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Daisy's Milkbar


Eva dined on Thu, 23rd Aug 2018 (10)

What a fun evening. The staff were friendly and the food was filling and tasty.

Flying Fajita Sistas


Eva dined on Wed, 16th Aug 2017 (6)

The service and atmosphere were faultless. Sadly, the food was not what I expected. The Potato Tostones were supposed to be crispy smashed but were served whole and tasted like boiled potatoes (I abhor boiled potatoes as much as I adore crispy potatoes). Everything tasted OK but not something you couldn't whip up at home.

Via della Spiga

North Sydney

Eva dined on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 (10)

We had a superb night, as usual. The meals never disappoint and the staff are always friendly & charming no matter how busy the night is.

Via della Spiga

North Sydney

Eva dined on Thu, 29th Jun 2017 (10)

I am delighted we dined here! Just a few steps from the North Sydney station, it was very easy to get to. We ordered too many entrees with zero regrets. I settled on potato gnocchi with caramelized pumpkin - it was the best pumpkin I've ever tasted. My husband ordered a Como pizza with a sunny side up egg on it and it was delicious. Service was delightful; the ladies were friendly, fun and eager to see customers satisfied. We'll definitely be back.

Das Bierhaus Mona Vale

Mona Vale

Eva dined on Sun, 18th Jun 2017 (10)

The restaurant was warm & cozy on a chilly evening. Service was quick and friendly. The food was exactly what we had hoped for.



Eva dined on Sun, 19th Mar 2017 (10)

The location is great (just a short walk from Newtown Station) and service was attentive and friendly. The food was delicious and SPICY and my Pina Colada was full strength. We had a great time and appreciated the evening.

The Bavarian Parramatta


Eva dined on Tue, 28th Feb 2017 (10)

The evening at the Bavarian Bier Cafe was a wonderful experience. Service was polite, helpful and friendly, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was fun and lively. The woman who seated us was helpful in answering my many questions about the menu. (What's a meter of Schnapps? It's 12 45ml shots of your choice of Schnapps in the category - Specialitat or house - on a board.) She walked us through the beers and her suggestions were spot on. The sides we tried were all delicious. The creamy mash really was creamy, the red cabbage was just like Grandma used to make, the potato salad was warm and tasty and the apple compote was OMG tasty. The pork and chicken breast schnitzels were thin and crumbed well. The crispy pork belly had perfect crackling and the fatty layer was a perfect balance of melted moreness. Even the pretzels were a treat. I had visions of partaking in the Schnitzelmeister Challenge some time in the future but the Bavarian Tasting Platter disabused me of that fantasy. It was a busy Tuesday night - many nearby restaurants we passed on the way in were nearly empty - but when we arrived the outdoor seating area was easily half full and seating inside had a few empty tables, many with "Reserved" place holders. There was no background music but families and groups were laughing and there was pleasant chatter all around. The Bavarian Bier Cafe are generous with specials and it's a super way to test the waters and makes visiting definitely value for money.

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