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Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Avathar and Daisy dined on Tue, 16th Jul 2019 (9)

Six acres was a great experience again!! We started with Tuna entree and it was so delicious, filled with flavours and good portion size as well! Entree 2 - Scallops - This dish was perfectly cooked with great flavours and it went perfectly well with our other dishes. Mains 1 - Duck - It was perfectly cooked with good amount of sauce and potato gratin kinda thing on the side. Mains 2 Salmon with herb butter - This dish was good and the salmon was perfectly cooked. Dessert - Apple tart - Dessert was amazing and the tart base was delicious and it was so different from other tarts that we have tried. Will definitely be back again for more!!


South Bank

Avathar and Daisy dined on Fri, 28th Jun 2019 (10)

Bacchus is one of the most beautiful and unique restaurants we have ever been!!! People in Brisbane must try this GEM for every possible reasons. The experience felt like we were in a totally different world. The food is exceptionally delicious as they have given importance for every single aspect. Started the journey with some breads! Entree - Mushroom (with blackTruffle) - The mushroom broth was delicious and filled with flavours. Black truffle was perfectly matched with the dish and every bite of my entree was great! Mains - Lamb - Lamb was perfectly cooked with great flavours. The plate looked like an art with fabulous colours and amazing texture. Dessert 1 - Biscotto - The best and most delicious coffee based dessert I have ever tried. Every inch of this dessert was filled with flavours and it will just take you to another level. Dessert 2 - Coconut on the beach - Beautiful presentation with delicious flavours. Every bite of this dessert felt like OG in my mouth. Unique cocktails - First time experience in trying the bite cocktail. This was just amazing and the flavours on the mojito bite just explodes in your mouth (so refreshing with tons of flavours)!! We will definitely be back for more!!

The French Bistrot

West End

Avathar and Daisy dined on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 (5)

The French Bistrot was a good experience. The service from the staff were great and they suggested good dishes. The location is good but the restaurant is too compact and not fancy for the price charged. Value for money is not good unless you book through “The Fork” with 50% off. -> Prawn and Calamari with cheese & Salad - The prawns and calamari were cooked perfectly but the cheese sauce was too salty. The salad felt a bit old. 2/5 -> Grill Pork with roasted potatoes & salad - Pork was unevenly cooked with 50% mid rare and 50% Medium (not sure how they did that). The salad again is same old (a bit soggy). Potato’s were delicious with nicely seasoned. 2/5 -> Chicken pesto pasta - The pasta was cooked perfectly and the pesto dressing was delicious. Chicken was unevenly cooked with some part of being soft and some were super Hard. The veggies that was served was a Lebanese cucumber, but they serve it as Egg plant. 3/5 Totally, it was a good experience.

Racehorse Hotel


Avathar and Daisy dined on Sat, 6th Apr 2019 (6)

Racehorse hotel was an average experience. The location is great with tons of parking and the team were great and welcoming. When it comes to Food, The GrillHouse restaurant is not really a good option. We had dinner last night with the following dishes, -> Starters - Japanese fried chicken - The fried chicken had good flavours and they provided with som Japanese Mayo and Soy on the side. It went well but the quantity was a set back. 4/5 -> Pan fried Barramundi with roast potatoes - When we received this dish, the potatoes were under cooked and I cooked literally taste the rawness from the first bite and Fish skin was not crispy. We sent the dish back to be re-cooked, but all they did was MICROWAVE the whole plate which made the fish more softer and the potatoes came under cooked again!!!! 1/5 -> Portuguese Roast Chicken - The Chicken tasted really OLD and bad with NO SEASONING and no flavours. The salad was super sour, not sure how long it was outside and some part of the chicken was COLD. The Kumanan fried were good. 1/5 -> Dessert - Sticky date pudding - The pudding was super delicious as they topped it up with some Butterscotch sauce and praline crunch. It went perfectly well with the Vanilla gelato. The only set back was the plate was so dirty. 4/5 Totally, we would go back for just the Pudding (Dessert).

Dosa Hut Mt Gravatt

Mount Gravatt

Avathar and Daisy dined on Sat, 16th Mar 2019 (8)

Dosa hut was a good experience!! The location was great with good amount of parking. The team were good as well. Our food was served super quickly, so it was good. -> Chilli Chicken (dry) - The Chicken was really dry and felt like I was eating plastic. This dish is a popular dish in South India, considering that it should not be served pre made. 1/5 -> Samosa Chat - Samosa was really soggy (definitely not fresh), but the flavours were good. 2/5 -> Butter Chicken dosa - The dosa was a bit dry and the butter chicken was served on top of the dosa. Butter chicken was good. 3/5 -> Ghee podi Dosa - This dosa was perfectly made with good amount of ghee and podi. Nice and crispy with good flavours. 5/5 ->Ghee Podi idly - The idly was super soft and perfectly made. But the ghee and podi were just not enough (considering podi & ghee to be the main seasoning on the dish). 4/5 The chutney (Coconut & tomato) were great with delicious flavours. We would come back to try other dishes from Dosa Hut.

Corbett and Claude Garden City

Upper Mount Gravatt

Avathar and Daisy dined on Sat, 9th Mar 2019 (6)

Corbett & Claude was an Average experience!! The restaurant location is amazing with other nice restaurants & cafes. We booked our table 5 days ago through The Fork and when we got in, the restaurant had plenty of free tables, but the host decided to get us seated at an Dirty/ Uncleaned table (was uncomfortable as well). When we asked to change the table - She (the host on - 09/03) wouldn’t let us change it - but mentioned that other tables were booked. I even took few pictures of few tables outside that never got seated for another 2 hours. This is clearly not a good service (considering we reserved to dine in 5 days ago). -> Starter - Potato Fries with Parmesan & Truffle aioli - The Fries were amazing with good amount of seasoning and perfect portion of sauce. 5/5 -> Mains 1 - Penne Pesto Pasta - The pasta Was nicely cooked with great flavours. We added some chicken, so this made it delicious!! 4/5 -> Mains 2 - Garlic Prawns pasta - This pasta had fabulous flavours and it had a bit of chilli flavour that made the dish super delicious!! The Prawns were nice and tender and it was a perfect dish! 4/5 -> Dessert - Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla gelato - The brownie was delicious with good amount of nuts & chocolate chips in it. They served us Coconut gelato instead of Vanilla- which tasted a bit funny. 3/5 The service from the waiters were amazing as they suggested us with some good dishes. Considering the price, SERVICE and food - our experience was Average!!



Avathar and Daisy dined on Sat, 2nd Mar 2019 (3)

We tried IndiMex for the first time last night, it was a below average experience!! The restaurant was too busy because of the 50% off total food bill through “The Fork” and they only had 2 waiters for Serving, clearing tables, taking orders, billing/ Taking payments from the customers. It took 15 minutes for us to just order our food after being seated!! We ordered our food and we were served with starters first, -> Entree’ - Barramundi Fish Tikka - The fish was too expensive ($18) for the amount of portion served. We didn’t feel like it had much flavours either as it was Bland!! The plates they used to serve were disgustingly dirty!!! 1/5 -> Mains 1 - Garlic Prawns Taco - This dish was really great with nice flavours and good amount of portion. Good presentation with Beans, Salsa, Avocado!! They mentioned it was Guacamole - but it just tasted like Avocado purée. We loved this dish - 5/5 -> Mains 2 - Makhani - Butter Chicken - The gravy was perfect with great flavours and amazing texture but the meat was too hard to chew!! 4/5 -> Bread - Garlic Naan - The naan was in POOR texture and super DRY!! Garlic Naan usually must be well buttered with good flavours, but this Naan was Dry and we felt like we would CHOKE and one of the worst!! - 1/5 -> We had HAIR on our PRAWN TACO’s - which was disgusting and felt like throwing up!!! We didn’t want to make a fuss as they were busy but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE !! When we requested for the cheque - the promotion was not applied - The Fork - considering we made the reservation with the 50% off the food bill and we had to show the code for reservation Our experience was really BAD with this restaurant considering all the boxes that needs to be ticked!! We probably won’t come back to this restaurant !!!

Six Acres Restaurant & Bar

Bowen Hills

Avathar and Daisy dined on Tue, 26th Feb 2019 (10)

Six Acres experience was an absolute pleasure!!! Firstly, the area (location) where the restaurant is located is fabulous (Lane filled with amazing Bars & restaurants)! The restaurant was so easy to locate (next to Brisbane Showgrounds) and was very welcoming! The presentation was great with good amount of lights, people and other amenities. BRETT was a pleasure to deal with - He explained every part of the menu clearly and even gave us a bit of knowledge about the meat cuts and things!! One of the BEST fine dining restaurant’s we have ever been!!! -> Entree’- Yellow Fin Tuna - crusted in sesame seeds w/ watermelon, black olives & Wasabi aioli - The most DELICIOUS Tuna I have ever had, the dish was filled with amazing different flavours and we didn’t want to stop eating it - Perfect portion as well - 5/5 -> Mains 1 - Eye fillet (Medium - From the Grill) with Mushroom forest sauce - The meat was perfectly cooked with good amount of seasoning and flavours. Mushroom sauce was great and it went perfectly well with the Eye fillet! - 5/5 -> Mains 2 - 4 Point Rack of Lamb - Lamb was well cooked with good marination! Vegetable ratatouille, garlic & chive butter, wild forest mushrooms were NOT WELL Presented - and I got a bit of supermarket gravy taste with the sauce - considering the price of the dish ($49) - I would expect this to be well presented and well made - 3/5 -> Sides - Crunchy Fries with Parmigiana cheese and Truffle oil - I cannot believe I am saying this but, The BEST Fries I have ever had - It was absolutely DELICIOUS with perfect seasoning and parmigiana cheese - Cooked with perfection- really cannot wait to get back to eat it again!!! 5/5 -> Dessert - White Chocolate & Star Anise Brulée with Assorted berry compote, fresh cream - One of the BEST Brûlée’s we have ever had! The texture was fabulous with crusty layer on top and flavours were absolutely amazing!!! Compote & Cream went perfectly well with the dish - 5/5 It was an amazing experience with SIX ACRES this evening - Perfect atmosphere, Amazing Team member (BRETT), Super delicious FOOD - Nothing more to expect!! Can’t wait to get back to try every other dish on the Menu!!!

Harajuku Gyoza South Bank

South Brisbane

Avathar and Daisy dined on Fri, 22nd Feb 2019 (10)

Harajuku Gyoza (south bank) was great restaurant with a vibrant feeling. The restaurant is really colourful and well maintained with a fabulous Team!! They prepare their food nice and fresh everyday - which is an amazing thing as most of the Gyoza restaurants are not following that! -> Cheeseburger Gyoza (crispy fried) - Gyoza was well cooked and it was crispy with great flavours inside. 5/5 -> Pork & Prawn Gyoza (Poached) - Perfectly cooked with nice texture and sprinkles of spring onions on top - Cooked for perfection. 5/5 -> Lemongrass Chicken Gyoza (Poached) - Lemongrass Chicken was flavourful with a small touch of sour to it - which made the Gyoza Delicious. 5/5 -> Chicken Karage - The pieces of chicken were nice and tendered. Usually Karage chicken would be more crispier outside, but this one was not as much crispy . 4/5 -> Tempura Eggplant - The eggplant was amazing inside as it was super soft and great to eat. But the Outer part (dough) was Rick hard and it makes the dish really hard to eat. 2/5 -> Chicken Wings (pepper & Soy) - The Chicken was perfectly cooked and it was super delicious. Filled with flavours and once you start eating, you wouldn’t want to stop!! 5/5 I would definitely recommend this restaurant for everyone as the Team were great and they menu is perfect with great prices!!

Brisbane C'est Bon French Restaurant


Avathar and Daisy dined on Thu, 21st Feb 2019 (10)

One of the best French cuisine we have ever been!!! The restaurant is really well maintained (clean) and AMAZING Service from the Team!! -> They served us with some Cheese breads (complimentary) - which was perfectly cooked with crispy on the outside and super soft inside. They also served us some fresh breads with Salted butter (complimentary as well) - nice and flavourful. -> Mains 1 - PAN BRAISED BRISBANE VALLEY QUAIL SERVED WITH FALLS FARM ROASTED VEGETABLE - The dish was great with lots of flavours and even some new vegetables we tried. Generous portion! 4/5 -> Mains 2 - TASMANIAN SPRING LAMB RUMP with POTATO GRATIN and TRUFFLED FOREST MUSHROOM SAUCE - This dish was really Delicious and presentation was fabulous!! Lamb (Medium rare) was perfectly cooked, Potato Gratin was the best - just melts in your mouth with tons of flavours and Sauce was perfect and creamy!! 5/5 -> Dessert - PASSION FRUIT AND GRAND MARNIER SOUFFLÉ - Soufflé was super soft and filled with flavours - One of the best desserts I have ever had!! 5/5 Would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone for Fine dining!!


Brisbane CBD

Avathar and Daisy dined on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 (9)

Peasant Restaurant was fabulous in regards to Location, ambience and environment!! And mostly Food was delicious with well presentation and balanced flavours. -> Entree’s - Lamb shoulders & potato empanadas - the outer dough was really perfectly made and the inner part was nice & juicy with great flavours. 5/5 -> Mains 1 - This dish was “THE BOMB”. Beef cheek with Cauliflower purée & a PX reduction - The beef was really amazing (super tenderness with devious flavours) - Cauliflower purée was perfect with creamy texture and it just melts in your mouth! Size of the dish was generous as well!! Highly recommend dish !!! 5/5 -> Mains 2 - Sous Vede Chicken breast with smoked paprika, sofrido and tapenade - The chicken breast was perfectly cooked !!! The flavours were a bit too sour, and I didn’t get any Paprika flavour at all. I felt like I was having chicken with a LOT of SALSA and Olives!! 3/5 - Would not recommend this dish!! The team were great and they advised with some great suggestions!! Would definitely be back to try other Food on the menu!!

Hula Bar and Grill

Fortitude Valley

Avathar and Daisy dined on Tue, 19th Feb 2019 (9)

Had dinner at Hula Bar & Grill for the first time! Food was really Delicious and amazing. Well presented and they had a nice texture. -> Starters - Fried coconut King Prawn with Mayo - Nice & crispy on the outside and Prawns were well cooked with Juicy texture inside (5/5) -> Mains 1 - Huli Huli Chicken with Soy, Pineapple and Taro Mash - tasted fabulous with delicious flavours and the chicken was perfectly cooked with juicy texture (Soy, Pineapple & Taro worked really well together) -> Mains 2 - Eye fillet with Almond and Macadamia (w/t Soy & Pineapple sauce), Fries & Steamed beans on the side. Eye fillet was Cooked perfect (Medium Rare) and it went really great with the dressing and Sauce. The fries were burnt and oily - so probably would choose regular fries over this one as they tried something new. (4/5) Another reason for 4 star is, Tables and chairs were really dirty - definitely recommend you guys to work that out. But other than that, Would definitely visit this Restaurant again to try some new dishes!!!

Chat Thai Circular Quay

Sydney CBD

Avathar and Daisy dined on Mon, 31st Dec 2018 (10)

Food was great, location was perfect (heart if the city), atmosphere was amazing as well as they had a nice setup. We had the chilli fried rice and prawns with red curry, delicious!! Would definitely go there again!!

Mejico Pitt St CBD

Sydney CBD

Avathar and Daisy dined on Wed, 12th Dec 2018 (7)

Food was amazing!!! Service was really bad, probably would’nt go back there!