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Tandoori Palace


Ana dined on Wed, 19th Dec 2018 (7)

Great Indian place on Oxford street - good for a casual meal and reliable food!


Surry Hills

Ana dined on Sat, 24th Nov 2018 (9)

Authentic taste whilst still being Thai food with a twist. Attentive service and were quite quick with bringing out the food which is especially good when you’re hungry pacing - adequate serving sizes and lovely space. Even the sharing tables were ok !


Sydney CBD

Ana dined on Wed, 14th Nov 2018 (10)

Just a normal dinner with two girlfriends on an ordinary weeknight - made special by the omakase and meticulous nature of this place. "Omotenashi" embodied.

SEFA Kitchen


Ana dined on Tue, 6th Nov 2018 (8)

Tasty food - service was ok - serving sizes are good too so don’t be tempted to over order!

Kid Kyoto

Sydney CBD

Ana dined on Thu, 11th Oct 2018 (8)

Would have expected actual fish on the watermelon “sashimi” instead of paying for rather overpriced watermelon but all the other food made up for it - pork hock was the highlight!

The Malaya

Darling Harbour

Ana dined on Wed, 26th Sep 2018 (9)

Great food - very tasty - attentive service. Bit loud - but great atmosphere nonetheless.


Sydney CBD

Ana dined on Sat, 22nd Sep 2018 (6)

I think ala carte might be better value than the feed me menu- really enjoyed this place two years ago but wish I chose my dishes instead of feed me menu

Billy Kwong

Potts Point

Ana dined on Fri, 21st Sep 2018 (10)

Great atmosphere, fantastic food and service. I had my birthday there and brought my family and it did not disappoint - also loved the understated touch of Kylie serving the food to us and a smile :)

Billy Kwong

Potts Point

Ana dined on Thu, 9th Aug 2018 (10)

Loved it - went for my birthday and was a great place to celebrate.

Zushi Barangaroo

Sydney CBD

Ana dined on Sun, 5th Aug 2018 (7)

Great place for a catch up with a girlfriend - actually really good Japanese cuisine and great table settings. Probably best to go with a jacket if you’re sitting outside but they did also provide blankets. Food is quite authentic and they also put a twist on old time favourite Japanese dishes

Moorish Blue

Mcmahons Point

Ana dined on Sat, 15th Jul 2017 (8)

Really great food and service. They served our entrees and mains really quickly though so dinner was over in a flash! Luckily we were starving :) was very tasty though!


Sydney CBD

Ana dined on Sat, 13th May 2017 (10)

This place was just incredible. Understated, meticulous, homely and on point with Japanese Australian fusion. This place took just the right amount of liberty to create unquie but tasty Japanese cuisine in a minimalist and warm setting. The only thing that I would have changed were our noisy neighbors on the other table - but food and service was fantastic. I almost don't want to tell people about this new gem in my neighborhood so I can keep it to myself to enjoy.