to try some of the menu, but wouldn't make special trip or be coming back too soon and definitely not on Friday or busy times.



Teniwa dined on Tue, 23rd May 2017 (6)

Great gnocchi. Food is a little slow to come out but great food.

The Rocks Teppanyaki

The Rocks

Teniwa dined on Tue, 11th Apr 2017 (2)

Ordered Ala Carte in order it comes + comment 1. Sashimi: mediocre, king fish is rather unfresh and the tuna is stiff? What kind of tuna is that? For 18 pieces of sashimi costing $64 - that's just wow. 2. Flaming no.1 special: has always been my favourite, a little fishy taste . 3. Scallops: overcooked. 4. Lobster tail: @$95 per lobster tail, why is my lobster tail tough as a rubber and smell of ammonia?? Googled on the spot as to why this could be.. spoiled tail.. 5. Wagyu steak: edible 6. Rice: why did rice come last ?? Why?? As Asian going to Asian restaurant, why does the fried rice came last?? In conclusion, might not come back to the place and now understood why the 3.1 stars. For the price you paid, spend it better @ some Chinese restaurant with fresher ingredients, now I have food poisoning. Thanks but won't come again.

Norsk Bar & Kitchen

Sydney CBD

Teniwa dined on Mon, 25th Jul 2016 (7)

Monday set menu was a value for money however for Monday dining the amount of food was rather overwhelming.

Bamiyan Afghan Cuisine

Five Dock

Teniwa dined on Sun, 8th May 2016 (8)

Ordered a few entrees and mains with almond and carrots pillow rice. Yum yum yum. The lamb shish kebab like was divine.



Teniwa dined on Fri, 26th Feb 2016 (8)

Renovating the toilet but not fuss about it as toilet is very clean and well maintained. If website courses menu can be updated that would be great.