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Le Bon Ton


Vaughan dined on Sun, 2nd Sep 2018 (9)

Great food and atmosphere. Drinks a little bit expensive but food quality great and service was excellent. Highly recommended.

Rosebank North

Ringwood North

Vaughan dined on Sun, 4th Feb 2018 (8)

Nice setting and restaurant. Just needs to cater a little better for children. They have a “hidden” kids menu but no free drinks or ice cream. Everything else was great other than that. Suburban gem.

Olivigna Restaurant at Pietro Gallo Estate


Vaughan dined on Fri, 22nd Dec 2017 (6)

For the prices you pay the food is not up to that standard. I expect better quality and options. The service was better this time around and the views are lovely.

Carlos Cantina Croydon


Vaughan dined on Wed, 20th Sep 2017 (9)

Love going back to this place. Can always guarantee nice food and drinks for a cheap price, a good atmosphere and not too noisy so you can actually talk to your friends. Great for friends or family occasions.

TGI Fridays - Forest Hill

Forest Hill

Vaughan dined on Thu, 27th Jul 2017 (8)

Was great food but was slightly let down by a hiccup with a drink order that took a few goes to get resolved. They did end up offering the drink for free which was great. Kids enjoyed it mostly except their kids meals are a bit on the ordinary side especially the pasta meals. They need to spruce them up or take them off the menu.


Albert Park

Vaughan dined on Thu, 8th Jun 2017 (7)

Listed as $35 a head we clearly spent $50-60. We also never received 10% off offer from Dimmi on our meal. I did forget to ask for it but I shouldn't have to.

Hunter & Barrel - Eastland


Vaughan dined on Fri, 5th May 2017 (8)

Really enjoyable lunch menu and good value with the glass of wine or beer included.

Carlos Cantina Croydon


Vaughan dined on Wed, 15th Mar 2017 (7)

A nice update to an old favourite. Great value local restaurant with good food and drinks. You could not leave there hungry!

Hunter & Barrel - Eastland


Vaughan dined on Mon, 19th Dec 2016 (9)

Quality meat dishes at a reasonable price. Could do with some more dessert choices though.