Bonny Bayne

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Gavroche Chippendale


Bonny dined on Thu, 12th Sep 2019 (9)

It is everything French Bistro should have - beautiful decor -amazing food -quality wines thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Olio Kensington Street


Bonny dined on Mon, 2nd Sep 2019 (10)

Absolutely amazing. The food was the perfect mix of complex flavours. The service was impeccable and it was an amazing experience.

Kid Kyoto

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Tue, 20th Aug 2019 (9)

sticky corn ribs, katsu bao and caramlised pork hock the highlights. service was great. was a quiet night but we didn't mind as was not noisy and easy to catch up. only thing is found the drinks quite expensive.


Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Mon, 29th Jul 2019 (9)

10c wing night. Bargain at the price and were great to eat. Great atmosphere. Place had a nice buzz. Staff were efficient and friendly.


Crows Nest

Bonny dined on Tue, 23rd Jul 2019 (8)

Mushroom Bahar is wonderful and the Signature Butter Chicken. Everything is spiced beautifully. One small piece of feedback is for the waitresses to keep an eye on ensuring they clear the tables fully when people have finished eating.


Crows Nest

Bonny dined on Thu, 11th Jul 2019 (9)

The food was fantastic and the staff are so delightful. Everything tasted amazing. It took a little while for our main to come out and they were very apologetic and gave us a free dessert which was a very nice thing to do. Would highly recommend this place and we are booking to go back next week.

Kingsleys Woolloomooloo


Bonny dined on Thu, 4th Jul 2019 (8)

Waitress was great and very knowledgeable. Polenta dish needs smaller amount of cream and was pretty much cold when it got to the table. Nice concept but lacked a bit of atmosphere

Lotus - Galeries

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Mon, 24th Jun 2019 (6)

As we were 9 people we were seated on a large round table. The problem was that the doors were open and a breeze was blowing in right on where we were sitting. When we asked if we could move we were offered a private dining room if we spent over $500 and paid a 10% surchange on top of that. The restaurant was practically empty and it was insulting that they did not move us. We spent $400 by the way and would have spent double but we were so cold we ate and ran. Sometimes it is just about good service and accommodating people when it is really cold and you have the space. We were supposed to have another team lunch there next week. We have cancelled.

Mach2 by Machiavelli

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Fri, 8th Feb 2019 (8)

Food was impeccable. They ran out of prawns which was disappointing. Service was okay, they constantly forgot to bring things like our drinks or were very slow to bring bottle of wine or clearing the table properly. That being said the waiters were very friendly and accommodating but considering the restaurant was not full service was a let down.

Bellucci Cucina

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Wed, 23rd Jan 2019 (8)

Service was attentive and quick. Albeit sometimes it found a little pushy. Food was fresh but overly oily corn. Calamari was light and fluffy.

Raavis Cumin

Crows Nest

Bonny dined on Tue, 22nd Jan 2019 (9)

Great service and the food was great. Very enjoyable

Fratelli Fresh Westfield Sydney

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Wed, 16th Jan 2019 (8)

Great food, service and cost effective. But noisy, can not hear yourself think. Don't go if you want an intimate catch-up.

Secolo Dining

Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Tue, 18th Dec 2018 (8)

Pizzas were very soggy in the middle, otherwise everything was great.


Surry Hills

Bonny dined on Tue, 23rd Oct 2018 (6)

Clean, fast and efficient.



Bonny dined on Thu, 25th Jan 2018 (10)

The staff were so friendly from the moment we walked in. Beef cheek curry amazing. We spend that much per head because we had a few cocktails and beers. Will definitely be back


Sydney CBD

Bonny dined on Thu, 18th Jan 2018 (8)

Could not fault the food at Graffiti. It was all cooked perfectly and presented beautifully. It's small but was not busy so really great for a work lunch.