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Rahul dined on Thu, 11th Jul 2019 (7)

We ordered Mongolian Lamb and Vegetarian Noodles and find the food to be good.

Billu's Indian Eatery

Harris Park

Rahul dined on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 (2)

We ordered quite a few dishes and did not like the taste. The Palak Paneer gravy was not at all meshed properly . The Najuk Kofta dish was not upto the mark with Kofta being extremely hard to even cut from the spoon. The Mushroom dish we ordered looked as if raw mushroom was served with paste of tomato and onions .

Baia the Italian

Sydney CBD

Rahul dined on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 (8)

Pizza and other dishes we ordered were up-to the mark. We like the taste.

Thai La-Ong Parramatta


Rahul dined on Fri, 7th Jun 2019 (8)

We ordered Pad Thai ( Veg & Pork) . The taste was quite good. I enjoyed my visit to the place.

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