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MJ dined on Sat, 10th Feb 2018 (10)

Anason was exceptional: the food, the service, the ambiance. I was so pleased that Anason ensured that my mother's birthday was that extra special. Thank you so much Anason - it was a memorable occasion and really appreciated by all.

Macleay Street Bistro

Potts Point

MJ dined on Fri, 2nd Feb 2018 (4)

I was really looking forward to eating at this French restaurant, considered one of the best Potts Point restaurants for 30+ years now. Our starter cocktail (a French martini) was made to perfection, our entrees (onion soufflé and garlic prawns) as well. Our mains were less impressive, but still good. Our deserts were tasty. My biggest disappointment was however the poor service. Barring one waiter who was good - thank you - the other two waiters who served us were inhospitable and at times quite rude: they made us feel unworthy of being there and being served and that, I'm afraid, left a sour taste in my mouth.

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