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Tokyo Laundry


Helen dined on Fri, 7th Dec 2018 (8)

Nice chilled atmosphere. Food was nice and light but not many options

Balmoral Hotel

Victoria Park

Helen dined on Thu, 22nd Nov 2018 (6)

Very quick service and decent food

Solo Pasta

Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Mon, 12th Nov 2018 (5)

The place was extremely noisy which made it difficult to talk. The serving sizes were not very generous, you’d have to pay extra for more pasta to feel satisfied

Khanna Indian Restaurant

Mount Hawthorn

Helen dined on Thu, 8th Nov 2018 (10)

Best Indian I’ve had in Perth! The food tasted so authentic: Service was a bit slow but they were understaffed and they were really friendly.

Cinnamon Vic Park

East Victoria Park

Helen dined on Thu, 27th Sep 2018 (4)

Service was extremely slow and food was average

The Langley

East Perth

Helen dined on Thu, 13th Sep 2018 (7)

Authentic Malaysian food

Hangout on 20 Preston


Helen dined on Thu, 6th Sep 2018 (10)

Really cute spot - perfect for a date night and the food servings were very generous. Lovely wait staff too :)

The Precinct

East Victoria Park

Helen dined on Thu, 30th Aug 2018 (9)

Great food but the servings were smaller than the last time we went and didn't seem as good...

The Precinct

East Victoria Park

Helen dined on Thu, 26th Jul 2018 (10)

Great food with generous serving sizes

Joe's Wine and Dine


Helen dined on Wed, 18th Jul 2018 (10)

Great food and lovely atmosphere


Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Sat, 30th Jun 2018 (2)

We came as a group of 4 with the Dimmi special and each ordered the "Fez Meal Deal" on the menu. However, we realised upon inspection of the receipt that we had been charged for each add-on individually and ended up spending an extra $16 together. I emailed the Manager asking if it was a mistake but they said that the Dimmi deal cancels out the fez meal deal. We were never informed of this by the staff and it is certainly not displayed as a "special" on the menu as it looks like any other item so there was no way we could have known. I find this extremely deceptive and will not come back here.

Papa Sweet Tooth - Authentic Vietnamese Food

East Victoria Park

Helen dined on Thu, 28th Jun 2018 (8)

Doesn't look too impressive from the outside but it's exactly the kind of place you can find some good authentic, cheap Vietnamese food.

Street Eats Eatery

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Thu, 21st Jun 2018 (7)

Nice quiet spot near horseshoe bridge. Great place for a drink with a few small plates to share


Mount Lawley

Helen dined on Sat, 9th Jun 2018 (9)

great food and friendly service

The Hyde Park Hotel

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Fri, 18th May 2018 (6)

Friendly Service but food was not the best - Fries came out slightly cold and undercooked in the middle

Lanna Thai Cuisine


Helen dined on Thu, 10th May 2018 (8)

Good food and friendly staff

The Beach Club


Helen dined on Sat, 5th May 2018 (7)

Food not great and overpriced but nice spot for parties/groups



Helen dined on Thu, 3rd May 2018 (6)

The food was average but at least the staff were really friendly



Helen dined on Sun, 22nd Apr 2018 (7)

Good food but It would have been nice if everything out together. There was a huge delay between some of our dishes

Queens Tavern


Helen dined on Thu, 12th Apr 2018 (8)

Noisy inside but good food

Queens Tavern


Helen dined on Fri, 6th Apr 2018 (8)

Great food. a bit noisy inside

Cheeky Sparrow

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Thu, 5th Apr 2018 (8)

Good pizza and friendly staff

Daddy Long Legs Bar

East Victoria Park

Helen dined on Fri, 23rd Mar 2018 (7)

Nice tapas style food. Do not get the Banh Mi

Thai Orchid @ Perth

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 (9)

Great service and food. Friendly staff and the food came out within 5-10 minutes of ordering. Really nice atmosphere too - probably one of the more "authentic" Thai places you'll find within the CBD area

Amano Restaurant

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 (3)

We waited for over 20 minutes just to get our orders taken. There was only one waitress working the floor but even after she said she'd come back to take our orders, we saw her stop to clear some tables first which is not a priority when there are customers waiting. It was then another 20 minute wait for our food which was overpriced and bland. Nice views but would not come back here.

Recipe Restaurant

East Perth

Helen dined on Fri, 19th Jan 2018 (6)

Good food but pricey when full price

Heirloom Restaurant & Bar

East Perth

Helen dined on Wed, 10th Jan 2018 (7)

Food was good but definitely would not pay full price here. The place is nice but definitely has that 'hotel dining' feel. Staff were a bit inattentive - they kept bypassing us while we were trying to pay

Metro Indian Restaurant


Helen dined on Fri, 5th Jan 2018 (9)

Really good food and lovely staff. Bit pricey but good value with the Dimmi Special.

Junkboat Vietnamese


Helen dined on Thu, 28th Dec 2017 (9)

Good, cheap, and authentic Vietnamese food. The waitress did a good job looking after everyone despite being the only person working at a busy time.

Deen Street BBQ


Helen dined on Thu, 23rd Nov 2017 (6)

Food was ok but service was inattentive

The Kitchen on Cambridge


Helen dined on Thu, 16th Nov 2017 (8)

Great atmosphere and the lady who served us was really lovely.

Prince Lane

Perth CBD

Helen dined on Fri, 15th Sep 2017 (9)

I made a booking through Dimmi an hour ahead but they somehow didn't receive my booking. However, the staff were very accomodating and were more than happy to find a table for us and even carried up a table from downstairs. Excellent food and service and not too busy for a Friday night

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