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Lucky Lupitas

North Adelaide

gloria dined on Thu, 4th Jul 2019 (9)

Everything great but issue that would deter another visit with friends is their policy of no split bills, even 50/50 splits!! Excuse about only one machine and being difficult when busy is their issue to resolve, ie more checkout / eftpos machines etc. would be start. I would go again only if my partner and I, which is shame. Obviously they have enough customers and din’t need grow biz🥴 Note on this occasion due to this being first visit and venue almost empty, they agreed in this case to do 50/50😧

Belgian Beer Cafe Oostende

Adelaide CBD

gloria dined on Sat, 16th Mar 2019 (8)

Good but bit noisy but then again, it’s popular busy area in city so all same in terms busy

Manto Cafe


gloria dined on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 (9)

really good pizza but must say, their in-house baked cakes are to-die for. Orange cake magnificent....

Singh Thai Restaurant

Adelaide CBD

gloria dined on Thu, 5th Jul 2018 (10)

lovely friendly staff and super efficient. Casual and warm atmosphere inside - very pleasant and good food. Very handy location, easy for transport.

The Brompton


gloria dined on Fri, 16th Mar 2018 (8)

food great, no issue wine options. First impression, parking terrible. waitress staff not ‘fine dining’ experienced, good/friendly/attentive but bit clumsy. Front bar unattractive, very ‘Friday mates drinks’ atmosphere. Use to have pleasant ambience initially but change furnishing not been good. Looks worn/tired.

River Cafe

Adelaide CBD

gloria dined on Fri, 9th Mar 2018 (10)

lovely atmosphere

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