Priscilla Teo

Account Manager in Subiaco
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Juniper & Bay


Priscilla dined on Mon, 20th Nov 2017 (9)

Everything was great except the tables were too close together and the place was noisy with echoing sounds from conversations from other tables. Food was excellent- the steak and duck mains were awesome and i loved the tripe pie and the shrimp entrees.

Mister Walker

South Perth

Priscilla dined on Sat, 7th Oct 2017 (8)

It was packed full and rather noisy but the food and service were good.

The Karalee on Preston


Priscilla dined on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 (6)

mussels were not fresh but the staff made efforts to recover and gave us another entree to replace it. good range of wines. good service.

Squires Loft Subiaco


Priscilla dined on Thu, 13th Apr 2017 (4)

Food was ok but not spectacular. Service was satisfactory.

Subiaco Hotel


Priscilla dined on Tue, 20th Dec 2016 (9)

It was a little noisy in the restaurant but otherwise, the food and service were excellent.