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Pascale Bar & Grill

Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Thu, 4th Jul 2019 (9)

Had the amazing wagyu steak that was recommended by the waitress. The sauce with truffles was delicious. Service was very attentive. Highly recommended.



Mayni dined on Wed, 3rd Jul 2019 (7)

A little on the pricey side but you get the quality for it.



Mayni dined on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 (8)

2nd time back. They added some lit up words on the wall which killed the intimate decor abit (maybe use dimmer globes?). Ordered 2 pastas - one was alot better than the other as it needed abit more seasoning. Pasta was cooked to perfection though.

Da Guido 365

Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Mon, 15th Apr 2019 (9)

Ordered one of the pasta dishes and it was cooked to perfection (despite it being a bit on the oily side). The ambience and décor isn't much but would go back for the food.


Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Fri, 5th Apr 2019 (10)

Service was impeccable. The wagyu special was cooked to perfection but could maybe do with some carb or vege on the plate too. It was a good thing we also ordered salad on the side. All in all, it was a good experience and I would come back.



Mayni dined on Thu, 7th Feb 2019 (10)

Cosy place with great food and drinks. Came here with the 50% offer and couldn't fault the food at all. Definitely will be back.

Campari House

Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Tue, 29th Jan 2019 (9)

Service was great!

Prohibition Food & Wine


Mayni dined on Tue, 22nd Jan 2019 (10)

Great service, good food! Highly recommended.

Henry and the Fox

Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Tue, 22nd Jan 2019 (8)

Went for the 50% off lunch deal. Food was good (a little oily for my pasta, but otherwise, can't fault it).

The Meat & Wine Co. South Yarra

South Yarra

Mayni dined on Mon, 21st Jan 2019 (2)

Was not happy with this deal. Admittedly, it was my fault for not seeing that it was technically NOT a 50% off deal but a specially catered menu that they say is 50% cheaper than what they would charge for. So, fine. I went with it. Noticed on the set menu that one of the entrees was lamb which I do not take so I asked them to substitute it with another meat or for another dish of equal value. They refused. Instead, they said, we can give you two serve of the bruschetta instead. Seriously? You're supposed to be an upmarket establishment and you can't make any allowances?? The steak that came was cooked to perfection but it was not the best piece of steak - definitely not a $50 steak (the set menu is supposed to be valued at $100). Disappointed. Could have gone to a local pub and gotten a better deal. Moral of story - beware of dodgy establishments that try to give you "50% off" but it's actually not. I was at Kobe Jones last week with the same deal that DID actually honour the 50% off the menu and SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT. GO THERE INSTEAD.

Imbue Food & Wine


Mayni dined on Fri, 18th Jan 2019 (7)

Good food and wine. Service was a little hit and miss.

Kobe Jones Melbourne


Mayni dined on Fri, 11th Jan 2019 (10)

Great service and nice views (we had window seats). Ordered the set for 2 and with the 50% discount, was a bargain. Highly recommended.



Mayni dined on Thu, 7th Jun 2018 (6)

Service was decent but could have been better. some of the dishes too generous with the salt.



Mayni dined on Thu, 17th May 2018 (10)

Happy with the food and service


Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Wed, 31st Jan 2018 (7)

steak was too salty but cooked well

San Lorenzo

Moonee Ponds

Mayni dined on Fri, 5th Jan 2018 (7)



Melbourne CBD

Mayni dined on Thu, 4th Jan 2018 (7)

service was good despite the crowd. A bit pricey for quality of food though.

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