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Merima dined on Sun, 9th Dec 2018 (10)

All the food was an absolute culinary delight - we would have licked the plates if it was socially accepted! The ambiance also was lovely and reminded me very much of the meyhane in istanbul (the tiles, plates and the simit stand out the front). My family and I loved everything!

Pazar Food Collective

Hurlstone Park

Merima dined on Sat, 10th Nov 2018 (9)

Usually, pazar is my absolute favourite place to eat. The food is what my dreams are made of, and I’ve brought countless people here before. Unfortunately this time was definitely sub par. We came for my best friends birthday, and didn’t even order dessert but by the moment we finished our last mouthful we were ushered out due to the 90 min time limit. I understand you can’t have people staying overly lengthy periods, and it is a way to quicken the turnover, but unfortunately in comparison to my previous experiences here, this really dulled the experience. I would understand a 2 hour turnover, but 90 min is really not long enough. I hope this will be changed soon, or I’ll be rethinking whether I really want to bring guests with me here


Rose Bay

Merima dined on Wed, 17th Oct 2018 (10)

I’ve heard so much about Catalina and always assumed it was just a great atmosphere but food was mediocre. Boy was I wrong. Food was absolutely incredible, could not be faulted. I’ll be planning all of my next special occasions here!

The Meat & Wine Co Circular Quay

Sydney CBD

Merima dined on Fri, 12th Oct 2018 (8)

It was my first time coming to the Circular Quay Meat and Wine (I usually only go to Barangaroo), and the atmosphere was much more dark and dingy than Barangaroo. It had more of that “bar” after work drinks kinda feel. Food was good as usual, though service was a little lacklustre - although this is probably just more noticeable when comparing to Barangaroo’s outstanding service

The Botanica Vaucluse


Merima dined on Sat, 11th Aug 2018 (8)

Beautiful ambience and amazing interior. Food is a little limited, but delicious none the less!

The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo


Merima dined on Sun, 3rd Dec 2017 (9)

Just simple, amazing food and a beautiful ambience! We did get overcharged 2 meals we didn't have (extra $70) which did dampen the amazing service a little, and although we completely accept this was an honest mistake, these things should be looked over a little more carefully! All in all though, the food is impeccable!

Fratelli Fresh Alexandria


Merima dined on Sat, 2nd Dec 2017 (5)

Not bad, but also just a very average meal in an almost pub like/rowdy setting

Pazar Food Collective

Hurlstone Park

Merima dined on Wed, 20th Sep 2017 (10)

As always, I can't harp on enough about this place! Have never taken one person here who hasn't absolutely loved it! Perhaps some traditional Turkish/mexican music too would add a little to the ambience

Pazar Food Collective

Hurlstone Park

Merima dined on Fri, 1st Sep 2017 (10)

The food is unrivalled! This is definitely a gem, and worth the travel time it takes to get there! I would love perhaps some cushions etc on the seats to maintain the rustic feel - but add perhaps a little comfort. After a 2 hour seating on metal chairs, it tends to become quite uncomfortable (this is only the smallest criticism)



Merima dined on Sat, 24th Jun 2017 (9)

Amazing food and ambience! Will definitely be back!