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bills in surry hills

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Wed, 4th Sep 2019 (9)

Taking advantage of the 50% off food deal makes eating at this establishment extremely good value. It was a business meeting but the relaxed ambiance coupled with good, attentive staff makes it a go-to place.

Kitchen by Mike CBD

Sydney CBD

Mark dined on Wed, 3rd Apr 2019 (8)

The gastronomic delights of the Autumn Set Menu were fantastic. And looking at the open cooking area added to the food ambiance. The presentation of the six course degustation menu was also fantastic. Service was a little inconsistent but mostly energetic. The 50% discount on food makes it very good value for money


Surry Hills

Mark dined on Thu, 19th Jul 2018 (8)

Longrain was at its usual high standard. Service courteous and professional. Food extremely "eatable".

Encasa Restaurant Pitt Street

Sydney CBD

Mark dined on Wed, 18th Jul 2018 (9)

Its a good, small, busy restaurant near the Capitol Theatre. Food is delivered quickly and efficiently (we shared 5 Spanish Tapas plates) between 2 of us. I'll say the Lamb Skewer was extremely tender and was a great choice.

Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Bondi Beach

Mark dined on Sun, 18th Mar 2018 (9)

Its a fine dining restaurant with spectacular views of the iconic Bondi Beach. Food choice on the day was Fish; it was nice and moist and presented in a simple manner with some salad accoutrements. Wait staff were excellent on an extremely hot day. In what could be considered a negative, the restaurant was not air-conditioned on the day. A hot north-west wind made for an interesting but what turned out to be pleasurable afternoon.

Kobe Jones Sydney

Darling Harbour

Mark dined on Wed, 5th Jul 2017 (3)

You can see why Kobe Jones needs to introduce a 50% food reduction in order to attract customers. While the food is good to nice, the service is abysmal. An overall sense of apathy and disinterest embody the staff who served me last night.

bills in surry hills

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Wed, 28th Jun 2017 (9)

Bills staff were great. We were going to a Theatre Show at 7:30pm and we were in by 6pm and out by 7:15pm. Great understanding by Wait Staff. Good quality and range of food and wines

Bishop Sessa

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Mon, 3rd Mar 2014 (8)

The food was beautifully crafted and rich with flavour with a hint of difference. The Wine List is extensive and while the place itself is quite small, it is nicely offset with a warm ambience and attentive service.

Emmilou Bar & Tapas

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Wed, 26th Feb 2014 (7)

This was a Dimmi Special with 50% off food. Emmilous is a nice little neighbourhood restaurant with a relaxed style and ambience. With only a handful of guests the service was attentive and efficient. As a novice in the tapas cuisine I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and quality of the food.

Kobe Jones Sydney

Darling Harbour

Mark dined on Wed, 19th Feb 2014 (6)

A good solid professional standard for the type of money you pay. Food was light and fresh, presented well and service was competently attentive.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Sydney CBD

Mark dined on Wed, 12th Feb 2014 (2)

Overall a poor food experience. The main course took an eternity to come out (though to be fair, we were happy to socialise). However the "double jeopardy" was that when the food did come out it was severely undercooked and tasteless. The saving grace was the waitress who attended to our table. Very customer oriented who tried valiantly to overcome the catastrophe of the kitchen.

The Tilbury Hotel


Mark dined on Wed, 4th Dec 2013 (8)

Food quality was fresh and presentation was simple but inviting. Service was attentive, energetic and friendly. Décor for a hotel is polished - overall a good value place to eat and drink.

Otto Sydney


Mark dined on Wed, 30th Oct 2013 (8)

My review is based on a 50% off FOOD deal regarding value. Food and service were impeccably professional (as you expect) from an establishment of this vintage. The 50% concept looked to work as the restaurant was full!!

Foveaux Restaurant

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Fri, 25th Oct 2013 (8)

The food was excellent with a tight small range which juxtaposed the restaurant's ambience. Service was professional and attentive.

Ripples at Sydney Wharf


Mark dined on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 (8)

Overall because of a 50% meal deal, value was great. If I was paying full price, the major concern was the not so much the energy of the wait staff but their inexperience. Just minor elements which taken separately do not amount to much but collectively became a little annoying. Most critical aspect was "poor timing by kitchen" of transition time between entrée to main meal. Oops there was none!!

Baccomatto Osteria

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Tue, 17th Sep 2013 (6)

Modern décor looking establishment that had inconsistency in service and food. When you got service it was nice and friendly and the same way part of our food was better than average but other parts were poor (under-cooked fettuccine).

Essenza Italian

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Wed, 11th Sep 2013 (9)

The food was of good quality with a nice simple style about it. The ambience was very warm and inviting and the service was pleasant and engaging.

Citizen Corner

Surry Hills

Mark dined on Wed, 7th Aug 2013 (8)

While basic in looks, the food standard & presentation were above average. The 50% off food deal mid-week was a little gem.

Kalevu Restaurant


Mark dined on Sat, 15th Sep 2012 (7)

This restaurant ambience is warm and pleasent, well designed for a small area. The food range is small but I liked that aspect. However if you are a fussy eater you may want to check the menu online before booking a table. The quality of the cuisine is very good and the presentation and style of the food lifted it from a good average meal to a superior one. Pricing is a commensurate to a city restaurant so don't think that it is a cheap eat (suburban) restaurant. Overall a good little neighbourhood gem.

Wildfire Restaurant & Bar

The Rocks

Mark dined on Thu, 26th Jan 2012 (7)

Overall it is a good restaurant well priced for food and wine. While I was not aware of the extensive wine menu, it was nice to have a range of wines from which to pick and in this case, be pleasantly surprised (a chardonnay from Italy and a Malbec from Argentina). The initial service given was a little cold and did not portray any warmth and/or atmosphere but after a period of time the waiters became friendlier and more attentive to our needs. Though to be fair, it was lunch time on Australia Day and though the restaurant was not packed the bar area seemed to be rather crowded. We ate the Signature Dish and again overall thought it was nicely crafted in presentation and the standard of taste met our needs. Would definitely eat their again.

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