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Jpb Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Kirk dined on Thu, 19th Jul 2018 (3)

Very slow service, food was edible but definitely substandard. The pork belly had burnt crackling and the steaks came out missing some of the items listed on the menu (a couple of us had the same dish and elements were missing from one plate). Given the price, very poor value restaurant and I wouldn't recommend it.

Ripples Milsons Point

Milsons Point

Kirk dined on Wed, 18th Jul 2018 (8)

Good food, definitely quite pricey though!

Steel Bar & Grill

Sydney CBD

Kirk dined on Tue, 17th Jul 2018 (6)

Great steak, the chips were only half cooked though.

The Malaya

Darling Harbour

Kirk dined on Wed, 20th Jun 2018 (7)

Decent food, but very expensive for what it is.

Mejico Pitt St CBD

Sydney CBD

Kirk dined on Mon, 18th Jun 2018 (4)

Food was pretty average, fairly bland for the most part, the biggest negative however was the sheer volume of the venue. I dined alone while travelling for work and was glad I did so as I doubt I could have heard someone speaking next to me.

The Malaya

Darling Harbour

Kirk dined on Thu, 31st May 2018 (6)

The food is decent, but very expensive for what it is.

El Camino Cantina

The Rocks

Kirk dined on Tue, 29th May 2018 (6)

The quality of meat used was terrible in the mains. It was redeemed somewhat by some of the best churros I have ever had.

Otis Dining Hall


Kirk dined on Wed, 21st Jun 2017 (7)

Excellent service, food was quite good, but a bit overpriced for the quality (I couldn't taste truffle in a dish with two truffle elements).

Boca Del Sur


Kirk dined on Sat, 6th Aug 2016 (8)

Savour food was very good, desert was quite average though. Service was reasonable, but a little slow.



Kirk dined on Thu, 21st Apr 2016 (8)

Very good food, service was good as well until the restaurant filled up, then it was quite slow.


St Kilda

Kirk dined on Thu, 4th Feb 2016 (8)

Good food and atmosphere, it's a bit overpriced though.

The Mint

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Mon, 1st Feb 2016 (8)

Good food and a reasonable price.


Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Mon, 30th Nov 2015 (6)

Food was okay, service was great. The desserts were very good! Better than the meat!

A. Baker


Kirk dined on Thu, 6th Aug 2015 (7)

Food was reasonably tasty, but everything I tried had one element that totally overpowered everything else, which detracted from the rest of the meal. The service was very good, friendly and very fast. It was fefinitely a bit over-priced.



Kirk dined on Wed, 5th Aug 2015 (10)

Fantastic food and good service.

Wharf Hotel

World Trade Centre

Kirk dined on Fri, 19th Jun 2015 (7)

Food was good, but they didn't have enough service staff for how busy they were on a Friday night. After it got a bit busier the service was extremely slow.

Flower Drum

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Mon, 1st Jun 2015 (9)

Excellent food and service. Would highly recommend.

Steer Dining Room

South Yarra

Kirk dined on Tue, 19th May 2015 (7)

Good food, good atmosphere, a little pricey for what it is though.

400 Gradi - Brunswick

Brunswick East

Kirk dined on Wed, 11th Feb 2015 (7)

Pizzas were excellent quality, a little pricey though. Service was quite slow considering how busy the restaurant was at the time. It's also extremely noisy inside and was quite hard to hear my partner talking.


Albert Park

Kirk dined on Thu, 15th Jan 2015 (2)

Food was okay, nothing special. Definitely not worth the premium prices.

Punch Lane

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Wed, 6th Aug 2014 (9)

Fantastic place we dined before going to a show at her Majesty's Theatre. The food was excellent and service was very good. I'd definitely recommend to try this place out.

Rare Downtown (King St)

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Tue, 5th Aug 2014 (6)

Steaks were quite good, altough I'm not convinced they are worth the price. Definitely better steak houses around Melbourne which charge less. The deserts are poor, I've got a very sweet tooth, but the panna cotta was like nothing else on earth, one of the sweetest things I have ever tasted. The ait staff were friendly, but it did seem to take quite a long time to get our food (about 40-45 minutes from sitting down to getting our food).

La Svolta Prahran


Kirk dined on Fri, 1st Aug 2014 (4)

Pizzas tasted okay, but were an oil soaked mess. There was so much that I couldn't actually tell if there was pizza base in the middle of the pizza as it had gone so soggy! Service was also incredibly slow.

Spice Temple


Kirk dined on Fri, 25th Jul 2014 (9)

Very good food, service was a bit slow, but well worth a visit!


Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Sun, 25th May 2014 (7)

A good restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Prices are reasonable as well.

The Italian Restaurant

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Wed, 7th May 2014 (9)

Great restaurant. Highly recommended, definitely the best Italian in Melbourne.

Chez Olivier - Le Bistro


Kirk dined on Fri, 2nd May 2014 (7)

Good food, perhaps a tad pricey for what you get though. Good when used with the entertainment book.


Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Thu, 3rd Oct 2013 (7)

The food was good. On the pricier side, not a rip-off, but there are some other restaurants around where you can get better quality for the price.

Melbourne Public Bar & Restaurant

South Wharf

Kirk dined on Fri, 13th Sep 2013 (7)

Good food, and ambiance. Service was a bit lacking, despite having a large business group we weren't once asked if we wanted more drinks, so we just went somewhere else after we ate.

Hare & Grace

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 (4)

Mains were okay, nothing special. Desert was one of the worst I have ever had. It was called "Sticks & Stones", I always order dishes when they sound unusual, this was a terrible error here. Not sure what mad scientist came up with the idea, but it doesn't work!

The Crafty Squire

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Fri, 4th Jan 2013 (8)

Good value, huge portions!



Kirk dined on Sun, 17th Jun 2012 (5)

The food was good, but not up there with other hatted restaurants I have eaten at. I heard it was the best Thai in Australia, but I have eaten at better, and more reasonably priced Thai restaurants. Luckily the entertainment book made it more reasonable!

Kri Kri

Melbourne CBD

Kirk dined on Thu, 31st May 2012 (4)

Food was decent, although a bit heavy on salt in most of the dishes. The banquets have unnecessary amounts of food. Don't order them, order a few random dishes instead, it will be cheaper as well! Service was also pretty slow.

Harambe Cafe Bar


Kirk dined on Tue, 20th Dec 2011 (4)

An interesting menu to try, but nothing worth raving about. The service was quite poor. very little attention from the staff. The African beer we had was great though!

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