Belinda LEE

Big Foodie. Dinners and Brunch spots mainly.
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Estelle Bistro


Belinda dined on Sun, 3rd Jun 2018 (8)

Good dining experience.

Cafe Heide


Belinda dined on Sat, 28th Apr 2018 (6)

The atmosphere is nice at Café Heide to accompany the gallery. They tried their best with service, yet the waiting staff were slow at being attentive. We dined for 7, and 2 of the diners in my group waited 40 minutes past everyone eating mains before our meals were brought out. They were busy and there were not enough kitchen staff for the number of tables in the resturant. The food was good and we enjoyed it. However the wait time would not be worth it. I would recommend attending early before lunch rush.