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Capriccio Osteria


Marjorie dined on Thu, 8th Aug 2019 (7)

It was a very busy night and we were seated outside, so the service was a little slow. Food was fine.

The Prophet Restaurant

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Fri, 5th Jul 2019 (9)

We're regulars at this restaurant! The lady fingers are delicious, service is always good.

Kahve & Friends


Marjorie dined on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 (10)

It is my favourite Turkish restaurant in Sydney and I'm so glad it's only 10 minute walk from my house, I try to bring different groups of friends here every month! The food is always delicious and as a pescetarian, I'm so glad they have many delicious veggie and seafood options.

Rey's Place


Marjorie dined on Wed, 10th Apr 2019 (9)

This was my fourth visit, but the first time I tried their Eat All You Can menu on Wednesday nights. Delicious food as always, the turon dessert was a highlight!

Jimbaran Restaurant


Marjorie dined on Sat, 6th Apr 2019 (7)

There was 7 of us, the meals came out very slowly, one hour after ordering to be in fact. We had to get to a comedy show after dinner so we ended up canceling the last meal that was still being prepared. There was no explanation for the delay. 4 out of 7 people were dissatisfied with their meals, such a shame.


Sydney CBD

Marjorie dined on Wed, 9th Jan 2019 (9)

It was our third visit to Anason after quite some time. We ordered the simit, labne, ricotta, patlican (eggplant), octopus, 'stuffed' zucchinis and barramundi dishes. We liked all of them except for the stuffed zucchinis, found them too watery.

Kahve & Friends


Marjorie dined on Wed, 19th Dec 2018 (10)

This was my fifth visit to Kahve and Friends, I adore this place and so glad it's only a 10 minute walk from my house. It's only been open for a couple of months and is still quiet on some evenings, which baffles me as the Turkish food they serve up is absolutely delicious. You won't find kebab on their menu but for the meatlovers, their lamb, sucuk and chicken dishes would suffice. Plenty of delicious vegetarian meals too, their eggplant dishes and boreks are to die for! I'm also a big fan of their newest dish, prawn raki. Yum!


Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Thu, 6th Dec 2018 (8)

It was our second visit to Gogyo, we went with 2 other friends. The second visit wasn't as good compared to the first one. The other friends didn't enjoy their meals as much either. The service was slow this evening.

Priscillas at The Imperial Erskineville


Marjorie dined on Thu, 15th Nov 2018 (10)

Amazing vegetarian food and the buñuelas (dessert) were to-die-for. I would happily return to this neighbourhood gem.

Filema Greek Dining


Marjorie dined on Thu, 26th Jul 2018 (10)

Wonderful service from Nick as always. Great Greek wine too!

Encasa Restaurant Pitt Street

Sydney CBD

Marjorie dined on Sat, 3rd Mar 2018 (9)

I had lunch here with my family and partner. I hadn't been to a Spanish tapas restaurant in a while and I've gotta say, I was impressed with the quality of the food. We ordered 4 seafood tapas (scallops were to die for) and the seafood paella. All of them were delicious! We'll return!

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 (8)

I'm a regular here, have loved every meal.

Filema Greek Dining


Marjorie dined on Wed, 24th Jan 2018 (10)

We came here with a friend who's been before. We all enjoyed our meals and the service was top-notch. We ended up sharing a traditional Greek drink with one of the owners We would have stayed longer but we all had work the next day!

Bad Hombres

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Sat, 20th Jan 2018 (9)

When I first heard about the cuisine (vegetarian Mexican-Japanese fusion), I was ambivalent, but I'm so glad I tried it out in the end after a vegetarian riend's recommendation. We ordered the charred corn with Japanese mayo, another entree, zucchini flowers and cauliflower dishes, all delicious!!

Manly Pizza & Wine


Marjorie dined on Fri, 19th Jan 2018 (8)

We were a big group (12), which seeme to have overwhelmed the staff, but apart from that, we all enjoyed our meals.

Mama Rosy's


Marjorie dined on Sat, 23rd Dec 2017 (9)

The restaurant has a warm and welcoming feel to it. Food and service were both great, I will return.

Rey's Place


Marjorie dined on Fri, 22nd Dec 2017 (9)

Delicious, authentic Filipino food with a twist. Great decor, atmosphere and service too! i recommend the grilled squid, kare-kare, okoy and lechon. I'll be back!

Isaac Restaurant


Marjorie dined on Fri, 8th Dec 2017 (8)

The food was excellent and the service was mostly good, but I wish we had been told that when they offered still water, it meant bottled water. My friend and I assumed it was tap water. We were shocked to see $10 for water on our bill.



Marjorie dined on Fri, 17th Nov 2017 (10)

I always have a great meal at Kindred!

Bay Hong

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Fri, 3rd Nov 2017 (8)

My meal was delicious!

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Sat, 28th Oct 2017 (9)

Pasta Emilia is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Sydney, always love coming back here for a nice meal.

Atom Thai Restaurant


Marjorie dined on Fri, 6th Oct 2017 (9)

I always get a great meal at Atom Thai!

Steki Taverna


Marjorie dined on Wed, 4th Oct 2017 (9)

This was my fourth or fifth visit, been going to Steki's for a couple of years now, it never disappoints!

Almond Bar


Marjorie dined on Wed, 27th Sep 2017 (10)

It was my second visit, a first for the rest of the group. We loved it all!


Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Fri, 1st Sep 2017 (9)

Keep up the good work!! The meals we ordered were mostly good, the braised eggplant could have been more tender though.

Sicilian Parramatta


Marjorie dined on Sun, 14th May 2017 (6)

The service was very slow, we went on Mother's Day and the owners should have put on extra staff considering the occasion. Also the food were ok at best. If you want to order margarita pizza, go elsewhere. My mother ordered it and it was very bland, it didn't even have basil on it!


Sydney CBD

Marjorie dined on Thu, 11th May 2017 (9)

I was very pleased with the quality of the food, but as someone who has spent some time in Sri Lanka, I was expecting for some of the dishes to be a little spicier. I do take into consideration that Indu is not a traditional Sri Lankan restaurant, so I believe they're trying to cater to a broader, more Western palate. Next time I visit, I'll be sure to ask them to make my dishes more spicier.

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Sat, 22nd Apr 2017 (9)

This was my fourth visit to Pasta Emilia, but this was the first time I went there for dinner. I usually order the tortellini with truffle sauce but this time I went for the linguine with squid ink and octopus, DELICIOUS! As much as I love the pumpkin tortellini with truffle sauce, I do find the portion a little small for the price. However, the linguine portion AND quality were both on point. The rest of the group enjoyed their meals. Service could have been a lil faster, but overall, it was another good dining experience at Pasta Emilia for me.

Cubby's Kitchen


Marjorie dined on Fri, 31st Mar 2017 (8)

Great night out with friends!

The Butler Potts Point

Potts Point

Marjorie dined on Sun, 12th Mar 2017 (9)

Great dining experience, will return!

Almond Bar


Marjorie dined on Fri, 10th Mar 2017 (9)

Very delicious food, thank you! I will come back.

Bamiyan Afghan Cuisine

Five Dock

Marjorie dined on Sun, 12th Feb 2017 (9)

Bamiyan was my first Afghan food experience, I loved all the dishes we ordered. I mostly eat vegetarian food so I was very happy to see a number of vegetarian options on the menu. We ordered the Ashaak (Chives dumplings, the Borani Banjan (eggplant), a chickpea dish and Saab Paneer, the Afghan version of Palak Paneer. The naans and rice with almonds were delicious too!

Port Bar Restaurant


Marjorie dined on Wed, 18th Jan 2017 (8)

This was our second time at this restaurant. My mother and I tried their risotto and linguine dishes. The quantity of both dishes were very generous, the taste was ok. The non-pasta meals ordered by our 2 fellow diners were more delicious.

Ashcrofts Bistro


Marjorie dined on Sat, 14th Jan 2017 (9)

Best homemade gnocchi I've ever had!! My partner also enjoyed his meal a lot. Thank you!

Cake Wines Cellar Door


Marjorie dined on Thu, 17th Nov 2016 (8)

Great dinner tonight, we loved the $20 wine and pizza deal.

Old City Kitchen & Bar


Marjorie dined on Thu, 29th Sep 2016 (9)

The shanklish was excellent, the vegetarian platter was ok but we thought in terms of what was on the platter, $40 was too much. We had a great dinner overall, it's a new restaurant, I wish them all the best!

Pasta Emilia

Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Sun, 25th Sep 2016 (9)

Great decor, loved the aperol spritz, tiramisu and the excellent, organic meals.



Marjorie dined on Sun, 8th Nov 2015 (9)

Great food!

Luyu & Yum Yum


Marjorie dined on Thu, 24th Sep 2015 (8)

Good job!



Marjorie dined on Tue, 30th Jun 2015 (9)

The food and cocktails were very delicious. My only problem is the theming, the decorators tried too hard with the 'bombed out' look - holes in the ceiling and along the staircase, peeling wallpapers. It felt too contrived for my friends and I. The lighting was perfect though.


Surry Hills

Marjorie dined on Fri, 16th Aug 2013 (2)

The portions could be bigger, considering how much we're paying. Also, the arroz con mariscos was tasteless.