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Gianni's Kitchen


Jeff dined on Sat, 17th Nov 2018 (3)

wow, just like Italy, they look at you like you're nuts if you ask for whisky. Salad was a hand full of leaves and half a small tomato. Drinks were too small and WAY too dear. Attention from the staff just didn't make up for the meal. Heard it was good....Bet we ordered the wrong thing... Pizza's looked good as they went past.

Blue Orchid Thai


Jeff dined on Sat, 7th Oct 2017 (10)

the place is small and intimate if also a little dated. service was adequate for our visit and I've seen them step it up on busier nights. food was perfect as always....can't imagine a trip to Caloundra without eating there.

Portabella Restaurant

Albany Creek

Jeff dined on Tue, 4th Oct 2016 (9)

We went to dinner on a slow night. I rated them "9's" because you always hope there's more to look forward to, but if they can produce what they gave us on their busy nights they deserve "10".

The Bistro - Broncos Leagues Club

Red Hill

Jeff dined on Thu, 24th Mar 2016 (0)

There must have been some disaster in the kitchen or purchasing stock........Broncos is not this bad.......the seafood supplied was pathetic with very little to choose from, most other meals were dry, overcooked and they ran out of many of the dishes in spite of being under half capacity at 7.00pm. If I didn't know better from past experience I'd think this was the worst possible place to go for a buffet, even the staff seemed unhappy about how the night was unfolding....WHAT HAPPENED?