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Mrs Q

Adelaide CBD

tania dined on Sat, 15th Jun 2019 (9)

Have been here before and they change the menu which is refreshing xx

Mrs Q

Adelaide CBD

tania dined on Tue, 4th Jun 2019 (9)

Highly recommend this place good all year round - food is amazing and caters for Vegans

The Brompton


tania dined on Wed, 15th May 2019 (9)

Tucked away in Brompton Has car park Good set up

Golden Boy


tania dined on Tue, 7th May 2019 (8)

It was lovely the food is delicious would be nice to dine alfresco on a spring, summer evening - don't recommend on a cold rainy night. although the staff put heaters it was cold, my wife couldn't feel her toes by the end of the dinner and we rushed to eat our food to go home - too cold. would go back again in better weather.

S2 on Flinders

Adelaide CBD

tania dined on Wed, 1st May 2019 (10)

Perfect size restaurant, lighting was excellent, it was raining outside, lost in the ambience eating delicious food, was happy to have come across this restaurant with my family, not disappointed at all.

Spaghetti Western Saloon

Adelaide CBD

tania dined on Thu, 18th Apr 2019 (8)

Cool place to go, cool set up - saloon Italian food can’t go wrong

Madame Hanoi

Adelaide CBD

tania dined on Sun, 14th Apr 2019 (8)

Great atmosphere Great location Friendly staff As a vegan my food was extremely tasty will recommend the "feed me" menu