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Vizio Caffe e Cucina


Matt dined on Wed, 16th Oct 2019 (7)

It was our second time to Vizio and in some ways it lived up to our amazing first time but in other ways not so much... The service was brilliant as ever - they looked after us well and the atmosphere was good. Food wise it didn't quite live up to our past experience. The dishes we had were good but not amazing and we ordered a bread basket that was a bit strange. It contained 2 different types of bread to go with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil, which were very nice but then 2 other weird choices for "bread" (more like crackers that needed dip). We would have loved some more of the nice bread instead of the weird other options. Value wise we were shocked to discover that we were charged $8 for water (we assumed we were getting tap water and no cost was ever mentioned). My fiancee wanted to march back in and get the $8 left a bad taste in the mouth! Hopefully next time will be better, if there is a next time. It is great for service and the food is really good.


Darling Harbour

Matt dined on Fri, 11th Oct 2019 (7)

We had a good evening at Zaaffran as a last minute choice on a Friday night. We had been once before as part of a group, so it was good to have a difference experience on a date night. The service was really good and they looked after us well. The food was very tasty and we enjoyed it a lot. A little bit pricey for Indian but the views over Darling Harbour more than make up for it. Overall, a very enjoyable night and I'm sure we will be back.



Matt dined on Wed, 2nd Oct 2019 (7)

We had a good time at Casoni - the food was tasty and well presented and the service was great. It had a quite good atmosphere as well. Definitely worth checking out for a hot date!

Saint George


Matt dined on Wed, 21st Aug 2019 (7)

Our experience at Saint George was a mostly great one! It is a place with great atmosphere near Central Station and great for a cold winter's night. Initially we were seated at the long bar table but my fiance complained and we got a normal table, which was much better! We ordered the food and waited a very long time (at least 30 mins) but the food was worth the wait. It was very tender meat and delightfully cooked vegies. We both enjoyed our dishes a lot. Overall a very good experience and we will likely be back at some point.

Mach2 by Machiavelli

Sydney CBD

Matt dined on Wed, 7th Aug 2019 (7)

My fiancee and I dined at Mach2 last night - I quite enjoyed the experience but my fiancee wasn't as impressed... We were seated downstairs, which was fine and even got a change of table when the assigned one wasn't the best. The service was good, although we are big water drinkers so having to constantly request water was a bit of a pain (we eventually got them to leave the water bottle on the table). I got the Cotoletta Milanese (very similar to veal Schnitzel) with chips, which I quite enjoyed although it certainly wasn't worth $38. My fiancee wasn't pleased with her food though - she got the mushroom risotto and said it was too salty and quite bland flavour. Overall it was a mixed experience but we would probably give it another try in future.

Italo House


Matt dined on Sat, 3rd Aug 2019 (7)

This was our 2nd time at Italo and although not as enjoyable as our first time we still had a great time. The service was quite good and the atmosphere was good for a Saturday night. We got the lasagna again and although it was really good, we didn't think it quite lived up to last time (still very good) and the pizza option we got wasn't the best but you get that sometimes when you try new things. Overall another great experience on a Saturday night!

Manta Restaurant & Bar


Matt dined on Wed, 17th Jul 2019 (8)

We had a great time at Manta! It is on the wharf down near the harbour, so great views looking up to the city and across the harbour. Although it is a seafood restaurant mainly we both ordered meat dishes, which were delicious! The service was good although they misplaced my booking and the waitress was a bit stern at times (not sure if that was her nature or just having a bad day). Overall it seemed a bit overpriced although the food was quality and reasonably good portions but we had a good experience.

bills in surry hills

Surry Hills

Matt dined on Mon, 1st Jul 2019 (8)

We had a lovely time at bills last night. It is a fantastic location and looks very warm and friendly especially on a cool Winter night. We got a bench seat, which was lovely and the service was really good. My fiancee loved the salmon and I really enjoyed my burger (although it was probably a little over priced for what it was). Overall a really great night and we would be back again.

Bennelong Restaurant

Sydney CBD

Matt dined on Sat, 29th Jun 2019 (9)

It was my first time at Bennelong as my girlfriend (now fiancee) loves fine dining and I went there as part of my marriage proposal plans. The views are amazing from inside the sail of the iconic Opera House as it was the perfect Winter's day and the service is incredible from all the staff! I'm more a sizeable meal kind of person, so the small portions weren't quite to my liking but the quality of the food was amazing! More importantly my fiancee loved it and was over the moon happy about being there. Definitely an experience I will remember for a very long time - thanks!

Bondi Pizza Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction

Matt dined on Thu, 27th Jun 2019 (7)

We had a great time at Bondi Pizza! The staff were really friendly and helpful, the views over the city were amazing, the couples benches were great for snuggling with my girlfriend and the food was reasonably tasty. We got the ravioli (which was a little underwhelming) and the prosciutto and parmesan pizza (which was good pizza) and the brownie for dessert (which was great). Overall a good experience and I'll be back again at some point.

The Lucky Cat Dumplings and Bar


Matt dined on Thu, 20th Jun 2019 (7)

I had heard mixed reviews going in but I wanted to give this place a go as it sounds and looks great! We were seated upstairs, which was a pretty good spot and the atmosphere was quite great. The waitresses were lovely and although their WiFi was down they took our order with pen and paper. Everything was going well until 35 mins later we realised we hadn't received any food yet (not entrees or anything). We got the attention of the waitress and she went to check on it. Anyway about 10-15 mins later they came back with our dumplings (kind of main dishes) and then the other dishes including entrees followed later. The food was really delicious! I really enjoyed the dumpling (we had lamb and mix veg) plus the chicken bao bun and mix veg stir fry and spring rolls were great as well! This place could be amazing if they sorted out the connection between the kitchen and wait staff... Personally I'm a patient person and I was having a long chat with my girlfriend but I'm sure others would have complained loudly or left... Overall, definitely worth a visit for the great food and atmosphere but you may have to wait a bit sometimes.

Tandoori Palace


Matt dined on Wed, 15th May 2019 (6)

We dined at Tandoori Palace last night and it was a bit of a mixed experience. Maybe it was the night or time but the place lacked atmosphere (there was only 2 other people in the place, no music and they put us in the window to generate business as we had a discount). The food was quite good but I've definitely had better Indian (especially from my Indian relatives). The service was fine but the waitress seemed a bit sad (or maybe just shy). Honestly I was expecting more and probably won't be back, which is a pity as the food was quite good.

Neko Darlinghurst


Matt dined on Thu, 9th May 2019 (7)

We went to this lovely Japanese restaurant last night! The service was great and made us feel at home and the atmosphere was quite good too. We both enjoyed the food and it was great value for money. Definitely worth checking out if you want some Japanese in the area.

Italo House


Matt dined on Sat, 4th May 2019 (9)

We had a delightful Saturday night date here with amazing food, great atmosphere and fantastic service. We got the prosciutto and rucola pizza and the amazing home made lasagne, which were both incredible! A very enjoyable experience on a Saturday night in Bondi.

Vizio Caffe e Cucina


Matt dined on Mon, 29th Apr 2019 (8)

This Italian restaurant is an amazing gem of a place! The staff are so friendly and the service was great. It also has a lovely atmosphere and apart from some jolly Happy Birthday singing it was a great place for an intimate date. The food was very delicious with great flavours and presented very well. The portion sizes are definitely on the smaller side especially for the price but we enjoyed both the dishes we had very much! I highly recommend this place and I'll sure we will be back soon as well.


Surry Hills

Matt dined on Tue, 16th Apr 2019 (8)

My girlfriend and I had a lovely night at SaltVine - it is a great venue in Surry Hills and quality service and fantastic food. My girlfriend is a bit of a Middle Eastern food lover, so she wasn't impressed by the hummus (it was OK but she has tasted better ones) but the pumpkin, lamb and cauliflower we had both of us enjoyed a lot! Being tapas the portions are a little smaller than I expected for the price but I really enjoyed the experience!



Matt dined on Sat, 13th Apr 2019 (7)

I must preface my comments with the fact I am not a vegetarian and my girlfriend who enjoys plant based food isn't really either but we decided to try something different. It is a lovely little place on the main street of Newtown with quite well done interior design and an enjoyable vibe. As a meat eater I was suitably impressed by the range of options I wanted to try out at a good price. I ended up getting the mission impossible vegie burger, which was epic and my girlfriend got one of the poke bowls, which she really enjoyed! Personally I would prefer a bit of meat but it was an enjoyable food experience. The service was quite good on a busy night and we will probably be back sometime in the future.

Franita’s Pizza Pasta & Schnitzel


Matt dined on Wed, 10th Apr 2019 (8)

This neighbourhood gem just moved into its current Botany location recently and it is already a local favourite! It is more a family/group friendly venue than a fine dining/date venue but the food is fantastic especially for the price. I had a beautiful chicken schnitzel with some lovely toppings plus a side of steamed veggies. It was really enjoyable and my girlfriend had one of the pastas, which she enjoyed. The place was a bit noisy when we first arrived due to 2 large groups but it is a family venue, so that is to be expected but it quietened down as the night progressed. The service was good without being exceptional and I really enjoyed my time. Definitely a must if you like a good schnitzel!



Matt dined on Thu, 4th Apr 2019 (8)

We had a great night out at Vitaly! The service was quite good and the food was very tasty with good portion sizes. We shared a pasta dish and a pizza and there was plenty for both of us and it tasted great! It wasn't overly fancy but a great local venue for a night out with friends and family.

Alegrias Spanish Tapas


Matt dined on Thu, 28th Mar 2019 (7)

We got stuck in a horrific traffic jam coming out of the city (it took 50 mins from Darling Harbour to Balmain!!!), so we got there quite late for our booking but thankfully they accepted us. The food was good - we had the zucchini flowers, chorizo and lamb shanks, which were all beautifully cooked and quite tasty. Service wise the staff were friendly and helpful but they just seemed understaffed, so they were constantly running around and some people including ourselves had trouble asking for things. Overall a good experience and probably would come back again because there was a lot of options on the menu I would love to try!

Meat District Co.

Darling Harbour

Matt dined on Sat, 16th Mar 2019 (7)

Quite good first experience on what was a very rainy night. Our table wasn't the best (not very private and near the stairs) but overall it was OK. The food was very tasty (we had the lamb hook) plus some salad and veggies. Really enjoyed the meal and the service was good.

Bellucci Cucina

Sydney CBD

Matt dined on Thu, 21st Feb 2019 (9)

It was my first time to Bellucci Cucina and it was a fantastic experience! The service was great and the food was very tasty as well as being well priced. The open air feel to it was quite good as well despite having cover as it was a rainy day. It is definitely a place I would look forward to coming back to in the future.

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