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Moda Restaurant

Brisbane CBD

Keith dined on Wed, 7th Aug 2019 (9)

Nice Atmosphere

The Bavarian Toowoomba


Keith dined on Sat, 22nd Jun 2019 (8)

Food is always nice. We used this occasion for a quick bite before a show, served the purpose wonderfully

The Parkhouse Cafe

East Toowoomba

Keith dined on Sat, 18th May 2019 (3)

The cafe was busy when we arrived 9:00am we ordered at 9:11. We noticed lots of food being delivered but we knew our order would be sometime. Around 9:30ish we thought that some meals were being delivered to tables who had arrived after us but we were not 100%. At 9:44 meals were delivered to a table that had definitely arrived sometime after us. I asked one of the waitresses who quickly returned to inform us our meals were being plated so would be with us soon. When several other meals were being delivered we realised that the meals were not actually being plated but our order had obviously been forgotten, a little honesty would have been nice. At 9:57 (seems like a long time to plate 3 breakfasts) our meals were delivered by “I think” the manager who very insincerely apologised. We asked what happened “I don’t know but sorry for the delay” was his simplistic answer he quickly scuttled away. I guess a truthful answer to our original request should surely have been given we were quite aggrieved that honesty is not a value in the cafe. I also thought that given the time we had been waiting that the manager may have even made a modicum of effort to provide a reasonable reason for this delay we were obviously not important enough customers to make even a little effort for. This is the second time we have had problems like this, although I must say, this is the worst so far. I guess when an establishment makes you feel very unwanted maybe we should take the hint.

Absolute Grill


Keith dined on Fri, 3rd May 2019 (6)

Need to return to provide update

The Bavarian Broadbeach


Keith dined on Sat, 6th Apr 2019 (2)

Having been to other Bavarian Restaurants I guess we already has some expectations. This restaurant's food was much lower in quality, significantly lower in quantity, and more expensive even though the meals were smaller. (Note: My wife and I normally only share a meal when we dine at other Bavarian restaurants. At this particular Bavarian restaurant we had a meal and dessert and came away feeling our apperities were not completely satisfied).

The Parkhouse Cafe

East Toowoomba

Keith dined on Sun, 31st Mar 2019 (8)

Quaint place well situated with good food and service. Only thing to mention was our knives were quite blunt and had trouble cutting the Sour Dough Toast at Breakfast.

The Bavarian Toowoomba


Keith dined on Sat, 30th Mar 2019 (9)

Clean Setting with great service. Food Quality and Quantity both excellent.

Kingsleys Brisbane


Keith dined on Thu, 7th Nov 2013 (9)

As always food was very good. Service wass good and staff very friendly.

Restaurant Rapide

Camp Hill

Keith dined on Sat, 9th Feb 2013 (6)

Food was good, as normal. Unfortunately on this occassion our booking through Dimmi was not recieved by Rapide although original and follow up confirmations were recieved via email. As a result we were seated on the footpath which was not our expectations of the evening. However the owner/chef was accommadating to our situation. Service was friendly but clearly more staff are needed to cater for a full restaurant. This booking was made by us for our daughter and friends, who will think twice before returning again. (they all had dined at Rapide previously)

Restaurant Rapide

Camp Hill

Keith dined on Fri, 25th Jan 2013 (9)

Food and service were great again, but there was a large party of people who were very loud. We found the noise a bit uncomfortable.(like being in a pub)

Restaurant Rapide

Camp Hill

Keith dined on Wed, 16th Jan 2013 (9)

Staff were friendly and accomodating. Food was delicious.

Sea Salt

Spring Hill

Keith dined on Wed, 31st Aug 2011 (8)

Parking very difficult. Food excellent Mains reasonable price but entree and dessert expensive.

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