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Cape Restaurant (Cape Shanck RACV)

Cape Schanck

Nathalie dined on Mon, 19th Nov 2018 (8)

Wonderfully informed and warm service in a lovely setting. We loved that the menu was on the smaller side. Prices are reasonable and both quality & portion sizes are great. A good wine list with a heavy local slant for those that way inclined. Our fish (main) was cooked beautifully and our kangaroo tartare starter was delicious. Our one and only comment for improvement was that the lovely hapuka was overwhelmed by the intensity of the mushrooms and the saltiness of the dashi. A bit of an imbalance easily adjusted though in an otherwise lovely dish.

Tulum Restaurant


Nathalie dined on Wed, 14th Nov 2018 (6)

Food: we had the Taste of Tulum. At half price, 7 courses is an amazing deal. No question. At full price, however, we wouldn’t have been happy. Two of the dishes (the beef short ribs & the octopus) were delicious and well executed- especially the short ribs course. The other five dishes, however, were disappointing. Nothing was terrible, don’t get me wrong. There was just an overall lack in cohesion and harmony... with each of these five dishes we felt there were elements on each plate that were at odds with other elements. Considering the (full) price and that they recently received a ‘hat’, we expected more. We did note that most of our dishes were comprised of elements from various dishes on their a la carte menu (ie the protein from one dish with components from other dishes). Beverage: we had a non-alcoholic drink, a pomegranate mocktail. It was delicious. Could drink it everyday! Service: friendly, efficient and attentive. There was one hiccup with a dietary (non-allergen) that was stated prior to service beginning that ended up being served to us anyway. BUT more importantly, the staff dealt with it professionally and courteously, apologising for the oversight and offering to replace it. Given that it was a choice and not an allergy, we kept the dish. The one tiny comment we have from a service standpoint was that we couldn’t understand one of our two waiters when he described the dishes as he spoke quickly with a heavy accent. Otherwise, both waiters were great.

Prahran Hotel


Nathalie dined on Fri, 10th Aug 2018 (10)

We had a great time and would definitely recommend the Prahran Hotel! The staff are just lovely - friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The food came out quickly and was simply delicious! Even better than we remembered. A single point of improvement: the “DJ” was pretty random.

Petit Tracteur

Main Ridge

Nathalie dined on Sun, 19th Nov 2017 (10)

The food was great although there was room for a little bit of improvement - overall it was delicious and we were very very happy. Could not fault the wonderful service and the beautiful space. Would most definitely recommend and we’ll most definitely be back.

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