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Meat and Grill Restaurant

Surry Hills

Menka dined on Sat, 6th Jul 2019 (2)

Horrible dining experience. The wait staff knew nothing about the menu. The ribs were burnt. No sauce. The medium done steak was chewy. The vegan burger has processed cheese. The banana split had no banana. How are you guys open !!

Bondi Pizza Macquarie

Macquarie Park

Menka dined on Wed, 3rd Jul 2019 (8)

Felt rushed. Service was slow. Pasta was bland - mushroom chicken. Sicilian pizza was outstanding.

Dosa Hub

Five Dock

Menka dined on Sun, 23rd Jun 2019 (7)

Okay so 17 dollars for a dosa, it's a joke!! Service is atrocious. Food is alright, average to the most. Overpriced definitely. There are better restaurants to dine at in comparison example manjits etc

Riverside Thai Restaurant


Menka dined on Sat, 1st Jun 2019 (9)

We had the set menu. Each and every dish was an explosion of flavour in your mouth. Large quantities so select wisely. I would return here monthly !!

Anema e Core Sydney


Menka dined on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 (10)

The pizzas were amazing. Especially the spicy one. The mozzarella for the starters was too oily and bland. Even the tiramisu was boring. We did not try the pasta.

Riverside Thai Restaurant


Menka dined on Thu, 18th Apr 2019 (10)

Absolutely amazing set menu. Each and every dish was outstanding

Eastside Bar + Grill


Menka dined on Fri, 12th Apr 2019 (10)

Probably the best steak I have had in Sydney !! The gnocchi was exceptional as well

Last Train To Bombay

Crows Nest

Menka dined on Sun, 3rd Feb 2019 (8)

Found this place among other restaurants in crows nest for a weekday late night dinner. We dined in an empty restaurant so yes the service was impeccable. We ordered the biryani which to be honest tasted quite ordinary. Like a premixed spice packet was probably used. Now for the positives. We ordered the chicken 65 to begin with. Wiped it out in 45 seconds. The most beautiful juicy and perfectly cooked and spiced chicken 65 in Sydney. Trust me when I say this, I have had 65 chicken 65s in Sydney. This is the best so far. The nihari and the jungle chicken was second on our hall of fame. Gosh the protein was succulent melt in your mouth goodness. The garlic naan soaked the lick your fingers good curry and the spice level was perfection. Yes we are coming back !!

Corbett & Claude Rhodes


Menka dined on Sat, 2nd Feb 2019 (7)

Okay so we went there in a group for a late night Italian dinner. Ordered quite a lot for 6 people. Portions are tiny for starters 1. Calamari - cooked to perfection. Crunchy on the outside. Creamy on the inside. Perfectly seasoned We ended up ordering it twice. 2. Chicken bites - salt burst. 3. The Gardner salad - absolutely yum. Perfectly blended salad dressing and the juicy seasoned chicken on top is absolutely perfect 4. Creamy mushroom pasta - absolutely dry, the pasta was undercooked. Boring dosh 5. The fireman pizza- soggy base, jar jalapenos, spice level is acceptable but overall just an average pizza. 6. The forager - soggy base, where is my truffle oil at eh? Boring pizza. Lacked flavour 7. The assistant - finally they redeemed themselves. The flavours were spot on and the prosciutto was simply amazing. Fresh. Added an element of saltiness to the fresh leaves 8. The botanist - the onions was far too caramelized. That's all you can taste on the pizza. Perhaps add more feta to balance the flavours Not sure if we will return. It was a boring experience and after the discount we still ended up paying 26pp

Nawaz Flavour of India


Menka dined on Fri, 18th Jan 2019 (7)

Second time visit not as good. The lamb chops were burnt black, dry and tasteless. The chicken kadai on the flip side was exceptional. The biryani was boring, tasted like boxed ingredients. In terms of service they were exceptional. The restaurant is however cramped. We booked for 4 at 9pm. Look up at the air conditioning unit once you are there. You'll see what I mean when you start sweating mid day through your appetizer. Paying 28 dollars per curry, maybe we deserve some cold air ?!

Bhoomi Restaurant


Menka dined on Sun, 13th Jan 2019 (7)

Salt salt and more salt. Being an Indian myself I love salty, tangy and spicy food. But maybe this took it too far. Ordered the tandoori tasting platter, daal mutton, chicken jala, mushroom gravy, naans, ras malai and chai panacotta. I see the innovation in the names and description. I see the stunning interiors. I see the absolutely perfectly plated dishes. But for flavor i would have to give this place a 3!! The sweet dishes did not live up to our expectations either. With every bite all I tasted was sugar syrup, which to be honest was a relief after the salt that dehydrated me for the rest of the day.

Gringos Fresh Mexican Cantina


Menka dined on Sat, 29th Dec 2018 (10)

Second time visit. Possibly the best Mexican food in Sydney. Do try the quesadilla

Nawaz Flavour of India


Menka dined on Sat, 1st Dec 2018 (10)

Oh my gosh. We are Indians and we definitely have expectations. This restaurant went beyond our expectations and more. The goat handi, lamb chops and garlic naan with papdi chaat to start with. You can't go wrong. Perfectly cooked. Perfectly spiced. In love !!!

Gringos Fresh Mexican Cantina


Menka dined on Wed, 28th Nov 2018 (10)

Absolutely fantastic food. Authentic. We ate in complete silence. Each bite was an explosion of flavor. Definitely a weekly visit. Ordered the wings with the Mexican sauce. The gauc with chips. The pork burrito. The margarita. Portion size is incredible.

Coco Cubano Parramatta


Menka dined on Sat, 17th Nov 2018 (7)

So it was too loud to begin with. 16 degrees outside they had the aircon and fan blasting. We ordered the quesidella which was totally bland. The gauc lacked seasoning. Boring experience

Coco Cubano Top Ryde


Menka dined on Fri, 9th Nov 2018 (8)

Ordered the chicken burrito and corn chips with guacamole. The gauc was missing salt. The chips were raw. The burrito was bland. Got two jugs of sangria. Not a heavy drinker, two jugs later I was still making sense, not entirely certain about the alcohol percentage there. Meh experience.

Sahara by The Park


Menka dined on Wed, 31st Oct 2018 (8)

A bit overpriced. Exceptional service. Good quality meat and cooked to perfection

Dosa Hut Harris Park

Harris Park

Menka dined on Mon, 15th Oct 2018 (8)

Might be a bit overpriced. The butter chicken had a weird smell and taste to the chicken. The biryani was cooked perfectly and to die for. The fish starter was absolutely perfectly spiced and tasted amazing.

Capriccio Osteria


Menka dined on Wed, 10th Oct 2018 (10)

Probably the best Italian food I have had outside Italy. The chef is Italian and dishes out the best pasta in the world. Had the ravioli, the squid ink pasta and the prosciutto. Absolutely cooked to perfection and definitely locally sourced. So fresh. Loved every bite

The Bavarian Chatswood


Menka dined on Tue, 2nd Oct 2018 (7)

The pork was overcooked. Gravy to die for. Schnitzel was absolutely perfect.

The Cut Bar & Grill

The Rocks

Menka dined on Wed, 26th Sep 2018 (10)

Had the wagyu steak and the rump. Wiped it off the plate within minutes. It was melt in the mouth moment, which honestly is hard to achieve with meat. Heavenly beautiful and oh so delicious. Perfectly cooked, you guys will be seeing us often.

Ze Pickle Sydney

Surry Hills

Menka dined on Sun, 9th Sep 2018 (10)

The brisket in my burger was overcooked. The wings were to die for. We did double and triple patties in most burgers. 6 people dined in and we had enough left over for another six. Huge servings. Beef cooked to perfection. Chicken crispy on the outside juicy on the inside.